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Wedding Fans: Switch Your Floral Bouquet for a Decorative Accessory

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Looking for an alternative to costly fresh flowers? Ditch the florals for something with more flair, by embracing the whimsical trend of carrying a fan instead of a wedding bouquet.


Weddings have become more and more expensive as time has passed, making the stress of planning an added struggle for the bride financially! One of the many typical purchases is flowers for decorating the wedding day. Bouquets, centerpieces, and wall decor are just a few places where flowers can be placed on the special day. 

Flower alternatives such as decorative fans have slowly become more popular as brides realize the great investment they can be– especially items you can reuse after the big day! Etsy has hundreds of flower alternatives to decorate the wedding from head to toe. Fans are a great alternative to fresh flower purchases for many reasons. 

The Benefits of Wedding Fans

Fans are sustainable and long-lasting, allowing wedding decorations to be bought in advance. Fans come in all shapes and sizes, whatever the bride-to-be wants them to look like! Whether used as bridesmaid bouquets, wedding favors, or wedding cake toppers, fans will not bend or break, opening up various possibilities. Plus, they’re the perfect accessory for summer weddings, especially those with outdoor ceremonies!

Below is a selection of gorgeous wedding fans which make great flower alternatives to be used for multiple purposes throughout the wedding celebration! 

Fan Bridal Bouquets

Bridal bouquets can be whatever the bride wants them to be. Fans are a great alternative to the classic flower bouquet because of its array of possibilities for decorating and designing, as well as choosing something different, being a decorative fan! 

BlueSkyHorizons: Gold Bridal Fan Bouquet Ostrich Big - Etsy

Gold Bridal Fan Bouquet 

Etsy • $189

A beautifully decorated white feathered fan covered in gold and silver rhinestones at the bottom. Small gold beads drape down the front for an extra special touch.

ELCRAFTNART: Boho Bridal Fan Bouquet - Etsy

Boho Bridal Fan Bouquet 

Etsy • $105.51

A folded round woven fan filled with different colored pampas grass and flowers. Bridal and bridesmaid fans are available for purchase, and selecting the number of fans for the bride her party.

PMBearArt: New Chinese Folding Fan Bouquet Bridal- Etsy

New Chinese Folding Fan Bouquet 

Etsy • $96.87

The classic Chinese folding fan is topped in pink with a brown inner layer. Faux flowers and greenery decorate the front with beads weaving throughout. Different styles are available to decide from. 

PenroseJewelry: Delicate Floral Round Fan- Etsy

Delicate Floral Round Fan 

Etsy • $43.97

An elegant take to the classic bridal bouquet. Circular shaped covered in delicate golds and blush rhinestones and flowers. The handle is designed in gold accents with a long pink tassels at the bottom, matching the flowers. 

BlueSkyHorizons: Ostrich Peacock Feather Fan Bridal - Etsy

Feather Fan Bridal Bouquet 

Etsy • $66.60+

Ostrich and peacock feathers create a classy bouquet with a handle decorated in small crystals. Different ribbon colors are available for the handle as well as the color of crystals to personalize the bouquet.

Wedding Guest Hand Fans 

For an outdoor wedding during the hotter months of the year, there’s nothing better than a cool breeze. These hand fan wedding favors will come in handy for guests to use during the ceremony and reception. Simply place them on each guest’s chair as decoration or ask your wedding planner to have them accessible to pick up as they walk in! Below are different options for bulk wedding fans you can find on Etsy! 

BoozyWoos: Wedding Fan & Crate Set- Etsy

Wedding Fan & Crate Set 

Etsy • $10.95+

Place the crate near the wedding entrance for guests to pick up as they enter the wedding venue. The bundle size and number of fans are customizable to purchase the right amount. These unique hand fans have a special feature – they create a heart when opened fully for use!  

StationeryInvitation: Wooden Hand Fans Engraved- Etsy

Engraved Wooden Hand Fans 

Etsy • $100+

Provide a personal take to the classic wedding fan with an engraving of the couples names and wedding date! Place them on each chair or in a basket for guests to easily use throughout the day. You could even add a sweet touch by tying white ribbon around the handle (or whatever hue matches your color palette!)

LegendsWedding: Personalized Wedding Fans Custom - Etsy

Personalized Wedding Fans 

Etsy • $61.50+

Another personalized option is to add the couples’ names and wedding date engraved on a classic fold-out fan with bamboo handles. Select the quantity and font style for an item guests can take home with them. 

PaperLanternsUSA: Beige/Ivory Silk Hand Fans for Weddings 10 Pack - Etsy

Ivory Silk Hand Fans 

Etsy • $20.99

Ivory silk fans made of bamboo glued to silk create an elegant hand fan. With easy opening and closing, silk fans will come in handy for events after the wedding. 

