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Well, ladies, I am knee-deep in bridal accessories…I'm roughly six months from my wedding (yikes! how did this happen?), and I've been searching for undergarments, headpieces, jewelry, and shoes. One reason I wanted a long engagement is so I could be budget savvy (not to mention keep my sanity). Now that I'm looking for my accessories, I'm feeling a lot of disgust, and I am being incredibly indecisive (shout out to the MOB and MOH who have been patient with me).

When I went dress shopping, I decided to steer clear of the small boutiques and “just go to David's Bridal”. I've also tried to be more budget-conscious on the accessories end. Before I purchased my dress, I was already looking online to find budget-friendly options. One website I found is, which is an international company that is based in China, but they have reasonable prices for pretty pieces. They have literally thousands of items, and I am pretty pleased with my hairpiece!

Further, I bet I'm not the only bride out there who takes a look at eBay to see what bridal accessories people are selling. They are SO many David's Bridal undergarments that brides are selling: bras, slips, veils…I recommend finding what you like at DB, then copy/paste the item name into the search engine. I've found a lot of things that way, and it saves quite a bit!

One problem I've found is the sizing…I'm currently in the market for an A-line slip (and shoes!), and I wasn't sized at my local DB. Would it be terribly rude to go get sized and say, “Sorry I'm a BSB, and I'm going to look online to save money!” For some reason, I can't constitute spending $60 on a slip I'll wear for 8 hours since it will more than likely sit in the closet for years to come.

Have you been successful in finding budget-savvy sites to purchase your bridal accessories? Are you shopping for wedding accessories online? Any former brides trying to sell their accessories online?

I'm anxious to see what you all have to say!


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About Laura

Laura is a 26-year old school counselor living in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Laura is married to the love of her life Josh, whom she met online in February 2010. He proposed in a beautiful park on January 19, 2013, and they had an intimate and elegant wedding at an Asheville vineyard on April 26, 2014.

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  • Dana

    Great advice Laura! I’ve been able to snag some of my accessories online as well! I tried on veils when I purchased my dress, but styles I liked at the dress boutique were upwards of $1,000! So, I hunted online and found similar veils at David’s Bridal for $300. Still out of my price range. Last week on eBay I found the veil style I had been look for only $26 with shipping! I purchased that veil and am anxious to see what kind of quality it is. But, considering I’ll only be wearing it for maybe an hour during the ceremony, I’m not out a lot of money! I did the same with my shoes, picked out a style I liked at Nordstrom’s, noted the style and size I needed, then stalked every online shoe site until I found them for over half price!

    • That’s so savvy!! It pays to shop online, and to compare pricing before a purchase!! Have you tried any cash back websites like eBates or ShopAtHome?

    • Wow Dana! That’s awesome! So glad you were able to get your veil and shoes at great prices.

      Jessica-I have seen eBates on TV…I’m curious…what is this all about? 🙂

  • Wynelle Taylor

    I looked on Ebay for my bra and slip, too, Laura. And WOW – it was not the right size at all compared to what I tried on at David’s bridal – and the slip was the exact same slip and listed size on what I tried on there. I didn’t think thru that what we wear at David’s when looking at dresses has been stretched out by the many brides trying on gowns. I wound up getting my bra at Victoria’s Secret and since it’s a convertible bra – I can wear it again so I had less heartburn paying $55. My hairdresser suggested I wear lace in my hair at my outdoor wedding, but finding bridal grade lace was really hard. (Not at JoAnn’s fabrics or Hancocks or any other chain I visited.) Went to a bridal consignment shop in town and she gave me the name of a gal who did all the alterations on their gowns. She let me come by and go thru her scrap bins of TONS of lace pieces. Wound up picking a scrap of lace that came from a $12K dress she made years ago (handmade italian lace for that dress was $800 a yard – CRAZY!) and it only cost me $15. And the pattern wound up being a PERFECT match to my dress I ordered online for $179.99 from It was definitely a God thing! Shoes were ivory w/rhinestone slippers from SO comfy and so pretty.

    • Wow, what a story! I didn’t take fit into account and wound up with an ill-fitting long bra I purchased from eBay. I had to return it, but then I decided to just go with a convertible bra I had in my closet! I can’t believe you found such a great quality veil for $15! Sounds like you went the extra mile, and it paid off! Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Sukh

    Hey Laura, how’s your wedding shopping going? You’re so near to the wedding day, hope you’ve got all your accessories before time?

    If not, then I suggest that you check for wedding accessories at your nearest store. There’s a risk in buying online at the last minute, you never know how the end product will turn out to be.

    Wish you good luck for the wedding!!

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