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Popular Wedding First Dance Songs

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One of the things that I surprisingly put a lot of thought into was our first dance song selection. The first dance as husband and wife is a special one, so choosing the song that perfectly describes your feelings or relationship can really make the moment magical.

Some things to consider when choosing your wedding first dance song:


Choose something that means something to you as a couple. Is it your favorite band? Is it a song that played on your first date? Anything meaningful will make the moment more special.


Consider your audience. You wouldn’t want to dance to anything too crazy with your grandparents in plain sight would you? Keep the song lyrics clean and not too risqué!


Consider the length of the song. You don’t want your guests to doze off during your first dance! Try choosing something under 3 minutes in length, or wrap up the dance with a fade out of the music if the song is much longer.

Here’s a list of ten of our favorite wedding first dance songs!

top 10 first dance songs

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