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What to Do When You First Get Engaged

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You’ve got the bling, now what? We’re breaking down some important steps to take when you first get engaged to set yourself up for wedding planning success.

What to Do When You First Get Engaged

When you first get engaged, you probably feel like you’re on cloud 9. Perhaps you find yourself looking down at the new sparkle on your left hand like a real-life version of the heart eyes emoji.? That sparkle signifies a big change that is about to happen, whether it be in a few months or years down the road.

But what happens when your happy cloud gets filled with questions? From picking a date, what colors you want, what season your I Do’s will take place, and so on? What to do when you first get engaged can be a hard thing to grasp when you are surrounded by so much love (and questions) all of a sudden. How do you figure out what to do first, or even find the time to breathe? (Firstly, snag a copy of our free printable wedding planning checklist– it’s a lifesaver.)

What to do when you first get engaged: how to get started with wedding planning

After you spend some time cherishing those newly-engaged glowing moments with your fiancé, then it’s time to get down to business. But for the sake of this post, here are the top things to do soon after you get the ring!

1. Look into insuring your engagement ring.

Ring insurance is super important especially if you have an expensive ring. Most insurance companies will allow you to add your ring into your renters and/or car insurance policies, which could also get you a discount! All you will need to know for this step is the appraisal value and the regular price value of the ring. Check out BriteCo for affordable insurance plans for your engagement ring!

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2. Get a wedding planning book.

It’s important to set your foundations for your plans before you go out booking anything for your big day. Of course, we’re partial to our founder’s book, The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer, with over 4,000 glowing reviews! This is the best $7.99 you’ll spend on your wedding, we swear. ?

3. Talk about your budget.

Start by talking about who you would like to pay for what, and then if applicable who will talk to each person you think will contribute. Then you will need to figure out a total, and what you will each be able to contribute. After you have a total number, work on your budget. Need help? Check out this post.

4. Start a guest list.

It might take a while to finalize your guest list, but it’s a crucial task. Having a running list available to add, remove, and change as needed along the way is a big help. During this process, you will also need to decide who will be allowed to bring a guest and who won’t. A good rule of thumb: if you are inviting someone with a fiancé or spouse, their partner should be invited even if you do not know them. If you are inviting single friends or someone with a boyfriend or girlfriend of under a year, they don’t need to have a guest as long as they will know another person attending the wedding. Need more guest list help? Check out this post.

5. Start a secret Pinterest board.

Pinterest is great for gathering inspiring images for your wedding– but you don’t want to give your guests spoilers of your big day! Create Secret Pinterest Boards that you can share with your fiancé, mother, wedding planner, bridesmaids, etc. Each of you can add ideas, brainstorm, and figure out details without the general public seeing it. If you want the day to be a surprise to your guests, this is a great way to do that while keeping up with all your inspiration. (PS- make sure you’re following B$B on Pinterest for savvy wedding inspo!)

what to do when you get engaged
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6. Start a journal and only fill it with positive things.

Have you heard that keeping a gratitude journal is linked to living a happier, stress-free life? Start a new one and keep notes of things you are thankful for. We’re willing to bet your fiancé will take up many pages in your journal! Whenever things get stressful, take a few moments to read what you have noted. This will also be a big help if you decide to write your own vows! You can include some sweet words you’ve written about your partner along the way to include in your wedding vows. We’re big fans of journaling in general– even on your wedding day!

7. Take time to not talk about the wedding.

Try not to make every conversation with your fiancé about the wedding. This will lead to stress and disagreements during one of the happiest times of your life. Remember to still date your soon-to-be spouse even when you are engaged and married. Taking intentional time to connect outside of wedding planning will make life so much better! Remember why you are doing all of this, in the end you will be marrying your best friend!

Check out more guidance for wedding planning the savvy way.

We hope this has given you some key action steps for what to do when you first get engaged. Whether you’re newly engaged or been planning for a while, we’ve got tons of resources and a kind community to support you through it all. Join our community today to connect with other smart and savvy brides-to-be!

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what to do when you first get engaged
what to do when you first get engaged
what to do when you first get engaged


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