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While many wedding items can be scored by comparing prices, shopping sales, and using online coupons, sometimes the best way to save big on decor is to buy pre-owned. On that same note, a nice way to re-coop some of your costs after your big day is to sell your unwanted items.

Looking to save big on your future wedding or re-coop some of the costs from your big day? Check out these resources for used wedding decor online!

Unfortunately, it can be a bit overwhelming finding the best, most legitimate sites before buying and selling used wedding decor. You want to make sure you get a good deal, yet at the same time choosing a site that has plenty of selection and users is also important.

To help you in deciding on the best resources for used wedding decor, we did a bit of research. After reading online reviews and researching fees and policies, we came up with the following options for you to consider.

Wedding Recycle

  • About: Wedding Recycle is an online marketplace where engaged couples and newlyweds come together to buy and sell gently used wedding items.
  • Fees: Listing is free, but a 4% fee is charged if you sell using their “cart” feature. Buying is totally free.
  • Other Helpful Info: A PayPal account is required to sell.
  • Buyer Rating: 1/5 stars – I was unimpressed with the items available for sale on Wedding Recycle. Actually, I was more disturbed by the pricing than the actual products. In many cases, with shipping, the goods for sale cost more used than they do new. In addition, the website was slow and the filter options were lacking. Lastly, when sorting by price, there were some items that were still listed even though already sold.
  • Seller Rating: 3/5 stars – If you choose to list your used wedding items for a realistic price, you could make a nice amount of money at Wedding Recycle. Price lower than the competition and you should have no issues selling your goodies.
  • Examples of Items for Sale:


  • About: Tradesy, an online marketplace for pr-eowned designer clothing and goods, is definitely the site for cream-of-the-crop items.
  • Fees: Pay a 14.9% commission fee if you choose to keep your money within Tradesy. If you wish to cash out, the fee is 17.8%. Buying is free.
  • Other Helpful Info: For more information on selling at Tradesy, click here. For buying, go here.
  • Buyer Rating: 4/5 stars – I was impressed with both the selection and prices on Tradesy. My only complaint was they showed sold items in their search results. Like, why?!!!!
  • Seller Rating: 4/5 stars – The commission fee to sell on Tradesy is quite high, especially if you want to cash out. If wedding items were eligible for their free shipping box, then I probably would have given it 5 stars.
  • Examples of Items for Sale:


  • About: Ruffled's Recycle Your Wedding is similar to Wedding Recycle. They have categories for decor, favors, paper products, and fashion.
  • Fees: Free.
  • Other Helpful Info: A PayPal account is required; see the end of this post on how to safely shop with PayPal. You can view other tips and tricks for selling and buying on Ruffled Recycle Your Wedding here.
  • Buyer Rating: 2/5 stars – I wasn't impressed with Ruffled's marketplace. Most of the items were pickup only, but there was no filtering option to allow you to search for items that can be shipped. Not to mention, the folks who would ship their goods greatly overcharged for shipping.
  • Seller Rating: 3/5 stars – Because Ruffled is free to use, I think it is better than Wedding Recycle. But, just like I mentioned in the buyer rating, the website is clunky and I am not convinced I'd have much luck selling there because of it.
  • Examples of Items for Sale:


  • About: eBay, the king of resale, allows people to buy and sell just about anything through both auctions and “buy it now” scenarios.
  • Fees: Listing up to 50 items per month on eBay is free, but they do charge 10% of the final selling fee in commission. There is no charge to buy from eBay.
  • Other Helpful Info: To learn more about selling on eBay, click here. Buyers can pay via credit card or PayPal.
  • Buyer Rating: 5/5 – In my opinion, there is no better place to find a significant amount of used wedding items at reasonable prices. Not to mention, their search function is second-to-none.
  • Seller Rating: 5/5 – Considering how easy it is to list on eBay, plus the huge amount of people who frequent the site, I believe the 10% commission rate is more than fair. If you price your items fairly, you can make a nice bit of change after your big day.
  • Examples of Items for Sale:

Bravo Bride

  • About: BravoBride is the largest marketplace in which to buy and sell used wedding decor (and clothing) online. They have an easy-to-use website and numerous listings.
  • Fees: Almost all items are free to list except for bridal gowns and wedding rings. If you wish, you can pay a fee to give your ad more exposure. Buying is free.
  • Other Helpful Info: BravoBride recommends using to pay. Alternatively, see the bottom of this post on how to protect yourself using PayPal. Check out their FAQ section here.
  • Buyer Rating: 4/5 stars. I like this website. The search function is better than most of the other options, plus the prices are good. The photos and descriptions aren't the best quality, though.
  • Seller Rating: 4/5 stars. I rated BravoBride at 4/5 stars for the same reason I did so for the buyer rating.
  • Examples of Items for Sale:

Other Options for Used Wedding Decor Online

Use PayPal to Protect Your Purchases

To protect yourself when selling using PayPal, we highly recommend creating a detailed PayPal invoice for your buyer. While you will pay a 2.9% + $0.30 fee, PayPal can't help you or your buyer with disputes if you take payment in any other way.

Similarly, if you will be purchasing an item using PayPal, we recommend insisting that your seller bills you via an invoice. They will have to pay a small fee, but it is worth the peace of mind for both parties. For more information, click here.

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