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Ritual Zero Proof: The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks for your Wedding Bar!

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If you are looking for an alcohol alternative for your wedding, then consider Ritual Zero Proof, America’s #1 non-alcoholic spirit.


If you are sober, curious, a teetotaler, or just want to offer non-alcoholic drink options at your wedding or other bridal events, then let us introduce you to the world of Ritual Zero Proof and their non-alcoholic spirits. Ritual offers a high-quality drinking experience that allows you to cut calories, train harder, and sleep better. There are so many moments in life where it’s best to go non-alcoholic, so why not let your wedding celebration also be an alcohol-free party? Check out some of Ritual Zero Proof’s signature products for conscious consumption at your next event.

Best Non-Alcoholic Spirits

The backbone of the Ritual Zero Proof story was that the founders weren’t looking to completely eliminate or replace liquor from their lives but to add a non-alcoholic tool to their cocktail kit.  After over a year and hundreds of recipe iterations, Ritual perfected its formulas and introduced a lineup of non-alcoholic spirits, including zero-proof versions of gin, whiskey, tequila, rum, and aperitif. 

They compared ingredients like warm vanilla from Madagascar versus vanilla from China. They took to the kitchen and learned how to blend flavors and spices to achieve their authentic taste. They put on their chemistry hats and figured out how to extract spirits, reduce oil, and enhance the scent of each of their signature blends with notes including jambu, prickly ash, blue agave, juniper, and pine. Not only that but outside their time in the kitchen, they consulted with master chefs and some of  Chicago’s most notable bartenders. 

They continued in their quest to perfect their recipes until their zero-proof alcohol tasted, smelled, and felt like the real thing. And that includes that feeling of an authentic alcohol burn or bite on the tongue! 

Moreover, as an added bonus, every one of the Ritual 25.4 fl oz bottle size spirits is low in calories, has low carbs, uses all-natural flavors, is diet-friendly and gluten-free. These spirits are a 1:1 spirit replacement, making them easy to use in some of the best non-alcoholic cocktails without compromising on taste or the risk of a hangover! 

The ultimate result is that Ritual Zero Proof spirits allow you to enjoy the experience of having a fancy cocktail without the negative side effects of alcohol. Cheers to that!

best non alcoholic spirits-Whiskey Alternative

Ritual Non-Alcoholic Whiskey Alternative

Ritual Zero Proof • $32.95

Sucker for an old-fashioned or a whiskey sour but need non-alcoholic whiskey alternatives?  Look no further than this Ritual Whiskey Alternative. This spirit offers hints of vanilla and oak, with stone fruit and caramel. And from the first to the last sip, you’ll enjoy a mesquite smoke heat just like the warmth of whiskey. Made for cocktails, Ritual Whiskey Alternative is full of robust flavor and a smooth, delightful finish that won’t leave you dragging the next day like traditional whiskey. Grab your club soda, simple syrup, vermouth, or bitters, and your favorite non-alcoholic whiskey alternative for the perfect mocktail.

Gin Alternative-ritual non alcoholic

Ritual Non-Alcoholic Gin Alternative

Ritual Zero Proof • $32.95

Crisp and bright describe this alcohol-free Ritual Zero Proof Gin. With cucumber and juniper flavors plenty, this is one of the best non-alcoholic gin alternatives. Craving a gin & tonic, gimlet, or Cosmo as your signature wedding mocktail? Then, stock up on Gin Alternatives. And because of its versatility, it can be swapped out for a non-alcoholic vodka option in plenty of cocktail recipes.

Ritual Tequila Alternative-best non alcoholic spirits

Ritual Tequila Alternative

Ritual Zero Proof • $32.95

What’s Taco Tuesday without a margarita? Or better yet, what’s a summer wedding or bridal shower without the perfect salt-rimmed margarita or Paloma? Don’t scrape it from the menu, especially if you can grab the closest non-alcoholic version out there!  Ritual Zero Proof Tequila Alternative possesses the vibrant intensity of tequila without the aftermath!

Rum Alternative-zero proof alcohol

Ritual Rum Alternative

Ritual Zero Proof • $32.95

If you are a fan of a classic dark rum then check out  Ritual Zero Proof Rum Alternative. The roasted seasonings present a silky flavor profile with hints of banana and orange, as well as, notes of cloves and star anise. This non-alcoholic liquor was made for cocktails, Ritual Rum Alternative is the perfect “plus one” to any of your wedding day mocktails. Heading to the beach for your big day or thinking of throwing a luau-themed bridal event? Then use Ritual for your non-alcoholic daiquiri, mojito, mai tai or piña coladas!

Non Alcoholic Aperitif-best non alcoholic spirits

Non Alcoholic Aperitif

Ritual Zero Proof • $39.95

Raise your hand if you love a spritz or Negroni? If you are looking for the perfect summer outdoor wedding cocktail or champagne alternative then check out Ritual Zero Proof’s Aperitif Alternative. This beverage blends the bold tartness of Italian aperitif with the intricate sugary notes of French vermouth. Crafted for mixed drinks, Ritual Aperitif Alternative captures the essence of summertime with its vivid, fragrant, strong, and sweet-tasting characteristics. You and your new spouse can sip and dance the night away and wake up ready to head to your new life together clear headed and hangover free.

Best Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

If you are looking to curate a signature cocktail for your wedding or special events but also want to provide an alcohol free version then peruse Ritual Zero Proof’s website. There you will find not only the nutritional information but also a digital recipe book filled with non-alcoholic cocktail recipes and recommendations using Ritual Zero Proof Non-Alcoholic Spirits. These Ritual mocktails include all your favorites from lemon juice infused citrusy cocktails to mint filled mojitos. There are over 200 Ritual Zero Proof recipes including mocktails, bitters and flavor infused simple syrup recipes. You’re bound to find the perfect wedding drink that offers guilt-free enjoyment for all your friends and family. 

Where to Buy Ritual Zero Proof?

The best way to buy Ritual Zero Proof is on their website! You can purchase individual bottles or all 5 products as a Bar Cart Bundle and save.  Since all their products are alcohol free you don’t have to worry about age verification or shipping restrictions. They offer free shipping in the USA for 2 bottles or more. And if you decide to become a Ritual Rewards member you’ll earn points toward exclusive rewards every time you shop! Outside of shopping, you can earn points by following them on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and signing up for their newsletter right to your inbox. 

But even better than individual bottle purchases, consider their subscription boxes. If you start planning now and subscribe you can save each month as you collect bottles for your wedding or rehearsal dinner! With their subscription boxes you choose your box size and the larger the box the more you save off the regular price. You mix and match your favorite alternatives, pick your schedule and sip back and enjoy! The best part of the subscription boxes are the perks. You can save up to $20 off every order, subscribers get a 20% discount on all merch and exclusive items.

You can also use their store locator to find Ritual Zero Proof sold near you!

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