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Dear Jessica, I want to make sure my guests get up and shake their tail feathers. Where can I find popular wedding dance music?”

–From: Wyoming Wallflower


Hi there!

Thanks for your question! For your wedding reception, it's so important to pick the right combination of tunes to get your guests grooving! Popular wedding dance music includes a mixture of classic hits with today's top-of-the-charts tunes. I think the best wedding reception music mixes feature a combination of current hits with old favorites.

Look no further than your top 40 charts for what's currently trending. Of course keep your audience in mind – it's probably best to skip songs that are offensive or have dirty language – don't want to embarrass yourself in front of Grandma, right? Be sure to throw in some classics like The Beatles or Frank Sinatra to appease the older crowd. You'll also want to choose a mixture between upbeat dance music and slow dance music to keep a good flow to your evening.

A great place to get started looking for popular wedding music is on Spotify! Here's a great list of the Top 10 Wedding Reception songs! Or check out some of these picks below from iTunes!


Looking for a popular first dance song for a wedding? Check out this list we shared with some of our favorite picks! It's important to choose something that's both meaningful and appropriate so we rounded up some great options for you.

Hope this post has been helpful in compiling your music playlist for your wedding! Be sure to send us more questions for upcoming Ask Jessica posts! 🙂

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