Choosing the Perfect Signature Cocktail for Your Wedding

choosing the perfect signature cocktail

Which signature cocktail should you serve at your wedding?

Adding personal touches to your wedding can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of the planning process. Itโ€™s also an incredible relief when these customized details donโ€™t break the bank โ€“ย as they often can. One of these details (and one of our personal favorites) is adding his & hers signature cocktails to your bar menu.ย 

Since you can make these drinks in large batches, itโ€™s not only budget-friendly but it can also help make ordering easy for your guests.

In case youโ€™re thinking about offering a couple of delicious signature cocktails at your wedding, we thought weโ€™d share this fun quiz from our friends at Shutterfly to help you and your partner choose your special drinks.

The flowchart includes unique options for wine, beer, and liquor enthusiasts as well as the recipes for each drink.ย When naming your drinks, feel free to get creative! Whether you use an inside joke, a destination dear to your and your partnerโ€™s heart or tie in your theme, the possibilities are truly endless.

Choosing a Signature Cocktail for Your Wedding has never been easier thanks to this great infographic chart from Shutterfly!

Learn more about choosing the perfect signature cocktail for your big day over at Shutterfly.

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