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Mr. M and I are in the thick of planning our honeymoon.  And while we're over the moon (ha, see what I did there  😉 ) about how wonderful it will be, expenses are starting to quickly add up as we're making our budget.

A friend of ours who was married in June created a honeymoon registry for herself and her husband, and they had wonderful results! Mr. M and I are currently planning on following their example, but are still weighing out the pros and cons of honeymoon registries.  Below are some of the pros I've come up with, but I have some questions too.

Pros of honeymoon registries:

  • Provides the couple with additional resources to use on their honeymoon to enjoy activities they'd otherwise skip.
  • Gives guests an opportunity to pool resources together to give the couple a special experience.
  • Offers the couple an alternative to registering for traditional household registry, or a way to supplement their household registry if they're not creating a full registry.

Questions about honeymoon registries:

  • Will guests perceive us as cheapskates?
  • How can we ensure that we have our resources in time for the honeymoon?
  • Am I overlooking any items that I should have on my household registry that I haven't thought of? I don't want to register for our honeymoon if there are items I've missed for my household registry.
  • Is there anything you wished you had registered for but forgot about/overlooked?

Would love to hear any feedback/thoughts you have about honeymoon registries or registries in general!

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About Abby

Abby wrote about her wedding at The Budget-Savvy Bride in 2013 and 2014. She loves sharing info and advice with brides about how to create beautiful weddings that they love. Abby lives in the Midwest with her husband and dog.

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  • Liz Cleek

    We’ve set one up, though we haven’t really shared our registries with anyone, and we aren’t even set on where our honeymoon will be. Our biggest concern is being seen as cheapskates. However, most everyone in our families and friends knows that folks really use cash, and we do have a traditional registry available for those who prefer to give physical gifts.

    We will be living in a tiny studio apartment once married, so the way we are putting is this is a way for folks to feel moved to give us something, to “give” us part of our honeymoon, so they feel like they directly supported a part of it.

  • Stefanie

    Hello Abby, I specialize in helping couples plan honeymoons and my company, All About Honeymoons, offers a complimentary honeymoon gift registry that clients can use. It is a great idea for couples who have what they need and would rather receive cash as their wedding gifts. Understand that, whilst your guests are buying specific “honeymoon experiences”, you in the end, will receive a lump sum of cash into your bank account. Most guests do not purchase gifts until about a week before your wedding. That being said, your funds will likely not be available when you book your honeymoon or even make your final payment. Many of our couples have great success with their honeymoon registry. However, it also requires you to promote it accordingly. Congratulations and good luck!

  • Terri

    I’m not a fan of them only because a lot of these companies charge a fee for the service. So a wedding guest could be depositing $100 in the honeymoon registry but you could get charged a certain percentage of the amount once you withdraw. That means part of the money your guests think they are giving you to fund your honeymoon is actually going towards fees.

    I think it might be better to just not register for gifts. This way guests would get the hint that you prefer cash.

  • Sabrina // sweetfrenchtoast

    I always tell people that my honeymoon was like the trip you’d have if Oprah sent you to Paris, and the only way we could afford all the incredible experiences we had was because we did a honeymoon registry. We registered for a variety of items like iTunes gift cards for music and movies to entertain us on the flight, deluxe airport pickup, a wine and cheese tasting, entry to museums and sights, a super-fancy dinner, and even a new lens for my camera so I could travel a little more lightly while still capturing all our memories. We used Traveler’s Joy and it was great! My husband and I were combining households so we didn’t need more stuff. I’m so glad our friends and family were willing to help us have the honeymoon of our dreams instead.

  • I don’t think this type of registry makes you appear to be cheapskates at all! If that even crossed the minds of one of your guests, you might need replace them in your circle (lol). I was leaning towards something like this at first, but we bought a house. Needless to say, we’re going the traditional registry route…

  • Ally

    We really wanted to do the honeymoon registry, as we’ve been living together for almost 3 years. I mentioned this to many people who will be attending the wedding, and many made a face or voiced their opinions against it. We ended up going with the traditional registry and are using it to upgrade much of what we have, as much of it was things my fiancee’s parents were saving for years (many times 10+ years) and/or things that I bought at resale shops when I was a broke college student.

  • Isabel

    You ask a lot of pertinent questions, Abby. I’d say there will always be the odd guest who will think you are a cheapskates whatever you do so it’s best to just go ahead and do what you like. That’s what I am doing by having a cash registry on Envelope Registry. As for ensuring that you have the resources in time for the honeymoon, create your registry as early as possible. Our wedding’s in october but our registry is already a couple months up and running.

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