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Bridal Shower Themes: 33 Super Cute Party Ideas to Consider

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Looking for a unique and creative theme for a bridal shower that won’t bust your budget? Check out these creative bridal shower themes!


When a couple is planning a wedding, they are typically the most excited about the day they will walk down the aisle and be pronounced as married for the first time. As much as we love wedding days and all of the joy that occurs on that day, a wedding day is also symbolic of the journey the couple has taken together. And, part of that journey is their engagement season and all of the events that happen to honor the couple in various ways leading up to the day they say, “We do!”

With that in mind, we thought we would highlight one of the events that’s hosted in honor of the bride – her bridal shower. Because we believe it’s far easier to plan the details once you have a theme in mind, just like it’s easier to plan the florals, food, entertainment, and attire for a wedding once a venue is chosen, we thought we would start here. Plus, how to plan a bridal shower deserves its own post! So, from ideas for foodies to relaxed backyard fetes and wine tastings, let’s dive into 15 bridal shower themes she, you, and your guests are sure to enjoy!  

Creative Bridal Shower Themes & Ideas


1. Tacos

When we think of tacos, we think of gathering. And, that’s the perfect theme for a bridal shower! The food will be at the center of this bridal shower, so consider creating a DIY taco bar. If you want to up the fiesta feeling, add margaritas, piñatas, and plenty of bright colors.

Photo credit: LaFeteCreations


2. Tea Party Themed Bridal Shower

Hosting a bridal shower that features hot tea and tea sandwiches is always a crowd favorite. If you’re hoping to infuse a new element or a twist into a bridal shower tea party, consider serving iced tea. It’s an appreciated drink during the summer when temperatures are high.

Photo credit: chicvintagebrides


3. Travel

If the bride loves to travel, this theme is for her! Offer a peek into where she will travel next. If the bride and her partner are registered with a honeymoon registry site, highlight their desire for experiences over traditional gifts.

Photocreds: ajetsetjourney


4. Vintage

Rather than simply planning an event that’s meant to highlight older pieces, consider incorporating family heirlooms from parents, aunts, and grandparents. It helps to share the bride’s story and offer a newfound heartbeat to the event.

Photo credit: theknotshop


5. Backyard

Hosting a bridal shower at a venue is welcomed, but sometimes the most special and comfortable spot for a bridal shower is in a loved one’s backyard. The décor and details can be kept simple and you can even serve barbecue for lunch. Consider including balloon letters or a balloon arch and completely transform the entrance to the yard or space. Even including balloons on the invitations will be adorable. 

Photo credit: katkakoncal


6. Foodie

There are plenty of options for foodie brides-to-be. Consider welcoming food trucks to the bridal shower to offer a varied food experience. Think about turning the bride’s bridal shower into an event by hosting it at a cooking studio. Your group will cook the menu with a chef.

Photo credit: karenadixon


7. Wine Tasting

If the bride loves wine, consider hosting everything at a local winery. Wineries often host weddings and other gatherings, so there should be a private space to host the shower. Plus, there’s the added element of a wine tasting!

Photo credit: cherrytreeinn


8. Brunch

Plan to serve brunch favorites, like innovative recipes that place eggs, pancakes, waffles, and parfaits on display. And don’t forget to add a mimosa or Bloody Mary Bar! Add different types of juices, like mango and strawberry in addition to orange, and let guests get creative by making their own drinks.

Photo credit: hadleycourt


9. Boho-Bridal-Shower-Theme

Think of neutral color palettes mixed with flowers and greenery for good measure. Consider incorporating palm fronds into your styling, and offer guests succulents as a favor before they depart from the event.

Photo credit: Tyshawna


10. Garden Party Bridal Shower

Flowers offer plenty of color and style inspiration, and a garden party is typically one that will be hosted outside in an actual garden. As another way to incorporate florals, consider creating a DIY flower bar. Guests can create their own mini bouquets to take home.

Photo credit: annadelores


11. Baking

A baking theme offers another chance to get creative! Make sure to serve the bride’s favorite sweets, or ask guests to bring a dessert they love. You can also work with a pastry chef who can come and teach a class about how to bake a specific dessert or even how to decorate cakes or cookies.

Photo credit: drluxy


12. Color

If you want your shower to have a theme that’s a bit looser, consider turning to colors. This can be fun to do if the bride’s shower is happening during a different season than her wedding. You can also look to her wedding color palette for inspiration. Plan all of the details around these colors and get creative! 

Photo credit: sugarandcloth


13. Ice Cream Bar

Host a party filled with yummy treats! Display an icecream bar filled with the bride’s favorite ice cream flavors and toppings. Pinks and blues will be displayed as the party’s color scheme with light florals and ice cream themed decorations.

Photo credit: sparrowphotography


14. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

A Breakfast at Tiffany’s is classy, elegant and so much fun! Decorate the party area with lots of blues, blacks, and diamonds to stay on theme with the movie. Look here for a post by the BudgetSavvyBride for more Breakfast at Tiffany’s ideas!

Photo credit: weddingomania

Tropical-Theme-Bridal Shower

15. Tropical

A tropical-themed party is great for the colorful and vibrant bride-to-be. Tropical fruits like pineapples and coconuts will be the perfect addition to any shower. Bright colored flowers and greenery decorated throughout the party with colorful place settings and glassware.

