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DIY Wedding Flower Crown Tutorial

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This post is part of a DIY Wedding Flower & Decor series in partnership with Bloom Culture Flowers. In this series, you’ll find expert decorating and floral advice from Alison Fleck, design genius and founder of Bloom Culture. We hope you enjoy these posts and find them as valuable as we do!

DIY Wedding Flower Crown Tutorial

Who doesn’t love a pretty flower crown?

One piece of advice we will share though? This ain’t Coachella, so if you’re thinking about a floral crown filled with big flowers like roses and peonies for your wedding, we highly recommend a test run at the same time as your hair trial. A) they can be quite heavy to wear, and B) an oversized crown can feel like it’s wearing you if you’re not careful.

You just want to make sure that you LOVE it and the Pinterest picture you have your heart set on actually works for you. Your wedding day is NOT the day to find out that you’re a bit uncomfortable with the look. (If you’re going with smaller flowers though, you can probably get away with no trial run.)

What you’ll need:

Here is what you’ll need to make a gorgeous flower crown no matter what size you want! 

Flower Recipe: 

  • 2-3 Ranunculus
  • 4 Carnations
  • 2 Scabiosa
  • Wax Flower Stems
  • Salal Stems
  • Eucalyptus Stems

DIY Flower Crown Video Tutorial

For step-by-step instructions, watch the flower crown video tutorial: 

How to Make Your Own Fresh Flower Crown

Take your rustic wire and create a circle that fits your head. Make sure it sits where you want it to, especially when considering your hairstyle you will be wearing at your wedding.

Wrap more of the rustic wire over the circle, as seen in the photo. It allows for a more rigid base for your crown than plain wire.

Before starting with your flowers, it helps streamline the process to pre-cut your floral tape and wire. Start with around ten 5″ strips of tape and five 3″ lengths of wire. Set them aside.

In addition, you will want to strip the stems of leaves below the actual blooms. That helps reduce the bulk of your crown.

Starting with a wax flower stem, slip it through one of the loops of the base. Layer with several stems of wax flowers. Keep your stems short, again for less bulk. Take a piece of floral tape and wrap it around your first layer. Next, add on a flower and finish wrapping with that piece of tape.

Layer in some greenery. Before you tape it down, place it in different positions to make sure it looks not only natural but cohesive. Do this with each flower and greenery stem. Continue adding flowers and greenery, making sure they are all placed going the same direction.

It’s a good idea to periodically add more wax flowers, as they help to cover up the tape and stems from the other blooms. Periodically flip the crown from side to side, making sure you are getting the look you want and that it is balanced.

We added this purple scabiosa, as occasional contrasting colors make crowns really pop. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and flowers!

You can continue adding blooms around the whole crown, or you can do what we’ve done and create a half-crown. In order to finish off this piece, we took some wax flowers and a bit of greenery and wired them onto the crown going the opposite directions as the rest of the flowers. We then used a couple of blooms, also going the opposite direction, to help complete the look and add symmetry.

Wire is sometimes easier to use than tape and it adds less bulk, not to mention it’s not as noticeable, perfect for your end piece. Feel free to use it elsewhere if needed.

Once you have everything wired and taped in, you can fill in any holes with flowers secured with floral glue. Attaching them with glue keeps the blooms from getting squashed from additional bulky floral tape.

Continue gluing in blooms, experimenting with the placement. Add wax flowers when coverage is needed for the tape and stems, this time using glue.

When you have finished, be sure to let the glue dry for an hour, and voila! You have a beautiful floral crown to complete your look. Lovely!

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