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35 Fun Bridal Shower Games to Play at Your Pre-Wedding Soiree

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Make your bridal shower fun and interactive! Consider some creative bridal shower games and activities to include in your festivities!


Whether you’re a bride, the one who is tasked with planning a shower, or a bridal shower guest, it’s likely that you have very specific opinions about bridal shower games.

Some people love them, others tolerate them, while other people would prefer that games be skipped altogether. In the end, this is one of those wedding traditions where the choice is up to you – a shower is still a shower whether you play games or not! 

If you’re on board with bridal shower games, we thought we would share a few bridal shower game ideas. These activities can act as a great way for guests to get to know each other with some great icebreakers while also offering fun insight into the relationship the guest of honor shares with her love. Most of these suggestions below are practically free bridal shower games. You just need basic materials like blank paper, pens or pencils. The cost if any is minimal. Decide with the other hosts or hostesses if you are going to award a prize or gift to the winners. These items can also be small such as gourmet candy, a nice candle, or a small beauty product.

Image via: theJuniorPapers

Bridal Shower Games That Are Enjoyable

Name the Lyric or Quote

The idea behind this game is that guests are tasked with either naming the artists or movies based on certain lyrics or movie quotes. You can opt to make the game harder by asking guests to jot down their guesses, or you can turn it into a matching game where the options are there for them to choose each one only once.

When you’re playing, you can opt to play one of two ways. One idea is to read the lyrics or movie quotes aloud with guests guessing or matching as you go. Another idea is to have the game and the prompts on a game card that guests can complete at their tables while waiting for everyone to arrive. The second works well because some will opt to work together at their tables, and it does save time for more mingling later during the party.

Where in the World?

If the couple loves to travel, print out and hang up photos from the destinations they’ve visited together. Then ask guests to guess where they are in each one – country, city, or specific landmark. The guest with the most correct answers wins!

Put a Ring on It

When guests arrive, they receive an engagement ring (think: paper or plastic) to wear or hold. Each person is prohibited from saying words, like “bride”, “groom”, “wedding”, or “shower”. If they say the word and another guest catches them saying it, they lose their ring to the guest who caught them saying the code word. The person with the most collected engagement rings at the end wins!

DIY Scattergories

Scattergories is one of the easiest wedding shower games to create a DIY version. If you do have the game, you will want to use the lettered dice. But, the idea is to create your own categories that relate to the bride. Then roll the dice, reveal the letter, set the timer, and ask guests to jot down their answers for each category that starts with the rolled letter before time runs out. The person with the most correct answers wins! This is a great game to play for a few rounds, especially because it tends to make guests laugh.

bridal shower M.A.S.H. by ashleyandleigh


Did you grow up playing MASH? It stands for Mansion, Apartment, Shack, and House. The premise of the game is it’s supposed to act as a fortune teller as it reveals where you will live. Then choose other categories, like the career you will pursue, how many kids you will have, where you will travel to next, etc.

To start, all you’ll need is a piece of paper, a pen or pencil, and guests to pick a partner. Write all four options for housing down. Then jot down four options in each of the other categories you choose. Ask your partner to choose a number at random. Count the four options in each category until you reach the number your partner chose. The one you land on in each category is the winner and tells the future you will live!

Play with the bride and her partner in mind or mix things up and ask guests to play with others at their table. It’s sure to get everyone talking and laughing!

Guess Our Age

Print out photos of the bride and her love at different ages. Then hang or frame them at your shower. Ask guests to guess how old the guest of honor and her partner are in each photo. The person with the most correct answers wins!

As a note, this is a great game to play during lunch, especially if the photos are on a table. Guests can walk up to the table whenever they’re done eating and file their guesses, which we love because mingling is never interrupted.

Scavenger Hunt

If you’re hosting a couple’s shower, this is a great game to play! Set up a scavenger hunt in the backyard or around the town where the shower is located. If you’re playing at a shower hosted at a venue, consider turning the scavenger hunt into one that involves clues where guests find items in their bags or on their phones. The first team to finish or the person with the most items on hand wins!

Honeymoon Packing List 

This is one of the simplest bridal shower games and it can be completely free. Create some cute worksheets in Canva, Google docs or Microsoft Word that just says Honeymoon Packing List at the top.  Distribute them to every guest and the bride along with a pen or pencil and ask guests to write down what you think the bride will pack on her honeymoon.  The bride then reads her list and whoever has the most correct answers wins! If you want to have guests read aloud some of their answers at the end it may make for a few bashful laughs!

Favorite Memory

If you’re looking for a more sentimental activity, ask each guest to complete a card with their favorite memory they have experienced with the bride. Compile all of the cards into a book and present it to the bride to read. If you want to turn this into a game, you can ask guests to guess who wrote each one. Warning: This is often a tearjerker!

