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Dear Jessica,

Everyone's talking about Tacori wedding rings but they don't exactly seem budget savvy. What makes Tacori wedding rings so special anyway? Do you have any tips for finding discount Tacori wedding rings?

— Frugal in Florida

Hello and thanks for your question!

I'm sure I'm not alone in the fact that I lusted over some stunning (but spendy) sparklers prior to getting engaged. All the rings in the bridal magazines seemed to cost as much as a down payment on a house. One particular designer kept popping up in my “research” and that was – you guessed it – Tacori. I was obsessed with the idea of a pavé halo design and the Tacori engagement rings that I saw in my searches were exquisite. Here's a personal fave of mine from their website:

tacori engagement ring

 {image from Tacori}

Beyond the gorgeous styles and designs that Tacori offers, they've also been around for a while- over 40 years! One of the things that makes Tacori wedding rings extra special is a signature design component: a crescent silhouette. The interlocking half-moon arcs provide windows of light into the stones to reflect a diamond's brilliance – basically speaking their designs make the diamonds in Tacori wedding rings look *extra* sparkly. The designs are super gorgeous and include lots of artistic and intricate details, especially along the side of their rings – it's something special that I've noticed.

Note: One benefit of sticking to one designer for your engagement ring and wedding ring would be that they are likely to have matching sets so they look and fit flawlessly together. 

tacori wedding rings

{image from Tacori}

In terms of discounts, when it comes to fine jewelry such as this you're not very likely to find much of one. Their prices are set for a reason – they are a fine jeweler – aka luxury. Your best bet would be to find a local jeweler who is an Authorized Tacori Retail Partner and wait until they run specials or sales to purchase your Tacori wedding ring. (Just be sure to read the fine print- sometimes local sales won't apply to certain brands!)

If you're really into the look of a Tacori wedding ring but don't have the budget, ask your local fine jeweler if they have similar styles they could recommend from other designers to help you get the look for less! I've never been one to be obsessed with labels, so that's my best advice. 🙂

Hope that helps! Thanks for your question- and as always, feel free to send us your questions and we might answer them here on the blog!

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  • Aileen

    Hi all!! Thought I might be able to share some insight into this discussion. When my fiancé and I started taking about getting engaged I instantly became obsessed with tacori rings. They are delicate, intricate and just plain gorgeous! The down side was I couldn’t get my fiancé to spend that much on a ring, I would rather save that money for the actual wedding. So when we went to our jeweler and told them about the tacori ring I wanted he suggested maybe having a ring custom made. When my fiancé proposed I was blown away. The ring looked identical to the tacori one I had been dreaming of. It was almost half the price and I feel like it has more meaning because it was made just for me. So having a ring made to look like the tacori one you are swooning over could be the answer!

    • That’s fabulous advice Aileen!! So awesome that you got the ring of your dreams for an awesome price! 🙂 Thanks for sharing that with us.

  • Jenny

    If you don’t mind high quality Cz’s, and Walmart’s Brilliance line does not disappoint, and they both have that Tacori vintage look you desire.I have rings from both places, they did not fade, or turn and look very blingy!
    My coworkers engagement ring is from Kohl’s, hers is beautiful.

  • CR Hunter

    Hi! I loved this post! I had never heard of Tacori until my (now) Husband proposed to me with a Tacori. I’ve never asked him how much it was but I’m pretty sure it was more than our whole wedding (we had a totally DIY wedding – and loved every second of it). Yikes! But I will say that I’m so, so glad he did. Regardless of the brand name, this ring fits my style perfectly and now I have a heirloom that I can pass on for generations. Brides (or fiances) should choose rings based on what they want to have on their finger for the rest of their life. Although my engagement ring was expensive, we saved a lot on our wedding bands – my husband just picked whatever ring he liked best and it happened to be inexpensive (and not-Tacori) and my wedding band is a cheaper plain band from our local jeweler. Nothing matches, but that’s okay and I’ve turned out loving it that way – I really never notice and everyone is so blown away by the diamond that they don’t notice the rest either.
    If someone has their heart set on a Tacori, I say go for it and save in other ways: have a smaller wedding, get a cheaper band, or just get a smaller diamond. The beauty of Tacori is in the detailed setting anyway and a smaller center diamond would look just as beautiful.

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