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Wedding Thank You Note Tips + Personalized Stationery

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During the wedding planning process, you’ll no doubt be reminded again and again how loved you are by your community of family and friends, and may find yourself wanting to express your thanks for their support. You’re getting married, so most likely you’re getting showered with gifts! Between engagement gifts, showers, bachelorette parties, and the big day, you’ll probably end up with quite a long list of people you need to thank. It’s no wonder that so many brides get thank-you-note burnout! Having some custom thank you cards at the ready will be oh-so-important so that you’re prepared to send a Shutterfly with a quickness.

We love Shutterfly (formerly Wedding Paper Divas) for Thank You Cards, no matter the season, occasion or style. They have an amazing selection of photo thank you cards, or just personalized designed thank you cards. Choosing a Shutterfly takes the personalization just an extra step further and are a great way to highlight your wedding photos or engagement photos.

I thought it would be nice to share some Wedding Thank You Note tips for all the brides and grooms out there to help you tackle your thank you notes with ease!

Reasons to have custom thank you cards:

  • Thanking Your Bridal Shower Guests
  • Saying Thanks Your Bridesmaids for their help
  • Thanking Your Engagement Party Guests
  • To Thank the Friends who sent gifts
  • Thanking Your Wedding Vendors

Wedding Thank You Note Tips

1. Start a spreadsheet

One great way to keep up with all the gifts you’ve received and who you need to send thank you notes to is by starting a spreadsheet. I personally suggest creating a Google Spreadsheet so you can access it from anywhere! Make columns for: names, addresses, gifts received, occasion/party which the gift was received, date received, thank you note written, thank you note sent! Keeping everything organized in one place helps ensure that you don’t miss expressing your gratitude to anyone!

2. Stock up on stationery

Even before you start receiving gifts, it’s important to stock up on stationery so that you have the supplies you need to send your thank you notes in an efficient manner. I love the personalized stationery you can find at Shutterfly! They have styles for every occasion — choose from gorgeous graphic designs or even include a photo if you’d like! Whether you’re looking for stationery for yourself or for you and your partner to use for joint thank-you’s, you’ll find whatever you need! You’ll likely want to stock up on some of each. Want to make sure you can use your stationery before and after the big day? Leave your last names off your stationery so that you can continue using whatever you have leftover after the wedding day.

As for choosing your stationery, I’m especially obsessed with the Gold Foil Stationery collection from Shutterfly. I recently received these gold foil pressed notes to use for some of my blog thank-you’s and I just adore them!

Wedding Paper Divas Personalized Stationery

3. Don’t forget the stamps!

You’ve got your stationery, but don’t forget that you’ll need proper postage as well! Head to your local post office and stock up on your favorite Forever Stamps. If you’re looking to add an extra personal touch to your thank-you’s, check out the Personalized Postage offered at Shutterfly!

Wedding Paper Divas Personalized Stationery

4. Send thank you notes as gifts come in

One tip for keeping up with thank you notes is to write them as you receive gifts. Set aside some time each week to write and send thank-you notes for the gifts you received that week. Don’t forget to send thank you notes to shower hostesses or anyone else who goes out of their way to do something nice for you during wedding planning. Make sure to mark your spreadsheet when you’ve written and sent your notes so you keep up with your progress.

Wedding Paper Divas Personalized Stationery - Thank You Note Tips

5. Make it personal

Be sure to personalize each thank you note. You want to specifically thank that person for the gift/act of generosity they extended to you. A generic thank you can feel impersonal. Make sure to mention the gift you received specifically, why you love it and how much it means to you.

Wedding Paper Divas Personalized Stationery

We hope you find these wedding thank you note tips helpful in your note writing! Be sure to shop Shutterfly’s collection of personalized stationery, postage, and more! They have any paper items you might need for the big day and beyond!

Personalize Your Thank You Notes with a Wedding Photo!

If you want to use an engagement photo or wedding photo for these cards, you totally should! Want to take the best photos possible to use for your photo thank you card? If you have yet to have your engagement pictures taken and your wedding is still a bit far off, check out these tips!

Tips for Getting the Perfect Thank You Card Photo

  • consider choosing a design from Shutterfly prior to taking your photos
  • share the design you like with your photographer, so they know whether to shoot horizontal or vertical
  • ask your photographer to leave negative space in order to leave room for the design or text you’ve chosen
  • act natural and have fun!

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