Best Recipe

If the bride loves food or drinks, ask guests to bring their favorite recipes to cook, bake, or drink to the shower. Then have the bride or the bride and her wedding party taste each one and choose an overall winner! If you’re hoping to have guests bring something to the shower and assist with providing food and drinks, this is a great way to turn a favor into a fun competition. 

printable recipe card from TheSunshineGarden on Etsy

Try an Activity

If traditional games are not quite your style, but you still want to have an interactive element at the shower, consider turning the event into an activity. Take a cooking or baking class together, learn how to make a bouquet or centerpiece with a local florist, mix up your own drinks, try your hand at woodworking, host a backyard BBQ complete with games, spend the day by the pool, or go to the beach.

Bridal Shower Games and Activities

Below are ideas for bridal shower activities that will be loved by each guest at the shower! Many of these would also double as great bachelorette party ideas with the bridesmaids too!


Flower Bouquet Making

Guests can bring home their own flower bouquet made at the bridal shower! This activity will keep them busy for some time and be loved by everyone!

Photo via: StephanieZiajka


Cocktail Mixology

Let the guests play bartender with their own cocktail creations. Displaying multiple alcohol and flavors, alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks can be made to include everyone.

Photo via: Jessica Bordner


Guess the Brides Age

Searching Etsy bridal shower games offers lots of inspiration. We found this activity for a bridal shower where guests can guess the bride’s age at different stages of her life! You can create each personal card here to make the game simple.

Photo via: BlackBowStudio


Date Jar or Bowl

Provide the couple with date night ideas for their married life together. They can be any date for the couple to enjoy each other’s time during marriage!

Photo via: WeddingStar

50 Floral Wedding Advice Cards-AMAZON

Wedding Advice Cards

These Wedding Advice Cards make a great guest book alternative or shower activity. Invite your friends and family to give you their best advice along with their well-wishes.


Painting Party

A painting party with your closest friends is great for a larger party! A take-home gift guests will enjoy for years to come.

Photo via: PrettyMyParty


What’s in Your Purse?

A popular bridal shower game loved by many. Bonding happens during these games as friends and family get closer as they learn about what’s in their purse!

Photo via: AllEwiredUp


Tip Jar

Tips for the newlyweds to read through as they become married! Married and unmarried guests can provide their tips in any way.

Photo via: ConfettiDayDreams

Know That Couple Game-AMAZON

Know That Couple Game

Find out who knows the bride and groom best with this competitive, light, fun way to celebrate the bride and groom.


Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Make every guest laugh with the toilet paper wedding dress game! Place guests into teams and give a time limit to dress one person with toilet paper in the “prettiest wedding dress” they can. Don’t forget to include a veil before time runs out!

Photo via: JustATinaBit


Kiss the Celebrity

Another fun game to play with guests, a spin-off from pin the tail on the donkey. Apply lipstick and walk blindfolded to the celebrity on the wall; whoever gets closer to kissing the celebrity on the lips wins!

Photo via: OrientalTrading

Bridal Shower Games Silent Auction

Silent Auction

This activity requires a little more effort from the hosts or hostesses but they would purchase several items or gift baskets as prizes for a silent auction at the bridal shower. Guests receive a handful of  raffle style tickets when they arrive and place their tickets in a bowl or jar in front of the prizes they want to win. Then at the end of the shower the bride draws a ticket from the jar and the person with the matching ticket stub wins that gift! It’s a cute way to have everyone go home with a tiny token from the day.

Photo via: Keri Calabrese

Bridal Shower Game Pack -AMAZON

Bridal Shower Games Pack

You’ll receive 20 double-sided 5×7 inch bridal party games, so you can enjoy 2 different games with up to 20 people; Use as engagement party games, couples shower games, funny bachelorette party games for bachelorette party

Bridal Shower Games Musical Bouquet

Musical Bouquet

Think musical chairs but toss in a bouquet. Musical bouquets are played like musical chairs or hot potatoes.  Have a real or faux flower bouquet and pass it around the circle while a song is being played. When the music stops, the guest holding the bouquet is out and the circle gets smaller until it’s just down to the last one standing. Load up your playlist with romantic songs or favorite songs of the couple!  

Photo via: Daily Dose of Luxury

Bridal Shower Games Pass the Poem

Pass the Poem 

As you read each line of the poem you are to pass the poem to the person that fits the rhyme. Basically it is a poem that has a list of little directions to follow and the goal is to pass it around the room while interacting with each other. The game ends with the guest who is holding the poem and he or she will receive the centerpiece or whatever item the hosts deem appropriate. 


Left or Right

Much like Pass the Poem this game comes with directions right on the card. Have one of the hosts or even the bride read the card aloud. They will start the game off by passing a small gift to either the left or the right depending on the directions given within the story. Whoever ends up with the gift at the end wins!


Bridal Emoji Pictionary

A new spin on an old classic! We love this version of pictionary. Have your guests guess the wedding related phrase by just looking at the emoji’s.

