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The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

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Why should you hire a wedding planner? If it’s in your budget, we’re sharing some of the major perks of working with a pro!


Deciding to hire a wedding planner is a choice you and your partner (and sometimes your family) make when you want to lean into an experience. Unlike working with a professional photographer, florist, DJ, or caterer, a wedding planner cannot provide a tangible item for you to enjoy at or after your wedding.

Instead, a planner offers you, your partner, and your guests the opportunity for you to be present and (hopefully) stress-free throughout your celebration. However, unless you have been part of a wedding party or attended an event where a planner took the reins so to speak, it can be difficult to imagine investing in the idea of something you will likely find very helpful. Today, we’re shining a light on wedding planners to highlight what they do and why they truly are worth the investment. 

What does a wedding planner do? 

Before we detail the reasons why we think wedding planners are fantastic, we want to first share how a wedding planner can help you throughout your engagement and wedding planning season. 

1. A great wedding planner won’t plan your wedding for you. Instead, they plan your wedding with you.

This means your opinion is always the loudest in any room, and a planner will always listen. This does not mean a planner won’t present you with options they feel might work better, but it does mean you should always feel heard and seen. 

2. You can work with a wedding planner as a full-service client or as a month-of client.

Full-service wedding planning is the most expensive service a wedding planner will offer. It means they are planning every single detail, from your flowers to your venue, your photographer to your menu, right along with you. This type of service may stretch for a year or more. On the flip side, a month-of coordinator or planner will step in 4-10 weeks prior to your wedding day to review your vendors, create a timeline, and ultimately run your wedding day (and a lot more). 

3. Your wedding planner will act as “team captain” on your wedding day.

They will become the point of contact for all of your vendors, family members, friends, and wedding party. Their job is to guide everyone through the day while solving problems and making decisions so you and your partner can enjoy it all. This is why you work with a planner! When we say you don’t want to know what problems are happening behind the scenes, we really do mean you don’t want to know. Things happen (!!), but you don’t want to be the one asked to solve them. 

Why should we invest in a wedding planner? 

Weddings costs quickly add up, so why should you allocate some of your budget toward a wedding planner? Here are our top five reasons why:

1. You have carefully planned your wedding. Your job is to experience all that you have planned.

You have chosen your venue, found a florist, connected with a photographer, and listened to bands and DJs play. You have crafted a team who will make your ideal wedding day happen, and it’s not an inexpensive feat. As your wedding day approaches and once it arrives, your single job should be to live in the moment. You have not spent this much and planned for this long to be too stressed to take it all in. Let a planner take the lead for you!

2. This is (likely) your first wedding. It’s (likely) not your planner’s first wedding.

Some wedding planners plan five weddings per year, while others plan 75+ weddings per year. A great planner will make you feel like you’re the only couple in the world, but the reality is they’ve done this before (and they’ll do it again). Planners know how to create a timeline, get everyone on the same page, manage family members who might not get along with others, and problem-solve, problem solve, problem solve. Allow someone who has done it all before handle everything that may happen. 

3. A wedding planner knows how to create and run a timeline.

There are plenty of jokes about wedding planners and their clipboards or headsets, but we’re here for all of the tools that enable these ladies and gents to keep everything and everyone on track. A wedding planner will be able to help you to decide when hair and makeup should begin, when everyone needs to get dressed, what time your first look should take place, how to get everyone down the aisle, and when your maid of honor and best man should make their speeches…and more. Your wedding day is 100% a day when timing is everything, and a wedding planner knows it and knows how to stay on track. 

4. Wedding planners know great people.

If you choose to hire a wedding planner well in advance of your wedding day or you simply want their opinion about a wedding professional you think you would like to work with, your wedding planner likely has thoughts. Because most planners work on multiple weddings per year, they know a big roster of people. Those experiences mean they know the excellent people as well as the ones you should truly avoid no matter how wonderful their websites make them seem. Ask your wedding planner questions, and then carefully examine their advice — it’s not likely they will steer you wrong!

5. A wedding planner will help to guide both setup and breakdown.

Your wedding planner will be in the know about what needs to go where, and they will coordinate with all of the vendors to clue them in. At the end of the night, your planner will help to package your personal items and get them to the right person who will deliver everything back to you (unless your planner is bringing everything to you!). Not having to worry about setting things up or putting them away at your wedding means you and your family and friends can simply have fun and organize once you’re home. 

In Conclusion

Choosing to hire a wedding planner is a different kind of investment. You’re choosing to sign up for a service that will hopefully allow you to be present with those you love the most on a day that is likely to be one of the most monumental you will experience. It’s a big day, and this is a life experience that will be made exponentially better with a guide by your side. A great wedding planner will feel like a relief, and we want nothing more for you than for you to solely experience true elation leading up to and throughout your wedding day. A planner can help to make that happen. 

Will you hire a wedding planner? What has been your experience so far? Why did you decide to invest in this type of help? Let’s keep shining a positive light on planners in our community! Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more savvy wedding inspiration!

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Why should you work with a wedding planner? If it's in your budget, we're sharing some of the major perks of hiring a pro!
Why should you work with a wedding planner? If it's in your budget, we're sharing some of the major perks of hiring a pro!
Why should you work with a wedding planner? If it's in your budget, we're sharing some of the major perks of hiring a pro!


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