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12 Cute Ideas for Your Grand Wedding Exit

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Need some creative and cute ways for your wedding send-off? Here are some of our favorite Etsy ideas for your grand wedding exit!


If you’re looking for cute ways for your wedding exit, check out these ideas from Etsy!

When you think of a wedding you often think of the bride slowly and elegantly walking down the aisle, locking eyes with her future spouse as the guests admire her gown and look on with smiles. It’s a classic scene. Photographers capture it from every angle as a lasting memory from the special day.  But the other scene that comes to mind is not the entry but the exit! The moment when it isn’t one person walking alone towards the other but two people walking hand in hand away from all their supportive friends and family into their future!

The Grand Exit is also one of the most photographed images of weddings, many of which are framed and hung inside couples’ homes because of the excitement and joy on the faces of not only the couple but those around them. By the time the newlyweds are prepping to leave the reception, everyone has eaten delicious food, cake and perhaps had several drinks. The excitement surrounding the wedding send-off is palpable. People are laughing and cheering, some are maybe even shedding a few tears but you can’t deny the collective happiness for the couple is in the air. 

With that in mind here are some of our favorite and creative ways to make your grand exit! As always, check with your venue to make sure none of these violate your contract especially when it comes to sparklers or anything that may leave a mess! 

12 Creative Send-Off Ideas to add Style to Your Wedding Exit

Ribbon Wedding Wands from Etsy

Ribbon Wedding Wands

TheBridesMaidShop • $135

Ring the bells! These 150 wands can be in any color ribbon and come with or without bells. This is a great alternative to rice or bubbles and as you can tell, makes for a great photo opportunity!

Personalized Sparkler Sleeves and Matchbooks for your Wedding Send Off

Sparkler Sleeve with Matchbook

PicturePerfectPapier • $68

These Sparkler Sleeves accommodate all lengths of Sparkler Sticks! Let the sparks fly on your special day with these beautiful custom sleeves with matching matchbooks.

Dissolvable Confetti for your Wedding Send Off

Dissolvable Confetti

TheConfettiFarmStore • $20.67

Celebrate responsibly with biodegradable confetti. The Confetti Farm premium confetti is 100% water-soluble making it earth (and most venue!) friendly. The circle shape & lightweight creates a stunning slow fall.

Dried Flower Confetti for your Wedding Exit

Biodegradable Dried Flower Confetti

bloomersnbites • $11.20

This biodegradable confetti is 100% Biodegradable, Ecofriendly and Completely Natural! Flower wedding toss filled with beautiful scents of natural botanicals and dried flowers. This is ideal for use as throwing confetti

Wedding Bubble Wands for Your Send-Off

Wedding Bubble Wands

JazzyAppleGal • $29.23 for 75 wands

Bubbles are safe for the environment and a fun way to shower the bride and groom on their wedding exit. You can easily decorate with ribbon or tags to create a distinctive look to suit your occasion.

LED Foam Glow Sticks for your Wedding Exit

Customized LED Foam Sticks

PartySticks • $155 for 100

Make the party all your own with fully customizable LED foam sticks. Get your wedding logo, image, or message added to your very own glow sticks.

Paper Airplane Wedding Send Off

Pre-folded Paper Airplanes

TaylorSomae  • $100 for 100

100 hand-folded paper airplanes with folded in tip with the inscription, “let love fly.” At the bottom of the plane where one would hold, it reads: “When the newlyweds walk your way, gently toss and yell HOORAY!” Or personalize how you would like!

Lavender Bud Toss Wands for Your Wedding Exit

Lavender Bud Toss Wands

mavora • $37 for 25 wands

These lavender toss wands will sling a burst of dried buds at you as you leave your celebration. These include easy tear tops and are sized so that each guest can have one.

Wedding Smoke Powder for Your Grand Exit

Wedding Smoke Powder

CelebrationGiftStore • $60

For an unforgettable exit consider these smoke bombs. In an array of colors, you can let your wedding party, guest, or even light them yourselves as you exit your wedding day!

Wishing Lanterns for your Wedding Send Off

Wishing Lanterns

ArmyForceGear • $8.99

Chinese Paper Lanterns are ideal for weddings. They are the perfect, safe alternative to a fireworks display that can provide a finale to your big day that you and your guests will remember forever. Eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable. 

LED Balloons for your Grand Wedding Send-Off

LED Balloons

MimisPetiteShop • $35 for a pack of 25

Light up your wedding night and bring your guests in for the fun with these beautiful white LED glowing balloons! You just need helium but this pack includes the balloons, LED lights, and strings.

Cheerleader Pom Pom Shakers for your Wedding Exit

Cheerleader Pom Pom Shakers

TennesseeCreations • $10

Strike up the band and play your alma mater or fight song for your favorite team! Have your guests cheer for you and your spouse as you walk through the tunnel of screaming fans!  Pick team or wedding colors!

Creative Wedding Exits for Any Style

We hope you were inspired by this roundup of ideas! How will you and your future spouse leave your wedding? Join us in our community to chat about all things weddings!

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Need some creative and cute ways for your wedding send off? Here are some of our favorite ideas from Etsy for your grand exit!
Need some creative and cute ways for your wedding send off? Here are some of our favorite ideas from Etsy for your grand exit!
Need some creative and cute ways for your wedding send off? Here are some of our favorite ideas from Etsy for your grand exit!


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