Bridal Shower Games Guess the Dress

Guess the Dress Game

Let your friends and family show off their creative side as they “Guess the Dress”! What will the bride wear on her big day? Ask guests to design the look they imagine the bride-to-be will rock. Whoever comes closest (per the bride’s discretion) wins!

Couples Wedding Shower Games

Alternatively, if you’re considering hosting a couple’s wedding shower, you can opt for more gender-neutral activities for your party. Below are couples wedding shower games for everyone to participate in.


Wedding Shoe Game

A fun game for the couple to be involved in, and everyone can guess and participate as well! 

Have the bride and groom sit across from one another or back to back with each of their shoes in their hands, allow a mediator to ask questions, and the couple will then vote on who the correct answer is! Below are a few starter questions to get the game started!

  • Who said “I love you” first?
  • Who asked who out for the first date?
  • Who has the best taste in music? 
  • Who is the pickiest eater?
  • Who is funnier?
  • Who cooks more often?

Photo via: Tyshawna LeCole


Bridal Shower Bingo

Bridal shower bingo will involve the whole party and is a good game for couples to team up! This is always an interactive game keeping the guests busy for some time. You can print your own bingo cards or you can download one from Etsy.



Karaoke is one of those bridal shower activities that aren’t games! It is a fun way for everyone to jump out of their comfort zone. Either as a couple or going solo, karaoke is guaranteed to make everyone laugh and have a good time! Mix it up with some cheesy love songs and party favorites!

Photo via: Lalastpete


Wedding Themed Charades

Wedding-themed charades are a great bridal party game and a fun way for guests to bond and get to know one another better! Spend time with the people you love while being on teams to try and guess your partner’s charade!


He Said She Said Bridal Shower Game

Get to know the couple better with a game called, “He Said She Said.” Split up into teams of two, guess what the bride or groom has said before! Afterwards, the couple will go through each question giving out the answers.


Lawn Games

Any sort of lawn games are a great way to keep guests occupied on a nice spring or summer day! Set up games for partners to play while including everyone at the bridal shower.

Photo by: KeenaAlyceDesigns

Bridal Shower Games Wedding Mad Libs

Wedding Mad Libs

If you have ever played Mad Libs then you know the laughter that can ensue during this blind fill in the blanks parts of speech game. If you are looking for a hilarious bridal shower game that costs next to nothing then check out Etsy for some instant downloads. You could even volunteer to write the couples wedding vows this way using some creative nouns, verbs and adjectives. This is a great game to play with both partners present. 

Bridal Shower Games Couple Trivia

Couple Trivia

This is a great game to play at a couples shower, especially if some of the guests don’t know the both partners as well. While they may not ace the test, they will get to know their friends’ future spouse a little bit better! Each player has the same piece of paper with a series of questions about the couple to determine who knows them the best. Question topics can cover their first date, first kiss, or even about where they live and work. Whoever gets the most answers correct, wins!

Bridal Shower Games Would You Rather

Would You Rather?

Would you rather is another simple and easy bridal shower game. Not too much prep is required and it’s a great game to play at a co-ed couples shower. It helps everyone get to know each other and it may be a good ice breaker for people who are from different friend groups. You can play this game formally or informally. Decide the questions ahead of time and then ask  the group to either raise their hand, talk about it among themselves or stand on another side of the room depending on their answers.  Ask  questions like, “Would you rather eat ice cream or cake?” “Would you rather go to the beach or the mountains?” etc… Have fun and ask off the wall questions to get people chatting!

Photo cred: Canva

Bridal Shower Games Guess the Kisses

Guess the Kisses

This is a pretty easy couples wedding shower game to set up. Have someone count how many kisses are in the jar beforehand and then place the jar at the entryway of the shower with cards to write their estimated guesses. The person closest to the correct answer gets to take home all the kisses!

Photo cred: Hersheyland

More About Bridal Shower Games

Bridal showers are meant to celebrate the bride-to-be as she prepares to become a wife! Her closest friends and family members gather together before the big day to give her gifts, advice, and support to enter into her married life. Bridal showers are typically held in the afternoon, although there are no rules when planning this party; whatever the bride says goes!

Bridal showers often include gift-giving, a small meal, or snacks, cake, and playing games! Themed activities or games are provided to entertain the guests and often to give the bride some element of insight, support, or joy!

There are many options for fun bridal shower games and activities at a bridal shower ranging from cutesy to cringey, for better or for worse! Do the bride-to-be a solid and choose activities that enhance the experience or make her feel special rather than embarrass or poke fun at her.

Although never necessary, the best bridal shower games are a great way for guests to get to know each other better or to deepen existing friendships further. Some may be quick games or trivia, or others may be more time-consuming. Bridal shower activities could also consist of creating something to bring home or a keepsake to remember the day by! We love the idea of gifting her with your family’s favorite recipe or bringing a printed photo of the two or three of you for their wedding photo album. 

Bottom line, bridal shower games are a great way to keep guests entertained throughout the party while growing closer to the guests. We hope this round-up of games and activities has given you ideas for your future bridal shower!

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