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Savvy Weddings by the Stars: How Your Horoscope Plays into Your Wedding Budget Mindset

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Every Zodiac Sign Values Money and Experiences differently. Learn how your horoscope can affect the way you handle budgeting for your wedding from professional astrologist Mary Aragon.

Savvy Weddings by the Stars: How Your Horoscope Plays into Your Wedding Budget Mindset
Mary Aragon

When it comes to planning a wedding, it’s true that everyone has different values. But it’s also interesting to see how the stars can affect those values. Have you ever felt curious about how your horoscope plays into your wedding budget mindset?

In this article, you’ll find insight into how your sign prefers their wedding to turn out. Learn which signs prefer to invest money in big guest lists for their weddings vs signs who prefer to invest in intimate memories and beautiful photos. Below is a summary of what each Zodiac sign is likely to prefer when it comes to spending on their weddings and experiences!


You might be surprised to hear this since Aries is a Martian sign, but Aries like to invest in a big, “spotlight” wedding where all eyes will be on them. They will save all of the adventuring and crazy photos for the honeymoon, but as far as their wedding goes – they want it to be grand and to have the original designs from the dress, tuxedo, over the cake to maids of honor’s dresses. The trick is – Aries love to be in charge of everything, so they should find a competent wedding company that can execute all of their orders and wishes efficiently. 


Another sign that might come as a surprise in the way they would love their wedding to be handled is sturdy Taurus. Taurus is a romantic at heart, but they also love money, so they will avoid spending ludicrous amounts of money on a “proper” wedding. They will rather spend a fair amount of money on rings they will carry for the rest of their life, a delicious cake and a nice ceremony that they can enjoy with their loved ones. The rest of the money they’ll prefer to spend on themselves by having the most romantic and sensual honeymoon with the best luxuries any hedonist can afford.


With Gemini it can go either way – they can decide to get married in Vegas, from yesterday to today, or they can have a big wedding in a white dress/black tuxedo. It really depends on their mood. But, if they opt for a big, ‘black and white’ wedding, it’s most likely that they won’t be the ones paying for it, rather their parents. Their job will be only to show up, look pretty and enjoy themselves. The honeymoon will most likely be the same – either they got married on their trip and turned it into a honeymoon, or they’ll have a paid getaway waiting on them as a wedding gift. 


Now, this is a sign that loves a good, old-fashioned wedding that follows wedding traditions when it comes to procedures and ‘protocols’. But, somewhat like Aries, Cancer too, will prefer to be in charge of everything, especially the food and flowers. They will have saved a long time for this event, and they’ll want everything to be perfect, and who could blame them? They’ll invest a lot of money in catering services and they’ll expect the best for the amount of money they invested. Weddings is a life-long memory for them, but they are also a very serious investment, they might be harder to please than Aries, with their mood swings and overthinking. This is why it’s very important for Cancer to choose an empathetic company to work with them on their wedding.


Leo is a solar sign that has appetites larger than life, this is royalty we’re talking about, and as such, they’ll want every last detail to be both perfect and grandiose. Thus, Leo will need an entire team of executives and highly trained professionals for this event whose pictures they’ll cherish and exhibit as their pride and joy for the rest of their lives. Leo won’t save any penny for their dream wedding, and it would be best for all involved to live up to their high standards and expectations for the money they invested, otherwise, heads will roll. The most important things are the dress/tuxedo, rings and altar. 


Virgo is a sign of modesty, but of perfection, too. A Virgo might not spend a large sum of money on the wedding, but they’ll want it to be perfect nonetheless. Virgo is a sign that will want an intimate ceremony, but the place and the decor have to be right, it’s most likely that they’ll choose the location and the colors (of both the dress and the decorations) themselves. Virgo tends to nitpick at the smallest of things, so the best fit for their wedding planner and coordinator is someone who has a good ear for listening and great attention to detail. After all, Virgos won’t want a grand wedding, but they’ll want it to be perfect.


Another surprise – Libra – the epitome of romance would most likely hold out on a big wedding and go with a simple (and legal) ceremony. The rest of the budget will go on an extremely romantic honeymoon and good service for their friends. They’ll want to share this moment with their friends and to celebrate with good music, wine, and food. But other than that, you couldn’t guess that it’s a wedding that is being celebrated. It’s a question of whether Libra would even need a wedding coordinator/planner.


Scorpio will have a tendency to take the intimacy of the ceremony a notch above Libra; it’s quite possible that Scorpio’s wedding would consist of the newlyweds and their (closest) witnesses only. The other option is an intimate wedding set in a very special place with only a very selected few of their nearest and dearest. If they would opt for that kind of a wedding, they would hire a recommended wedding coordinator and they would spend a humble amount of money, only to make sure that everything will go as planned and that they remain undisturbed during the ceremony.


Sagittarius will spend a fair amount of money on the wedding and even more (if needed) on a planner because they cannot be bothered with all that nonsense. They just want to enjoy that day and share it with their friends, but in a setting of their choice and with a very peculiar menu. Sagittarius will not care much about the attire or the décor, they’ll want a good photographer and proper serving conditions, considering that the place where they’ll execute the ceremony is something out of the ordinary and usual. Sagittarius is a wild card, so anything is possible, from a mountain-cliff wedding to a snorkeling event, as long as everyone is enjoying the celebration and having a great time – that’s all that matters.


Capricorn is a sign that will want a traditional wedding or at least a wedding that includes a lot of traditional elements. However, they’ll also want to save as much money as possible, so it’s probable that they’ll configure the entire wedding themselves and just use undisputable personal and staff for the wedding itself. The things they won’t save their money on are the attire, something old, something blue and the wedding rings. The rest can be acquired as cheap as it can be found. They’ll invest the money in their mutual future rather than in a single event.


Aquarius is more likely to donate wedding money to various causes and charities, and since they are free-spirited, they are most likely to hire a vicar and go out to a special location and have some of their best friends take crazy pictures. The rest of the money they’ll invest in an RV home and spend their days enjoying their freedom and mutual companionship. Aquarius is a sign that doesn’t care about conventions and is the most free-spirited out of all the signs.


Pisces will either donate their entire wedding budget to a charity, or they’ll have the most fairy-tale wedding of all the zodiac signs. They will, however, need a very professional and practical wedding planner for their vision and dreams to be executed. This is why Pisces will not save any money on a good wedding coordinator and their attire, but they might save money on decorations. For them, the atmosphere will be the most important, so it will be expected from the wedding planner to pull off miracles and influence the weather for Pisces’ wedding day.

What do you think? Does your astrological sign reflect the values you have for your wedding day? Join us in the community to chat all things weddings and horoscopes!

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Mary Aragon

Mary Aragon is the tarot reader behind AbcTarot. Her mission is to make tarot understandable for everyone as a tool for reflecting and understanding our life.