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40+ Amazing Dollar Tree Wedding Decor Finds!

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Cheap doesn’t have to mean low-quality, especially if you shop at Dollar Tree. From tableware to decor, you’ll be amazed at what you can get for just a buck. Check out 40+ of our favorite Dollar Tree wedding decor finds below.

Amazing Dollar Tree Wedding Decor finds! Save big on wedding decorations by shopping at Dollar Tree!

It may be hard to believe, but you can actually score some epic wedding finds at the dollar store. That is if that dollar store is Dollar Tree!

While you can find many great choices when shopping in-store, you will be better off shopping online if buying in bulk. That way you can be sure to get the quantity and exact item you’re looking for.

Better yet, choose in-store pickup to save on shipping costs. It’s free! Of course, if you prefer, they can deliver your Dollar Tree wedding decor straight to your door.

In addition to the 40+ great Dollar Tree wedding finds listed here, you should absolutely peruse their party, wedding, decor, and tableware sections. Check out this list of awesome, wedding-worthy decor finds from Dollar Tree!

Dollar Tree Wedding Decor Finds

Long-Stemmed Tealight Candleholders

Dollar Tree Wedding Decor finds

Long-Stemmed Tealight Candleholders

Tealights help create a romantic look at any table. They are classic and graceful, yet still a versatile choice for decorating. Consider grouping them together, setting them between floral and foliage, or weaving a garland around them. Be sure to pick up some flameless tealights to finish out the look.

Mercury Glass Candleholders

Decorate your venue with silver and gold with these beautiful mercury glass candleholders. Use just one color or mix and match for a sparkly metallic look. Their dimensions are 3.25 x 2.75 inches, making them the perfect size for small candles or tealights.

White fabric rose petals

Dollar Tree Wedding Decor finds

White Fabric Rose Petals

You’ll find so many uses for these fabric rose petals! As romantic table scatter among your candles and centerpieces, to placing in vases and vessels, to using for your flower girl to sprinkle down the aisle. These are a must-have for your wedding day.

Decorative Wedding Plaques

Welcome your guests with these sweet plaques. Whether you hang them on chairs, lean them against a wall, or set them upright on a table or easel, these 8″ x 8″ sentiments will add a sweet touch to your wedding decor.

Clear Cellophane Favor Bags

Add all your wedding favors for your wedding party and/or guests to these cellophane bags that are perfect for tying with satin ribbon and adding a personalized gift tag. Your gifts will show through these clear bags, or for some extra bling, consider adding some small metallic confetti to the bag.

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Flameless Tealight Candles

These battery-powered flameless tealight candles add the perfect touch to your wedding decor. Set them in a pretty sparkling candle holder or group them together on a metallic platter to set the ambiance for your big day. You’ll find endless ways to use these indispensable decorative and safe candles.

Floating Centerpiece With Peonies

Create stunning floating centerpieces with these peonies! Just cut these faux blooms off of their long plastic stems and set them in a bowl of water. They last longer than the real thing and won’t sink to the bottom. Brilliant!

Mixed Glass Accent Gems

Use these colorful glass accent gems in vases, on a platter with candles, or as table scatter to add shine and texture to your wedding decor. Available in clear or a range of color options, these accent pieces are a great way to add dimension and interest to your wedding decorations.

Picture Frames Seating Charts

Repurpose these white picture frames as table seating charts. Write directly on the glass or print numbers and/or names on paper and insert them into the frames.

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Classic white dinnerware

Dollar Tree Wedding Decor finds

Classic White Dinnerware

From dinner plates and salad plates to cups and saucers, these white stoneware dinner settings are a classic, elegant, and inexpensive way to decorate your rehearsal dinner or reception tables.

Wedding Wrapping Paper Backdrops

Think this wrapping paper is just for wrapping gifts? Think again! You can actually use this wrapping paper as a table runner or table covering or attach it like wallpaper on a section of wall for a backdrop.

Silver and Copper Wired LED Lights

Add a romantic touch to your wedding decor by weaving these fairy lights throughout your tablescapes and floral arrangements, or consider adding them to a vase for a touch of whimsy. Available in silver or copper, these 4.3 ft. lights are an easy way to add lighting and ambiance to your decor.

Bride & Groom Wedding Favor Boxes

These adorable wedding gown and tuxedo-shaped wedding boxes are on point for your big day. Made from paperboard, they’ll hold favors for your guests or wedding party. Each set comes with 6 boxes.

Glass Cylinder Vase

This 9″ glass vase is the perfect vessel to fill with flowers, candles, gemstones, rose petals, and more. So many possibilities for a beautiful decor element.

Metal Serving Trays

Use these metal-plated serving trays to hold your wedding reception food or use as table decor. They’re perfect for displaying groupings of candles, floral arrangements, or party favors. They come in an assortment of oval and rectangular shapes.

Damask Table Runners

These 72×12 inch table runners have an elegant damask pattern that will lend a classic look to your wedding tables. Choose from an assortment of colors to coordinate with your wedding color palette.

Tule Wedding Bows

This set of two tule wedding bows will look lovely on posts, pews, chairs, tables, or anywhere that you want to add a sweet touch of decor. They’re simple to tie, making decorating easy.

Glass Jar Table Number Candles

Easily transform a tall white glass candle into a chic table number. Large and tall enough to be seen from afar, turn the candle on its side to write on the glass in large letters, script, or calligraphy “table 1″, “table 2,” etc. on the glass. Simple and brilliant!

Chalkboard Tags

Use these chalkboard tags as table numbers or for nameplates to help with seating. They’re also perfect for the food table to label your cuisine. Great for a rustic wedding, these tags can also lend a charming touch to a more classic setting. Each set includes 4 tags.

