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Choosing my colors has been a really tough thing for me to accomplish so far. With all the beautiful inspiration boards out there it gets really overwhelming because you literally have an infinite amount of options! I have spent a good amount of time myself working on inspiration boards and trying to come up with something a little different or unique that I have yet to see, but still feels like “me” I guess. So without further ado, I give you my newest (and hopefully last) teal and turquoise color scheme inspiration board.

Teal and Turquoise Color Scheme

PHOTOS: I'm a bad blogger and didn't remember to make note of where I found most of these images- if any of them belong to you, feel free to shoot me and email at budgetsavvybride {at} gmail {dot} com. Table with burlap runner and gerber daisy centerpieces from BB Photography, Bride and Groom from Perez Photography, Bridesmaids dresses from Nordstrom, Reception photo from Canlas Photography

I really love the variation of the teal and turquoise, and I just couldn't resist the yellow! I think it's so fun and cheery. Like I said I want to stay away from the matchy matchy' look, and I've found myself really drawn to the different dresses or different colors feel. I think it's soft and elegant but not too fancy. I'm not sure if I want to have dresses made out of all the same fabric in different colors, or if I just want to let the girls have free reign to pick their own dress. I worry about the hues being off if they do pick their own dresses all separately. That could be a recipe for disaster- but there's a good chance they could find decent dresses in the right color for cheaper. I love how the bride in the top right photo is wearing the chunky turquoise necklace- I think it dresses her down a bit and makes her seem more casual, while still looking classy. I replaced the bride's bouquet with one that was yellow, because the pink just didn't fit my color scheme.

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  • Guilty Secret

    I absolutely love this one. Hooray!

  • I love this one too! The varying shades of turquoise are so pretty. I’m a huge fan of non matchy dresses and love the ones that you chose.

  • I love your board!! It’s gorgeous. And the differing shades of turquoise are pretty.
    I know what you mean about being worried that the shades won’t match. I thought about using differing greens for my dresses (for about a millisecond) – but the greens were too widely varied. It looked weird and off. I’ve seen it pulled off with blue, but I think it could be kind of hard. With the same fabric in different shades, I think you’ll have better luck. Plus, the girls could have the dress made in whatever style suits them best.

    I also like the yellow accents, and I like the turquoise!! I remember when I saw that wedding I thought the turquoise was such a cool element.

  • I just love this palette and the idea of all the girls wearing dresses in one hue, rather than the same dress. Wish I had done that and let the girls buy what worked best for them.

    I’ll have to check out your other palettes – I didn’t see them before to let you know my favorite!

  • budgetsavvybride

    Thanks for the feedback ladies! I think I’ve decided to go with this one for sure.

    @Rachel- I agree about the difficulty of pulling this off. I’m thinking I might have to find a dress company that has a variety of fabrics to work with to make it happen. I got some fabric samples from Aria and LynnLugo (Aria is significantly cheaper)- but I’m nervous about going with an online company and never seeing the dresses until they come in, ya know?!

    If anyone else has suggestions on how I could make this work (in a budget friendly way, of course) please let me know!! 🙂

  • I think that this look fantastic & is definitely not too “matchy-matchy”- it looks very sophisticated. 🙂

    And the image on the upper right of the bride & groom is by Perez Photography based out of Dallas, TX. I looked at booking them, myself, and I remember that wedding off of their blog.

  • Love this! Those bm dresses are all gorgeous. I was SO confused at the yellow bouquet bc I have that photo saved too and know her pink hydrangea/featherd bouq well—so thanks for the photoshop info or I would have thought I was going crazy!

    Nice work!

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