Fan Wall Decorations 

For the wedding day, wall decorations can be placed along the venue, hung from the ceiling, or even as ceremony backdrops. Wall decorations have multiple uses to save money and time on purchasing multiple decor items. Below are wall decorations made from fans! 

LIQCRAFT: Large Decorative Fan- Etsy

Giant Bamboo Folding Fan 

Etsy • $77.20+

A large wall decoration piece for the wedding venue is a bamboo folding fan! Stay on theme of the fan decorations with a customized fan that can be used for long after the wedding. 

ThePartyGalBoutique:Fans 8-piece Set- Etsy

Paper Party Fans 

Etsy • $23

Classic party fans provide a pop of color to the wedding. Coming in different sizes and colors are circular party fans to place around the wedding. Whether as a backdrop or wall decor, fun colored fans are always a good idea! 

PampaParty: Pampas Fan Arrangement Beige/white/neutral Roses - Etsy

Bamboo Fans with Pampas Dried Flower Arrangement 

Etsy • $149.99+

Welcome guests with a large dried flower arrangement made of pampas grass, flowers and feathers. Holding the flower arrangement are bamboo fans staying on theme and providing a bohemian aspect to the day. 

CasaLover: Palm Leaf Hand Fan- Etsy

Wall Hanging Pendant Fan 

Etsy • $41.06+

Three large pendant fans attached at the handle create a simple yet rustic decoration piece to include in the wedding. Coming in a set of three of six to purchase. 

Personalized Wedding Program Fans 

These fans make cool wedding favors while also keeping your guests informed. Choose a wedding ceremony program fan that will cool your guests off and outline the order of your ceremony! Provide the wedding day details or pictures of the soonlyweds for a sweet way to incorporate personalization to the fan of choice! Below are different personalized fans from Etsy, many printed on card stock.  

LollieJDesign: Pink Peony and Rose Wedding Hand Fan - Etsy

Detailed Wedding Hand Fan 

Etsy • $78

A two-sided wedding fan that is stylish and informative. On the front, provide the couple’s names and wedding date and on the back, include the details of the big day providing less confusion for guests. Printed on cardstock or other thicker paper to keep guests cool.

DesignerBrideCo: Modern Minimalist Timeless Wedding Paddle Fan- Etsy

Modern Wedding Paddle Fan 

Etsy • $4.99

A fun way to provide guests with fans to help beat the heat. Personalize with the couple’s names and wedding information on the back. Each purchase is downloadable to print at home for a money-saving option. Add your own wooden handle and any decorations to further personalize.

ThePaperDodo: Personalized Wedding Hand Fans - Etsy

Personalized Wedding Hand Fans 

Etsy • $29.50+

What’s more personalized than a picture of the couple on hand fans? A sweet way to incorporate a personalized touch and great for photo ops. 

Fan Cake Toppers

Stay on theme of flower alternatives with fans to decorate the wedding cake with! Whether simple or extravagant, fans can be used as cake toppers in any and every way. Below are alternatives to cake toppers! 

LissieLoves: Palm Spears Metallic Gold Cake Topper - Etsy

Palm Spears Metallic Gold Cake Topper

Etsy • $8.90

Metallic gold-painted palm spears create cake toppers for a simple design. Each stem is delicate to the touch and not edible. Wrapping the stems keeps the paint away from touching the cake. You could also place them at each guests’ place settings for a fun favor.

EOXCAKETOPPERS: 4 X Fan Cake Topper- Etsy

Fan Cake Decor

Etsy • $6.84

Pinwheel-inspired cake toppers made of circular fans. Different designs come in each pack for a fun option to decorate the cake with. Select the primary color to stay on theme of the wedding. 

TheBakedFlowerBar: Sage and Eucalyptus Arrangement- Etsy

Dried Flower Cake Arrangement

Etsy • $14.37

An elegant cake topper created with a palm leaf tied together with eucalyptus and pampas grass. Wrapped in twine for a rustic-looking topper. 

LissieLoves: Sage and Eucalyptus Dried Floral Fan Topper - Etsy

Floral Fans Cake Topper 

Etsy • $18.48

An extravagant topper made of palm leaves spray painted ombre pink with mini dried kinds of wheat all wrapped in twine. Each topper is handmade and delicate to touch while staying on the theme of fan decorations.

Flowers for a wedding can quickly become expensive! Choosing the flower alternative route will save time and money, as well as a longer life span for wedding decorations. Whether you’re planning an outdoor destination wedding or a simple soiree in your backyard at home, fans are a great option for a flower alternative with a variety of available options and designs from Etsy. We hope this roundup of fans has been inspiring for future weddings!

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