Ceremony Tough Subjects

Picking an Officiant

Happy Holidays to all of you beautiful brides out there!! I hope you and yours spend plenty of quality time together with each other and your families during this exciting time in your life After all, family is what it’s all about.  It’s the week of

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Tying Our Knot – Choosing an Officiant

  {photo by Henderson Photography} It seems to be fairly normal for some brides to come into contact with a few little “differences” in preference from parents/family, or traditional vs. non-traditional ways to go about things. THANK GOODNESS we’ve barely run into any of this at

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Who is Our Officiant?!

So lately, people ask me, “How is the wedding planning going?” and I always reply, “Oh really good, we got all the big stuff done.” Except, then I have this little panic attack, and start to hyperventilate a little because I realize we DO NOT have

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