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Shopping your friends' closets for Weddings + Events

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Kayla of OurStart

Today I’ve got a great post to share with you from Kalya of OurStart.com! A great resource for beginning your new life with your partner. Kayla’s sharing some tips for shopping your friends’ closet to save money this wedding season that I think you will love! Take it away, Kayla! xoxo, Jessica

New year, new you, right? A lot of special functions coming your way this year? Getting married? It can be tough to kick off the new year with the expense of common resolutions. Life doesn’t stop and fashion seems to be evolving, everything that was popular back in the day is coming back again. So how can we freshen up our wardrobe without spending an arm and a leg? Check out your best friends’ closet of course! Yes, even for weddings!!


Their Closet

Your friends may obviously have a different style from you and that is ok. You don’t have to be a fan of their style to want to shop in their closet. Think about it… If you find that one piece that you can use as the main centerpiece, you’ll be golden. You’ll have a great focal point that you can either dress up or dress down. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have friends with the same style!

Your Closet

Have you ever cleaned out your closet or just taken everything out and then reorganized or familiarized yourself with what you have? If you haven’t… you should definitely try it if you don’t have any luck in your friends’ closets. But this cool tip also allows you to clean your closet out and purge the stuff that you don’t want anymore. Then you can sell or donate the stuff that you don’t want!

Are You The Bride?

More than likely you’ve got a boat load of friends that will be there for you on your big day. After all, you’re getting married! Yay!!! How exciting! If you’re newly engaged, you’ll come to find that weddings can be über expensive because little purchases can add up fast. So how can you cut your costs? For your shower or bachelorette party, ask to borrow an outfit, of course! Heck, you never know, maybe one of your friends has the most perfect dress for your rehearsal dinner!

Other Occasions

If you’re a guest at a wedding or attending any sort of special occasion, you’ll more than likely have to go buy a new outfit. Why go out and purchase an entirely new outfit when you can get an amazingly awesome dress from your BFF! Special occasions don’t have to mean that you’ll go broke just to look fabulous.

Too Big?

Don’t be discouraged if you and your BFFs are different sizes. That’s what belts are for!  Add a belt to a larger dress to cinch the waist for a stylish look. Try to stay away from items that are too small, tight, or showy. Aim to look classy and let your attitude be sassy! Accessories can also be key, and will help you craft the perfect look. If your besties are vastly different in size than you, shop their jewelry collection instead!

Linen-Covered Cork Board Jewelry Display via Hello Beauty


The pros of this little project are a no brainer! Not only do you get to spend time with your best friend or friends, but you also get to try out new styles. And by avoiding purchasing new items, you can save a ton of money! Money that can go toward your wedding fund! Consider allowing your friends shop your closet, too! This will allow you to shed light on outfits you have in your closet that you never would’ve thought to put together!


More than likely, you won’t find any cons to shopping in a friend’s closet. The hardest part is falling in love with their stuff and having to give it back! Just know that you can always borrow it again or maybe you can work out an even swap for something of your own that she loves!


Pro Tips!

While you’re making the rounds finding the perfect outfit don’t forget to look for accessories and shoes, too! From jewelry to scarves, to things you can wear in your hair, don’t just limit your search to clothing.

Creating new outfits or a fresh look doesn’t have to be hard or require an expensive trip to the mall. Catch up with good friends and shop their closet (or yours) before you go out and re-invent your wardrobe at the mall.

If you’re trying to save more money to put towards your wedding, this is a great way to do it. Just learn to show a little restraint and get by with a little help from your friends. You’ve got this!

In the end, you’ll come out looking FAB, saving money, and having a great time with your best gals while doing it! Aren’t friends awesome?? They can save your booty and save you booty!

Kayla of OurStart

is a content writer for OurStart at the Income Store, located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. When not working, you will often find her eating, lazing around with her pup, or on adventures with her husband!