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wedding sparklers display idea

I have been slowly but surely gathering all of my supplies for my wedding, but since it's less than two months away I realized that I should be gathering things sooner instead of later!

One of the biggest traps that anyone planning anything in a short amount of time could fall into is sacrificing more money to get things done quicker. I've begun ordering all of the things that I'll need to have shipped first, since they'll take the longest to get here. Also I made a calender with deadlines for when to buy things according to when I'll have the money to buy them. Organization is the key! Because if I wasn't organizing my time or money, then I would end up going way over budget just to get things done.  My groom wouldn't be very happy about that.

I ended up finding the best deal on wedding sparklers from Superior Celebrations, but also be sure to check out BSB sponsor, VIP Sparklers!

I definitely recommend checking this site out. I'm only having about 60 people at my wedding and I got 72 sparklers for less than $30! Yay! Plus they have free shipping. Most websites prices will double once you add shipping so be careful!

Some tips on buying sparklers from my photographer friend (who's done beautiful sparkler shots before.):

1. Make sure they're made of metal. Wood will burn and cause smoke and ashes.
2. Plan on multiple sparklers per person. Depending on the size of your wedding, it may take a few minutes to light all of the sparklers. Give them extra just in case.
3. Use a lighter to light your sparklers. Have guests share lighters or have them bring their own. Sometimes matches just wont do the job since they have such a short life span.


I love how simple it is to display sparklers, adding an extra sweet detail — just grab a glass vase and tie a ribbon around it. Make a simple little sign to take to the front like this one below that says “Send us off in style. Sparks Fly at 10 PM” — so cute, right?

Wedding Sparklers -- so easy to display. Love the sign: "Send us off in style. Sparks fly at 10:00 PM" // photo by Mikkel Paige Photography

photo by Mikkel Paige Photography

Are you planning to use sparklers for your reception exit?

Happy bargain hunting!


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