The Suit Can Make the Man, but the Deal Can Make the Suit

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I’m keeping this one short and sweet today.  Sometimes, being budget savvy can be a matter of being in the right place at the right time.  Not to mention, it is exciting when those savings can be passed to other people.  That is exactly what went down as we were suit shopping for Cameron.

Over the Christmas holiday season, we decided to put some muscle into finding my handsome groom a suit, which, surprise, surprise, led us to needing to find groomsmen’s suits as well.  Go figure (insert self-depreciating “doh”).  We decided previously that we would rather do suits than tuxes and when it came down to it, since renting men’s attire can be pretty pricy, we were in the market to buy.  Looking around, we made a quick stop by Men’s Warehouse, knowing that sometimes they have decent suit sales.  Low and behold, as an end of the year item, they were pushing a buy one, get one and every other one 60% off after that.  Word to the wise, if you can wait until the holiday seaons (particularly the end) to get your man-fashion, do it.  Around New Years, stores are looking to move inventory and prepare for the next season.  This can lead to great deals if you are looking for them.  Back the story at hand 😉 We were stoked to find a really reasonable three piece suit for $249 before any kind of discount was applied.  As an extra bonus-it wasn’t just BOGO + 60% off afterward on suits, but on shirts and ties and everything.

The long and short of it, even though our groomsmen are purchasing their own suits, by ringing them all up together,  Cameron was able to get six 3 piece suits and six shirts for just over $1,000. Because we went with a chain, it’s not as difficult getting even our out of town guys sized, secured and stoked for the wedding.

The moral: Watch for sales, look for opportunities to compound savings through larger orders rather than little ones spread out over time.  Happy Hunting!!!!

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