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Water Bead Wedding Centerpieces for a Luxe Look on a Budget

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Water Beads by Gemnique Featured Image

This post has been created in partnership with Gemnique. Learn how to incorporate water beads into your wedding centerpieces and reception decor. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that make The Budget Savvy Bride possible!

One of the biggest ways I love to encourage couples to save on their wedding day is by finding budget savvy wedding decor. No matter if your wedding style is rustic or glamorous, vintage or modern, there are so many fabulous options to decorate your space on a budget. So I want to introduce you to a brand that is sure to WOW you with its style and savvy. I was so blown away by these products! They offer such affordable options for weddings, showers, or any other celebratory event.

I was so excited to discover Gemnique because of their variety of affordable products. Gemnique offers decorative accents that can add color, flair, and sophistication to floral arrangements, home or wedding decor, craft projects and more! They sell glass gems, marbles, and other glass shapes, and more. But what really caught my eye for budget savvy brides is their water beads!

Gemnique Water Beads

Using water beads for wedding centerpieces and decor

Water Beads are perfect for budget savvy brides to use in wedding centerpieces and other decor. Not only are water beads insanely affordable, but they also come in a variety of colors to match your style. They can also be used and re-used again and again so you really get your money’s worth. Talk about a dream come true for couples who are on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice style! Gemnique offers a large selection of colors, finishes, and sizes because their factory produces small batch quantities, enabling them to carry colors and sizes that cannot be found elsewhere.

Gemnique Water Beads Colors

Gemnique’s water beads only cost $1.99 per pack, so the price is incredible. They are sold in individual packages that are so tiny, it’s hard to imagine them taking up much space. You’ll be amazed at how they grow like magic when you soak them! One package makes 8 cups of beads once soaked, so you really do get quite the bang for your buck!

How to use water beads: soak your water beads and watch them grow

To grow your water beads, you just pour your package into 12 cups of water, and let them set for 4-6 hours. I decided to document the “growth” process because I found it so interesting!

Gemnique Water Beads - From a tiny package to 8 cups of decorative beads!

In about 4 hours I had beautiful, bouncy water beads. They feel a little bit like Jello, but the color of the turquoise was gorgeous and they look almost identical to glass gems or marbles to the naked eye!

Water bead wedding centerpiece ideas

The old saying “Beauty doesn’t come cheap” isn’t always true, and Gemnique’s products prove that in spades! I decided to play around with the water beads to see how many centerpiece ideas I could come up with using some simple vases and other decorative pieces I had on hand. Check out my creations:

Gemnique Water Beads - Wedding Centerpieces

Colored water beads with candles in pillar vases

Gemnique Water Beads - Wedding Centerpieces

Clear water beads with candles in pillar vases and gold votives for a glamorous look

Gemnique Water Beads - Wedding Centerpieces

Pillar vases filled with clear water beads on a tray for a simple look

Gemnique Water Beads - Wedding Centerpieces

clear water beads with floating candles in vases

Gemnique Water Beads - Wedding Centerpieces

colored water beads in glass vases for a pop of color

Gemnique Water Beads - Wedding Centerpieces

clear water beads in vases with flowers and candles

One package of water beads could fill up my entire set of vases — talk about a budget savvy centerpiece!

How to use water beads in your wedding decorations

I love the variety of ways you can use these unique and versatile water beads:

  • Use them to keep flowers moist and fresh instead of water.
  • Add floating candles to vases with your water beads.
  • Fill vases of various heights with water beads
  • Choose multiple colors to create a modern look.
  • Try different size and shape vases to mix things up

I especially love how the clear water beads almost make my vases look like crystal. Talk about bling on a budget, am I right? 

Gemnique’s water beads are so unique and I love that they can be used again and again! Check out this article about how to use water beads as a diffuser for essential oils– such a great idea! Depending on the color you choose they add a nice pop of color to any vase around your home.

Gemnique Logo
Gemnique Water Bead Centerpiece Ideas for Weddings

You can purchase these Water Beads from Gemnique! Be sure to check out their other fabulous products for weddings, home decor, and more!

Other products used in this post:

Vase Set: Amazon  |  Floating Disc Candles: Amazon  |  Sequin Tablecloth: Koyal Wholesale  |  Photos: Jessica Bishop


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