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Throwing An Engagement Fiesta

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We had our engagement party this past September on a beautiful sunny and quite warm day. It was so much fun and I was so happy we were able to have one. Dave and I never wanted an engagement party because we knew we wouldn’t be able to afford one with wedding expenses. The day after we got engaged, one of my friends asked if she could throw one for us. I immediately started to cry. It was such a kind gesture, and I was blown away that someone would want to do this for us.

My friend asked me about a few themes, but I decided to leave it totally up to her. Come the day of the party, I was happy being surprised with the decor, food, drinks and everything in between. Seeing everything come together makes me want to throw a fiesta everyday! In fact, my fingers are crossed that one of my friends gets engaged soon so I am able to throw them one.

Here’s how you can throw an engagement fiesta yourself:

  • BRIGHT colors! The colors are the best part of a fiesta. Buy things in red, lime green, royal blue, orange and yellow.
  • Mustaches! You can practically walk in to any store and find something with a mustache on it. There is no better way to take advantage of this trend, than to have a fiesta. Buy the sticky ones in multiple colors, have decals put onto cups, or decorate the walls with them. There are endless possibilities
  • Margaritas. Need I say more? It’s fun to have a margarita bar with a few flavors of marg mix, sugar and salt.
  • Chips & Dip. Basically, guacamole. I, for one, am obsessed with avocados. I will put them on anything, so if there is ever a reason to have a tub full of guacamole I am all about it.
  • Pinatas. You can’t have a fiesta without a pinata. Even if you are having an adults only party, everyone loves candy, and you can always add in some minis for good measure.
Looking for items to plan the perfect fiesta? Check out these fab picks below:

We had all of these things and more at our engagement party, and I am thrilled that we had one. All of these items are easy to DIY, and an engagement party is a great way to have your wedding party together in a casual atmosphere. Even if you don’t go all out, I highly suggest having something small, even a potluck style gathering would be fun. After all, everyone will want to see your new bling!

Here are some photos from our party!


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IMG_4103 IMG_4092 IMG_4080 IMG_4079


Are you planning on having an engagement party?


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