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Free Design Tools to Help You DIY Your Wedding

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DIY your wedding stationery, decorations, signage and more with these free design tools & resources you can access online!


When it comes to doing DIY projects for a wedding, one of the skills that really comes in handy is design. And thanks to free design tools, it’s super budget-savvy to DIY your wedding design projects.

Personally, I studied Graphic Design in school and have worked as a graphic designer for many years… but I know that’s not the case for every bride or groom.

Don’t be discouraged if you’re not a pro designer, though – thanks to the internet there are more free design tools and resources than ever to help you do DIY design for just about every aspect of your wedding day!

Y’all know how much I love technology AND weddings, so today I wanted to share some great online tools with you that will help you navigate the design waters. These online resources will help you gain the skills and confidence to tackle designing various things for your wedding day and beyond! Did I also mention that each of these resources has FREE options? #budgetsavvy

Free Online Design Tools

canva online design tool


Canva is a game-changer. I actually use Canva to create many of the graphics here on The Budget Savvy Bride! Though I have a degree in graphic design and am familiar with the entire Adobe Creative Suite, I have to admit that I prefer using Canva to do small design projects. (Fellow designers, don’t hate me!) One thing that is great about Canva is that they have a plethora of templates for every occasion – whether you want to create a graphic for social media, a poster, or a wedding invite!

Canva also has an extensive library with thousands of free photos, graphics, and fonts, as well as affordable options that you can purchase as well. Also, Canva was created by a woman! I just think that’s kinda badass if I’m being honest. #girlpower

Most of Canva’s features are available completely for FREE, so it’s an amazing tool to have in your back pocket. (Personally, I pay for their premium service so I can upload my own fonts, logos, and branding to create graphics for BSB. The yearly price is TOTALLY worth it, in my opinion.)

They have tons of pre-made designs and templates that are completely editable, from the text to the colors and the fonts to the photos. Canva is a web-based application, so all you need is your laptop and reliable internet to use it. There’s no need to download heavy-duty design software to create gorgeous designs. Plus, did I mention they also have an app? #obsessed I seriously can’t say enough good things about Canva!

PS– don’t miss out on our collection of free wedding printables all made with Canva!


Try Canva today for free!

Online Design Courses

CreativeLive Wedding Invitations Course - free design tools


If you’re looking to learn more about design and design programs, you may want to consider checking out the courses available on CreativeLive. You might remember that Abby did an awesome review of CreativeLive courses last summer. They have thousands of classes dedicated to a variety of subjects — many of which cover design!

You can learn the basics or more advanced techniques, depending on what your interest and skill levels are. You can take a course on the fundamentals of good design or you can take a course on how to use a specific design software program… there is so much to be learned with the help of CreativeLive!

Many of their courses are under $50 and are packed with helpful and relevant info. You can check out reviews of courses from previous students, which is really helpful. They also offer certain courses for free if you attend a live broadcast — so make sure to subscribe to CreativeLive for updates on upcoming free classes to take advantage of!

One of the most interesting courses I spotted that would be great for budget-savvy brides (or grooms) is this course on Designing Wedding Invitations.

Sources for Affordable and Free Fonts and Design Elements

Powered by Creative Market

Creative Market

The Creative Market site is a marketplace where you can browse an epic number of digital design elements, fonts, mockups, photos and so much more. Find the perfect creative assets to bring your DIY wedding projects to life!

They even have complete wedding invitation suites that you can download and customize yourself! Check out their freebies section where they give away free elements weekly. When it comes to free design tools, having access to free elements like artwork, fonts, etc is a super savvy hack.

Creative Fabrica

This design element site offers a la carte digital downloads or subscription plans for the savvy bride-to-be. Creative Fabrica currently lists over 500.000 digital designs & fonts, and are official partners with Silhouette America.  

You can use their digital font, graphics and craft files for die-cutting crafting projects with cutting machines such as Silhouette, Cricut or Brothers Scan N Cut. With a wedding section launching soon, this is sure to be a resource that savvy brides will love! Be sure to check out their deals page for deep discounts as well as their freebies section!

Creative Fabrica Features

There are tons of other helpful tools on CreativeFabrica that are useful for brides-to-be.

  • First, there’s Fontcloud, a free online font manager that offers an easy overview and preview of fonts. Couples can use this tool to test out which font they want to use for their wedding stationery!
  • Another great tool is Shapecloud, which is a free word art generator that is included with the subscription. (There is also a free version of Shapecloud if you don’t have a subscription, but then you can only make 5 downloads in total.) This is an interesting tool for weddings as you can use it to easily generate wedding shaped word art with just a few clicks!
  • Finally, there’s The Craft Club, which is a creative center where subscribers can request designs that they wish to see on Creative Fabrica. All subscription members with access to the craft library get a Craft Club membership included! It’s like having a designer on retainer!

We hope you’ve found this collection of free design tools and resources helpful to you! Are you considering DIYing any aspect of your wedding design? With the help of these affordable tools and courses, you’ll be a design master in no time!

Happy DIY Designing!

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