DIY Fan Wedding Programs

Our DIY Fan Wedding Programs Another DIY adventure. Not all DW (destination wedding) brides have programs. Ceremonies tend to be shorter, you have already spent a couple days with everyone, and there does not seem to be much of a purpose really. But early in the

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DIY Wedding Decor

DIY Burlap Table Runners

I originally planned to make these burlap table runners for our at home rehearsal or AHR, but I love them so much I think a few are making the trip with us to the Dominican. I know, I know, I know. Burlap is all over the place.

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Destination Weddings

Signing the Papers: The Legal Part

Okay, this is something destination brides are probably familiar with, but probably not so much if you are getting married locally (read: in the same country in which you live). Turns out, legal requirements of a wedding are different everywhere. To get legally married in most

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Parties + Showers

My Bridal Shower

On Sunday, April 28, I was blessed enough to have had a simply lovely bridal shower. You know that word, “lovely”? Well, be prepared to hear it a lot. My shower, as it turns out, was also budget-savvy, from what I understand. So here is the

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