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What I Want to Remember on Our Wedding Day

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With all the hustle and bustle related to wedding planning, I think some of us can tend to forget about the actual wedding day. Almost all of the advice I have received from previous brides or read in various articles has been to remember to slow down and enjoy the day, as it flies by too fast. I found this idea on one of my favorite blogs, PBFingers. She came up with a list of things she wanted to remember on her wedding day. I loved this idea and decided I would come up with my own list of what I want to remember on our wedding day.


  • Baking & Projects with my mother, grandmother, & future mother-in-law (and possibly other girlfriends that come in early!)
    Although this is prior to the wedding day, I had to include it in this list! As mentioned in our dessert post, I plan to make Oreo balls and mini-pies prior to the wedding. I also plan to do our flower centerpieces (simple hydrangeas in milk vases) on Friday morning before the wedding. I am excited to be able to have my family and friends in town to help with all of this. I think it will be a fun experience we’ll always remember!


Mini-Lemon and Mini-Pecan Pies
Mini-Lemon and Mini-Pecan Pies
  • Getting Ready with my Best Friends
    All of my bridesmaids are living in all different places – Ohio, PA, Maryland, Nevada, so I am beyond excited to spend my morning with them getting ready and having fun. They are all truly wonderful people and can make anyone laugh at any moment, which is exactly what I’ll need on my wedding day.


3 out of 5 of my bridesmaids
3 out of 5 of my bridesmaids
  • Our First Look
    My fiancé and I have decided to do a first-look (truthfully, I knew prior to our engagement I wanted to do a first-look – the pictures take my breath away every time!). Most of our family will be travelling from out of town so we know we’ll want to spend a lot of time with them after the ceremony, so I am excited to get these few minutes with my husband-to-be to relish in our wedding day together.


  • Saying “I Do”
    I cannot wait to marry my best friend, and am looking forward to this moment the most!


  • Seeing our Day Come to Life
    After 2 years of planning, I am so excited to see everything come together. I know things will not go as planned, but I also know, to me, this is going to be the most perfect day ever!


  • Having Fun at the Reception
    We have never had all of our family and friends together at one time so I am just beyond excited to celebrate with everyone. Ending the night laughing and having fun with the people who mean the most to us is going to be amazing.
I have a great group of girlfriends — and we always have fun together!


I’m sure I’ll have more things to add to this list as we get closer to the date, but we are less than 3 months away (woohoo!), and I want to be able to enjoy our day and savor these precious moments.


What do you want to remember on your wedding day?

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