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Wedding Budget Tip #23: Skip the Limo

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Wedding Budget Tip #23: Skip the Limo

This post is part of a recurring series here on BSB where we share wedding budget tips to help you save money on your wedding! You can access all the wedding budget tips on a single page for your convenience and future reference. In this post, we’re talking about how to save on wedding transportation!

Wedding Budget Tip #23: Skip the Pricey Limo

Wedding Budget Tip #23:

Skip the pricey limo rental and put that money towards something that actually matters.

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When you are planning a wedding on a budget and you’re looking for ways to save money, one of the first unnecessary items you can cut from the list is the limousine rental.

Limousines are generally considered a luxury item and are an easy item to cross off your list if you’re working with limited funds.

If you choose a venue that you can use for both the ceremony and reception (another money saver, in most cases) then it further eliminates the need to offer transportation for your family or wedding party.

In the case that you do book separate wedding and ceremony venues, you can encourage the members of your wedding party to carpool together, or with their own dates / significant others, since most of the members of your wedding party will likely bring dates. This will also make it easier for them to get themselves home at the end of the evening’s festivities.

Alternatives to limo rentals for wedding transportation

Many couples opt to hire shuttles to move guests from the ceremony or reception venues if they aren’t held at the same place. Avoid parking and shuttle headaches by offering Lyft ride credits to guests. By creating a Lyft code, guests can get dropped off in front of the venue and leave when they want. Set a budget and get any unused credit back – just share the unique code with guests beforehand and they’re ready to go! You could offer this to your guests, or even just limit it to the bridal party if you want!

You could also consider taking public transportation if that’s an option. We featured an adorable wedding where the bridal party took the town trolley from the church to the reception venue:

Or if you’re in a location where you are staying onsite– maybe even a golf cart!

Just as effective, and definitely budget-savvy! So, if you were asking me, I’d say skip the limo. That money is definitely better spent elsewhere, on something that will make a bigger impact on ALL your guests!

So tell us: are you splurging on a limo or skipping it?

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