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Large Autumn Wedding in Ohio with DIY Details

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Kelsie + Zacary had a large wedding with 200 guests of friends, family, and loved ones. Even with the large guest count, beautiful decor and stunning attire, this savvy couple was still able to keep their total budget under $20k!
Large Autumn Wedding in Ohio with DIY Details

Kelsie + Zacary

Lancaster, Ohio
- 11/04/2023
Total wedding budget $20,000

Budget Breakdown

Below is an estimated wedding budget breakdown provided by the couple.

  • Cake/Dessert
  • Partner 2 Attire
  • Hair & Makeup
  • Flowers
  • Partner 1 Attire
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Catering
  • Venue
  • Total wedding budget
Welcome to the Wedding DIY Invitations
Fall Wedding Decor with Pumpkins, Flowers and a Barrel
Boho Fall Wedding Ceremony
Fall Orange Red and Yellow Flowers for Wedding
Engagement and Wedding rings with vows books

Did you do any DIY Projects or create any handmade items for your wedding?

We made almost all of our signage and aisle decor!

What creative or personal aspects did you include in your wedding?

We wanted this day to reflect us and be about the unity of our two families. We included personal aspects like my bouquet charms, his cufflinks, having our uncles marry us, and having signature drinks inspired by our dogs.

I also come from a farming family where canning is a monthly occurrence. We had a jam, jelly, and apple butter shelf where guests could take home jars filled with their favorites. My husband is also from Pittsburgh, so we had a cookie table filled with a wide variety of cookies made by many families who mean a lot to us.

Finally, we had a dog biscuit bar where guests could fill up a gift bag to take home to their pups!

Flower Girls Walking Down the Aisle
Bride Holding Flowers and Laughing With Bridesmaids
Bride and Groom Embracing During Wedding Ceremony
Bride and Groom Kissing During Wedding Ceremony

What is the most memorable moment of your day?

The sunset photos. Kendra at OnFaith Photography took the most amazing sunset photos. They were the most magical pictures you have ever seen! It was such a special and intimate moment. As crazy as the day can be, it was a time for us to take a moment together and enjoy being married.

Bride and Groom Holding Hands and Walking Down Aisle After Ceremony
Bride and Groom Going Under Wedding Party's Hands
Fall Wedding Tablescapes with Picture of Bride and Groom
Fall Autumn Tablescapes for Wedding
Indoor Barn Reception

What was the biggest thing you did to save money?

We saved a ton of money by not ordering wedding specific items. If we needed something, I did not include “wedding” in the search. When you search for wedding specific things rather than just the item itself, there is an automatic price increase. We also saved money by researching vendors and comparing prices.

What was your biggest splurge?

Our biggest splurge was the food! We had chicken, brisket, and pork along with three sides. We heard all night about how great the food was and everyone had something they could eat no matter their diet restrictions.

Bride and Groom Cutting Cake
White Wedding Cake with Name Wedding Topper and pets
Groom Posing with Groomsmen
Bride and Groom Dancing
Bride Side Portrait

What was your favorite detail?

My favorite detail was writing our own vows. They made the day so emotional and very personal.

What’s the best advice you have for planning your wedding now that you’re on the other side?

Get a binder to organize everything, or have a wedding planner. I 100% would invest on a wedding planner on the sole fact that it is stressful trying to organize everything! Getting a planner does not mean you won’t have a ton of work to do, but it does mean that you don’t have to worry about contacting them the day before, organizing details, and making sure the day runs smoothly.

Bride and Bridesmaid laughing During Reception
Bride and Groom Kissing Behind Balloon with Lights
Bride and Groom Kissing
Bride and Groom Embracing