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15 Super Cute + Doable Bridal Shower Themes

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Looking for a unique and creative theme for a bridal shower that won’t bust your budget? Check out these creative bridal shower themes!


When a couple is planning a wedding, they are typically the most excited about the day they will walk down the aisle and be pronounced as married for the first time. As much as we love wedding days and all of the joy that occurs on that day, a wedding day is also symbolic of the journey the couple has taken together. And, part of that journey is their engagement season and all of the events that happen to honor the couple in various ways leading up to the day they say, “We do!”

With that in mind, we thought we would highlight one of the events that’s hosted in honor of the bride – her bridal shower. Because we believe it’s far easier to plan the details once you have a theme in mind, just like it’s easier to plan the florals, food, entertainment, and attire for a wedding once a venue is chosen, we thought we would start here. Plus, how to plan a bridal shower deserves its own post! So, from ideas for foodies to relaxed backyard fetes and wine tastings, let’s dive into 15 bridal shower themes she, you, and your guests are sure to enjoy!  

15 Super Cute Bridal Shower Themes to Consider

1. Tacos

When we think of tacos, we think of gathering. And, that’s the perfect theme for a bridal shower! The food will be at the center of this bridal shower, so consider creating a DIY taco bar with all of the best fixings or look into having a local Mexican restaurant or even a taco truck cater your event. If you want to up the fiesta feeling, add margaritas, piñatas, and plenty of bright colors.

2. Tea Party

Hosting a bridal shower that features hot tea and tea sandwiches is always a crowd favorite. These types of showers promote mingling amongst guests because drinks and lunch are typically served family style. If you’re hoping to infuse a new element or a twist into a bridal shower tea party, consider serving iced tea. It’s different enough to keep things interesting, and it’s also an appreciated drink during the summer when temperatures are high.

3. Travel

If the bride loves to travel, this theme is for her! Highlight places she has already traveled to throughout her life (the perfect opportunity to incorporate childhood photos!) and offer a peek into where she will travel next. If the bride and her partner are registered with a honeymoon registry site, this is also the perfect time to truly highlight their desire for experiences over traditional gifts.

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4. Vintage

Many of us have seen (or experienced!) a wedding with vintage style. But, rather than simply planning an event that’s meant to highlight older pieces, consider incorporating family heirlooms from parents, aunts, and grandparents. It helps to share the bride’s story and offer a newfound heartbeat to the event. P.S: Contact a vintage furniture rental company and rent lounge furniture! Vignettes of sofas and armchairs always look and feel inviting and special at events.

5. Backyard

Hosting a bridal shower at a venue is welcomed, but sometimes the most special and comfortable spot for a bridal shower is in a loved one’s backyard. The décor and details can be kept simple and you can even serve barbecue for lunch. Of course, you can also create a more elegant event by renting a tent, tables, and chairs, and working with a professional florist on flowers and décor.

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6. Foodie

There are plenty of options for foodie brides-to-be. Consider welcoming food trucks to the bridal shower to offer a varied food experience. Work with a caterer to craft a menu filled with her favorite recipes. If you want to incorporate an activity into the day, think about turning the bride’s bridal shower into an event by hosting it at a cooking studio. Your group will cook the menu with a chef, and there will still be plenty of time to talk and open gifts.

7. Preppy

If the bride loves preppy style, she’s likely a fan of stripes, monograms, and perhaps even pearls. All three can provide plenty of inspiration for a bridal shower, especially monograms. Traditionally, the bride will use her maiden name in her monogram until she is officially married, so keep that in mind. But, you can debut her new monogram in gifts given to her, and her initials can also be featured on cups and décor.


8. Wine Tasting

If the bride loves wine and you’re hoping to incorporate an activity into the bridal shower, consider hosting everything at a local winery. Wineries often host weddings and other gatherings, so there should be a private space to host the shower. Plus, there’s the added element of a wine tasting!

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9. Brunch

Brunch is synonymous with weekend fun, which makes it a wonderful option for an enjoyable yet still relaxed bridal shower. Plan to serve brunch favorites, like innovative recipes that place eggs, pancakes, waffles, and parfaits on display. And don’t forget to add a mimosa bar or Bloody Mary Bar! In order to create a more interactive bar experience, add different types of juices, like mango and strawberry in addition to orange, and let guests get creative by making their own drinks.

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10.  Nautical

If the bride’s wedding is inspired by the beach, hosted by the water, or it’s simply her favorite place to be, bring the beach to her for her bridal shower! The obvious option is to host the bridal shower in a beach town or at a beach home. However, you can also incorporate nautical elements, like navy, stripes, anchors, and even shells into an event that honors her favorite escape.

11.  Bohemian

When we think of bohemian style, we think of neutral color palettes mixed with flowers and greenery for good measure. Consider incorporating palm fronds into your styling, and offer guests succulents as a favor before they depart from the event.

garden party bridal shower

12.  Garden Party

If you’re hosting your bridal shower during the spring or fall, it’s an ideal time for a garden party because there is a bounty of blooms in season. Flowers offer plenty of color and style inspiration, and a garden party is typically one that will be hosted outside in an actual garden. However, you could also host the event inside. As another way to incorporate florals, consider creating a DIY flower bar. Guests can create their own mini bouquets to take home or you might consider working with a florist who can teach guests how to make flower crowns or centerpieces.

13.  Baking

Similar to the foodie style shower, a bridal shower with a baking theme offers another chance to get creative! Make sure to serve the bride’s favorite sweets, or ask guests to bring a dessert they love. You can also work with a pastry chef who can come and teach a class about how to bake a specific dessert or even how to decorate cakes or cookies.

14.  Color

If you want your shower to have a theme that’s a bit looser, consider turning to colors. This can be fun to do if the bride’s shower is happening during a different season than her wedding. You can also look to her wedding color palette for inspiration. Plan all of the details around these colors and get creative! Want to be extra colorful? How about a Rainbow theme!

15.  Couple’s Shower

Our final bridal shower theme idea will receive a post of its own soon, but consider asking the bride’s groom to join the shower. If you decide to do this, you will want to make sure to invite all of the attendees’ partners so the groom is, literally, not the odd man out. This type of shower will have more of a “gathering” feel, which we love, especially if it’s hosted in a backyard. A home is a space where many feel comfortable and relaxed, and one way to up the ante is by incorporating backyard games.

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