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Personalized Sunglasses

Perfect for an outdoor wedding, offer your guests these souvenir sunglasses that have been personalized with your names and date of your big day. Just use a permanent or paint marker to write on the side of each.

Faux Bouquets with Real Greenery

Choose the faux flowers of your choice and add in real greenery that you can purchase inexpensively at the grocery store. This hack works for bridal or bridesmaids bouquets, or for any decorative flower arrangement on your wedding tables. Gorgeous and cheap Dollar Tree wedding decor!

Luminessence Glass Mirror Candleholders

Illuminate your wedding venue by using these round and square mirrors under your candle holders to reflect the light. Perfect for tables and centerpieces.

Colorful Faux Succulents

Create a nature-inspired centerpiece with a glass bowl, rocks, and faux succulents. It takes just minutes to create these stunning tablescape items, which can also be used for wedding favors once the party’s over. Just fill the bowls with your choice of rocks and add your succulents on top.

Round Silver Plastic Napkin Rings

Encase your napkins in these round silver napkin rings. They’ll add a touch of shine to your place settings. You can even add wire floral decor to them to give them a little something extra. Each set includes 6 rings.

Gold plastic charger plates with beaded rims

Dollar Tree Wedding Decor finds

Gold Plastic Charger Plates with Beaded Rims

Whether you use these gold-tone chargers under a classic white plate or as a base for a candle or floral grouping, they will add a touch of sparkle to your wedding table decor. These 13″ plates are lightweight plastic and easy to move around to create your perfect look.

White Latex Balloons

This set of 15 white latex balloons can be used in a variety of places at your wedding. Arrange as a backdrop for photos or behind the table of honor, or decorate your wedding arch or unsightly poles or beams at your reception. When using balloons in these ways, helium is not necessary!

Salt And Pepper Shaker Mini Vases

Transform salt and pepper shakers into mini vases for your tablescape by painting them to give them a rustic touch. First, spray them with black chalkboard paint and let dry. Then, add a layer of acrylic paint in your choice of color. When dry, rough up the paint with sandpaper. Lastly, add a ribbon or twine bow at the top and fill with flowers.

White Tule Ribbon

Add a dreamy and romantic touch with this white tule ribbon. There are many innovative ways to use classic white tule for your wedding, including on tables, chairs, columns, and more. Each roll has 9 yards.

Summer Dahlias

Use these beautiful floral dahlias to create a bright bouquet or a mono-color arrangement. The wire stems make them easy to shape and arrange for just the right touch to fit your decorating needs.

Silver Plastic Ice Bucket

If you’re serving champagne at your wedding, these ice buckets are a must. They’ll fit right in with your decor in this neutral silver metallic color. They’re a great choice for holding other drinks, favors, or ceremony programs, too.

White Marble Accent Stones

Add a natural touch to your wedding decor with these white marble accent stones. They add the perfect complement to vases, candles, and floral arrangements. Various shades of white lend interest to these natural stones.

Luminessence Flameless LED Taper Candles

Candles add romance and ambiance to any event. Choose these flameless LED taper candles that will lend a classic, safe, and elegant touch to any venue that you choose.

White Plastic Table Covers and Chair Swags

Sure, you can leave these as table covers, but you can also use them to create flowing swag for the back of chairs. Just fold lengthwise, cut into 2″ strips, and you’re done. Sweet!

Hanging White Pom-Poms

Hang these pom-poms in place of balloons to create a unique accent wall, or use them as table and chair décor. They’re perfect for rehearsal dinners, your ceremony, and your reception. These 12″ pom-poms are available in a set of two in a range of color options.

Paper Doily Backdrop

Create a sweet backdrop by using these 32-ct. packs of paper doilies and paperboard. Spray-paint poster or foam board in your choice of color. Then, arrange your doilies, overlapping to create the pattern of your liking. Secure each doily to the board using a glue stick. You can also create a long table runner from doilies. Just set them down on your tables – slightly overlapping – and use a glue stick to paste them together.

White Stoneware Dinner Plates with Gold Rims

These gold-rimmed dinner plates will look stunning with Dollar Tree’s gold chargers beneath them. Perfect for rehearsal dinners or receptions, these plates add a touch of classic elegance at an affordable price point.

DIY Paint Dipped Vases

Use these elegant 9-inch bud vases to personalize your decor by painting the lower half with a gold, silver, or any color in your wedding palette. Simply tape off the top section of the vase and spray paint. Let dry and then remove tape.

White Tissue Tassel Garland

Use these 9-foot white tissue garlands to drape across mantels, tables, or backdrops to create a festive vibe. You can also up-level balloons by cutting the tassels from the garlands and attaching to the bottom of the balloons.

Faux Suede Cosmetic Bags

Personalize these cosmetic bags for your wedding party. The girls will love the pastel colors while the guys will like the sleek black and ivory pouch. Don’t forget to fill them with goodies for the big day and beyond!

DIY Candle Making Sets

These candle making sets give you the opportunity to create a lovely favor for your guests. Each set contains 3 different scents so you’ll have a variety from which to choose. Easy to make, the jars and scented wax granules are included.

Pint Jar Tealight Candleholders

Perfect for holding a real or LED tealight, these pint jars will look right at home with a rustic wedding theme. Use them on tables, mantles, or even to line a walkway or aisle.

Of course, the above Dollar Tree wedding decor finds are just a smattering of what they have to offer. The more creative you are and the more you think outside-the-box, the more you will save by shopping at Dollar Tree for your wedding decorations!

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Cheap doesn't have to mean low-quality. Dollar Tree wedding decor is an excellent option for saving money without sacrificing your look.

Cheap doesn't have to mean low-quality. Dollar Tree wedding decor is an excellent option for saving money without sacrificing your look.


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