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Alternative Ceremony Decor Ideas from Bloom Culture Flowers

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This post is part of a DIY Wedding Flower & Decor series in partnership with Bloom Culture Flowers. In this series, we’ll be sharing expert decorating and floral advice from Alison Fleck, founder of Bloom Culture. This post is all about some alternative ceremony altar decor ideas to consider for your We hope you enjoy these posts and find them as valuable as we do!

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Alternative Ceremony Altar Decor Ideas 

When I was getting married I knew I didn’t want the same wedding as everyone else. I knew I wanted my wedding to look and feel like, well… my wedding. (OUR wedding… I still have a hard time saying OUR wedding  ?)

Here are 5 alternative ceremony altar decor ideas that we’ve come up with to make your wedding feel more like your wedding. 

01. Hoop Backdrop/Suspension 

This is something a bit different than the Arch or Arbor. We went with a Hoop here but you can do any geometric shape you’d like. I hear hexagons are SO in right now! 

The above pic is legit a hula hoop that we spraypainted to cover the crazy emoji’s that were on it then we taped/wired greenery to it then hung it from a tree using fishing wire. Super Easy! 

This photo is a steel hoop (you can also create one using PVC pipe or rent one). It’s a beautiful alternative to the standard arch and the symbolism is ?

alternative ceremony altar decor ideas - create pillars for your aisle

02. Pillars

These can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical. Depending on how you execute this (if the pillars are stationary or mobile (meaning you made them or brought the structure) you can use them at the ceremony and move them to the reception! When decor pulls double-duty it makes it more #budgetsavvy!

One thing to note is depending on how you set these up, there is a chance they could be covered up by your bridal party. Our motto (or one of them anyway) is to put your money where people are going to see it. So if it’s covered up, I’d reconsider this option. OR make your peeps stand just a tad further to the side.

alternative ceremony altar decor ideas | hang greenery on a wall

03. Suspended Greenery 

Another of my favorite alternative ceremony altar decor ideas is to attach greenery to a wall so it looks like it is floating. Greenery suspended on wall is another way to add visual interest to your ceremony. (Magic people, magic) – this one is a bit more tricky because, you know, gravity. But it can be done! This one looks easy but can take a while to make it look effortless. If you have the time and manpower go for it as it can be a great affordable option! To attach it to a wall, start by looking for anchor points. Use a staple gun if it’s a temporary wall you’re allowed to damage! Invest in some heavy-duty (neutral colored) tape if you are worried about damaging the wall.

04. Ground Altar 

Ground Altar? Okay so I just made that term up but by looking at the inspo photo you get what I mean, right? Something on the ground that delineates where you stand and creates emphasis on the couple. I love this idea to create a very intimate ceremony. I say this may be ideal for a wedding where the bridal party isn’t standing with the couple during the ceremony. 

DIY Flower Grid Backdrop Tutorial - DIY Wedding Flowers from Bloom Culture Flowers

05. Grid Backdrop 

This is a great modern trend happening lately and we just so happened to create one and make a tutorial out of it! YAY! Like I said, this is a more modern approach but still feels romantic and wedding-worthy. I loved that it was transparent so if you’re getting married outdoors you can still see all the gorgeous scenery. This could also be moved to be behind the head/sweetheart table or a photo-booth backdrop.

Which ceremony altar decor option is your fave?

bloom culture diy wedding flower plans
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