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Nate and I had engagement photos taken in early October with the amazing husband and wife team of Mitch and Steph Haaby of Haaby Photography, and I am giggly happy with the results! I’ve been drooling over engagement shoots I’ve seen on Budget Savvy Bride and other great wedding blogs, and I had tons of photos saved for reference for my own engagement session. (Thanks, Internet!) We chose to have our pictures taken in the fall (rather than in the summer when we got engaged) because we love cool weather fashion – jackets, scarves, and lots of layers. However, it was scorching out the day we took these pics, and we were dying in those leather jackets! Regardless, we had a blast and savored every minute of it.

Lesley’s Top 3 Reasons Engagement Photos are a Really Awesome Idea:

1. They give you an opportunity to do a “test-run” with your wedding photographers. We’re really fortunate that Mitch and Steph are friends of ours, and that we share a similar creative aesthetic. While they had some awesome ideas of their own (and sourced out fabulous locations to shoot!), they were super willing to work with our props and kooky ideas to make the session perfect for us. We learned to collaborate with them and combine their expertise with our personal touches. Send your photographer inspiration pics in advance to communicate the vibe you’re going for, while also trusting their guidance and direction.

2. They allow you to practice your poses and smiles for the big day. This was really important for Nate and I, since neither of us are naturally super photogenic. (Seriously, I am the QUEEN of un-tagging unflattering photos of myself on Facebook!) I’ve watched enough America’s Next Top Model to know that getting photographed is all about body angles, and since we want our wedding photos to ROCK, this shoot helped us figure out what angles work – and what ones DON’T! The more practice you have in advance, the less stress you’ll have on your wedding day trying to figure out if your smile is going to look pleasantly radiant, or gigantically goofy.

3. You get gorgeous pictures with the man of your dreams to celebrate one of the happiest events of your life. Do you really need a better reason?

Much love,

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