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All the best tools, tips, and resources for professional bloggers and aspiring affiliate marketers.

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If you’re interested in learning more about affiliate marketing for bloggers, you’re in the right place. Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make some extra money from your blog.

As a professional wedding blogger, Affiliate Marketing has become one of the main ways I monetize my website.

Below, I’ve rounded up a few resources and (affiliate) links to help get you started.

I’ll be updating this list regularly with more resources and info for you – so bookmark it and check back often!

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Want to start a blog?

If you don’t yet have your own self-hosted blog or website with which to start affiliate marketing, I created a great tutorial to get you started. Check it out here:

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How to Build Your Own Website or Blog with WordPress

Where to get Reliable Website Hosting


For Newbies: Bluehost for Affordable Website Hosting

We recommend Bluehost for bloggers and website owners who are just starting out. It’s reliable and affordable!

For Performance: WP Engine for Managed WordPress Hosting

Get 3-months free when you purchase an annual plan from WP Engine through our link!

Learn about Affiliate Marketing

affiliate book

Want to learn top affiliate marketing tips from a 7-figure blogger? Check out this free ebook from Making Sense of Cents!

Networking and Mentoring

Since 2019, I’ve been part of an incredible mastermind and blogger networking group called the Insiders. This group has provided more resources than any other group I’ve ever been a part of. If you’re looking for blogging guidance, coaching, accountability, support, networking, and even paid opportunities, I highly recommend checking it out. We’d love to have you!

Affiliate Networks

Most affiliate programs are run through different affiliate networks. The ones below are the main ones I use:

Tracking your affiliate earnings

Once you’ve joined all these different platforms, connect with merchants and start earning commissions. You’ll likely join several platforms and enroll in different programs with a variety of merchants. How do you keep up with all your affiliate earnings?

Affilimate: Affiliate Earnings Dashboard

I recommend signing up for Affilimate to keep track of all your conversions and earnings in one easy dashboard. Talk about a game-changer!

It’s super important to track the performance of your promotions to see what’s resonating most with your audience. Affilimate comes with a 15-day free trial so you can give it a spin and test it out yourself and see the awesome insights you get. They have monthly plans starting at $29/mo for up to 100K pageviews.

Affilimate gives you deep levels of data so you can analyze and optimize your best-performing content. This makes improving your site, your content, and your earnings much easier. I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Specific Merchants I Recommend


Paper + Photo Products



Favors + Gifts

Important Plugins for Affiliate Marketing

  • Pretty Links 
    This is a great plugin to auto-add your affiliate links in every instance you use a term in your blog. I couldn’t function without this plugin!!

Influencer and Sponsored Post Networks:

Another way to earn money with your blog is by accepting sponsored posts and custom content opportunities. There are several networks out there that allow you to use your blog as a platform to create and promote content in partnership with brands. Here are a few that we use and recommend:

Social Media Scheduling

  • CoSchedule 
    I could not be more obsessed with CoSchedule. It allows you to schedule your social media updates at the same time you schedule your blog posts. The easiest promotion method to craft individual, custom promotions across your social networks. It’s seriously a game-changer, y’all. Read my full CoSchedule review.

Instagram Scheduling

  • Later 
    Later is an app that allows you to schedule Instagram Feed Posts *AND* Instagram stories. You can also use it as a way to drive traffic either to your blog or to an affiliate link. Super awesome! I like that I can preview your feed as you schedule! Sign up for Later here.
  • Storrito
    Storrito is the first application that I’ve found that actually allows you to schedule Instagram stories to be posted directly! It’s been a game-changer for our workflow. Sign up for Storrito here and get 100 free story posts!

Pinterest Scheduling

  • Tailwind 
    This is another Pinterest Scheduler that I highly recommend. You can schedule pins, join tribes of users with similar content, and promote your own content within the Tailwind app network. It’s an awesome tool for any blogger that is looking to drive more traffic to their website. Check out Tailwind here.

Email Newsletter/Feed

  • Flodesk
    If you’re looking for a beautiful, simple, intuitive platform to send email newsletters for your blog or small business, I am seriously loving Flodesk for my personal projects.
  • Mailerlite
    I’ve been running the B$B email newsletter via Mailerlite for about a year, but don’t let the name fool you. This service is feature-rich and super affordable in comparison with the other platforms out there. I wish I’d discovered it sooner!

Other handy tools for bloggers

Accounting and invoicing software

Grammar and editing software

Affiliate Dashboard

  • Affilimate
    View all of your conversions and earnings in every different affiliate network in one place. See page-level and link-level reporting for all conversions and earnings in every different affiliate network in one place. Sign up here!

Graphics, Photos, and Fonts for Bloggers

Creating Graphics

  • Canva
    This platform is super simple and intuitive to use to create marketing graphics, social media graphics,  and so much more. Use their included templates and selection of free stock photos and art to make your blog look professional in a snap!. Sign up here!

Stock Photos

These are a few resources for great, free stock photos!

Fonts, Graphics, Mockups, and More

  1. CreativeMarket
    Find and purchase affordable, premium quality stock photos, graphics, mockups and more to make your blog assets look super professional with ease. Browse Creative Market!
  2. CreativeFabrica
    CreativeFabrica is another fantastic resource for high-quality graphics, mockups, and more to make your blog assets look super professional with ease. Browse CreativeFabrica!

Be sure to bookmark this post and check back for updates on new resources we discover!

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