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using pinterest to plan your wedding

So, I have been engaged long enough to exhaust potential venues and be on the exhausted side of guest list planning.  But while there have been highs and lows, I just noticed one thing that is surprisingly missing.

I have yet to buy a bridal magazine.  That’s right; I have yet to even pick one up in the grocery line.  Yet I don’t feel anything is lacking.  I have seen friends drop a hefty chunk on grabbing up the inspiration laden books created to further the dreams and imagination of girls everywhere.  And while I am sure flipping through those pages has its reward, I must confess, my abstinence is not without an alternative.

Are you using Pinterest to plan your wedding? Personally, I am a Pinterest junkie.  From the website to the app on my phone, I have easily surpassed those magazine brides to be in hours logged searching, pinning and gleaning the inspiration I didn’t even know I was looking for.  When I set out on this journey, I was leaning toward a traditional shabby chic motif.  But little by little, ideas and DIY items that spoke to a deeper place began to creep into my Pinterest feed.

Gotta admit, I like that I am able to get a wide variety of resources through one site and without spending $3-$7 per installment.  So, as a bit of a teaser, here are a couple items you may just see at my wedding, courtesy of my magazine-free Pinterest obsession.

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Tips for Using Pinterest to Plan your Wedding:

  • Create separate boards for all different aspects of the wedding. Make boards for wedding floral inspiration, wedding decor, diy projects, wedding color scheme options, wedding hairstyles, or any other area you need to gather ideas and inspiration for.
  • Curate images and lists of things you love. Go crazy pinning away! Install the ‘Pin it' bookmarklet to your browser so you can pin images from your favorite blogs and websites.
  • Don't just follow your friends, follow your favorite wedding blogs on Pinterest- they pin lots of great inspiration, too!!
  • Use your new inspiration boards to help narrow down your vision for your big day.

Anyway, these are just a few items I will be updating and posting my own experience with.  And all thanks to a little website called Pinterest.  Who needs a magazine? Amiright?

Are you using Pinterest to plan your wedding?

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  • LOL on the Pinterest junkie – you and me both!

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  • Renae

    I LOVE pinterest. I started off as a binder bride, but once I got put on to Pinterest, I was SOLD! I used it to coordinate the theme with my wedding planners and florists, and to share ideas with my bridesmaids.

  • Lizzie

    My name is Lizzie Tribble, a senior media major at St. Michael’s College. Along with my partner Sarah, we are working on our Senior project: a website about the tradition shift of planning and broadcasting your wedding to social media.

    We were hoping to interview someone for no more than 20 minutes to talk about the changes between the printed publications and the online presence and about planning and broadcasting the wedding over social media in general. We would really like to talk to you before Wednesday if you are available.

    We hope to hear from you soon and we think it would be a great addition to our project.
    Lizzie And Sarah
    908 456 6690

  • Cory

    I’m pretty sure I have 10 Pinterest wedding boards

  • Mary Beth

    I received a few bridal magazines free at bridal shows and as a gift following my engagement and honestly I didn’t care for them. All the gowns, venues, and ideas they offered were way out of my price range. I have done all of my planning using a guide that my mother gave me as an engagement gift and Pinterest.

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