Photo credit: weddingomania


16. Elegant Bridal Shower

An elegant party for the classy bride. Simplistic is key to pulling off the bridal shower of her dreams. Clear glassware with light-colored flowers delicately scattered. Whites and golds are the colors of choice. 

Photo credit: sarahgawler


17. Disney

Calling all Disney lovers! A Disney-themed bridal shower is possible with endless possibilities. Simply decorated Mickey ears will go along perfectly with the theme. Whether lots of colors or a classic shower, Disney can be incorporated beautifully! Don’t forget her favorite Disney princess. Another idea for a Disney bridal shower would be to have everyone take a “Which Disney Princess Are You?” quiz. Just make sure you have a tiara for everyone! 

Photo credit: mikylacreates


18. Rustic BBQ

Host an “I do” BBQ for a fun and casual bridal shower. Provide the bride’s favorite barbecue foods and desserts to create an experience for the guests. Purchase “I do” themed decorations from places like Amazon or Etsy

Photo credit: fun365


19. Disco

A disco-themed bridal shower with all things glitz and glam! Shiny decorations will cover the party with everyone in their favorite disco outfits. Disco-themed showers are popular these days with different decorating options and purchasing. 

Photo credit: poppyandwattle


20. Painting

A relaxing and simple way to host a bridal shower is to have a paint party! Guests can choose what they paint or provide a specific picture to base their painting on. Provide the canvases and paints, neatly placed for everyone, and have fun! 

Photo credit: dreamingofhomemaking


21. Lingerie Shower

As the bride becomes a wife, new lingerie is a must-have! Allow the guests to purchase the new lingerie she and her future spouse will greatly enjoy. The bride can create a list of her favorites for the guests to pick from. 

Photo credit: Lulus


22. Beach Themed Bridal Shower

Host a party in the sand, sticking to a beach theme for a shower! Blues and whites will complement the theme with matching utensils and place settings. Simply decorate, allowing the beach to be the main attraction. Put seashells in a vase as table centerpieces on top of a navy runner. Added bonus if you can incorporate anchors or nautical ropes.

Photo credit: kateaspen


23. Fall Themed Bridal Shower

For the colder months, a fall-themed bridal shower is perfect. Darker colors with hints of rustic will complement the shower beautifully. Provide blankets and heaters if the party will be colder and outside. 

Photo credit: minteventdesigns


24. Pink Bridal Shower

A girly bridal shower with a pink color scheme throughout the party! The color pink can be incorporated in every aspect of the shower. For decorations or tableware, pink will be the star of the show. You can serve pink cupcakes, cotton candy, pink lemonade and even watermelon depending on the season!

Photo credit: lovejenmarie


25. Pajama Party

A cozy night in calls for a pajama party! Play games and watch a movie for the ultimate party in the comfiest (and cutest) outfits! Make sure to include popcorn on the menu! Whatever season the shower takes place, pajamas will be a perfect theme. 

Photo credit: juliadags


26. Spa

Host a spa day for the bride and guests to relax and prepare for the wedding day. Provide robes and spa treatments for an experience they will never forget! Finger foods and mimosas will fit into the theme perfectly. 

Photo credit: dreamtimes


27. Black Tie

For the classier bride, she will love a black tie themed bridal shower. Allow guests to dress the theme in their fanciest dresses with the bride in white! Glass tableware complemented by black decorations is classy yet inviting. 

Photo credit: katherine anne rose


28. Camp Out

Host a casual bridal shower with a campout! Canvas tents are great for photo ops, along with s’mores for dessert. Pillows and rugs signify a cozy night under the stars with all her best friends. 

Photo credit: alicia mink


29. Charcuterie

Charcuterie boards have been in trend lately, serving as a grazing table for guests to snack on throughout the party. Fruit, dessert, or meats, and cheeses can be placed on charcuterie boards keeping the brides and guests happy and full!

Photo credit: the fashion to follow


30. Yoga

An activity for the bridal shower will keep guests entertained throughout the party. Yoga is a slow-moving event that allows people to get a workout while having fun with their friends! Provide snacks and drinks afterward for a nice incentive. 

Photo credit: the cannons photography


31. Picnic

Whether outside in a field or in a home, picnics are possible! Let the decorations be simple, focusing on the picnic itself. The food can be classic finger foods for guests to take as they please, adhering to everyone’s food desires. 

Photo credit: just a tina bit


32. Couples Shower

Make sure to invite all of the attendees’ partners so the groom. This type of shower will have more of a “gathering” feel, which we love, especially if it’s hosted in a backyard. A home is a space where many feel comfortable and relaxed, and one way to up the ante is by incorporating backyard games.

Photo credit: sergio sandona

Paris themed bridal shower

33. Paris

Ooh la la. A Paris theme is a tres chic. You may be miles away from the Eiffel Tower but you can bring the French charm stateside with macarons, champagne and crepes. Decorate with black adn white table runners, accented with soft pinks paying ribute to CoCo Chanel. See if any of your guests is the proud owner of a French Bulldog and make sure you invite him or her too!

Photo cred: Aloha Zoe Photography

Other fun ideas to incorporate into any Bridal Shower:

Any bridal shower theme can easily incorporate other fun ideas into the party planning. Some hostesses require guests to bring their favorite recipe on a recipe card to present to the bride at the end of the shower. Others create fun bridal shower games that break the ice, this is especially helpful if you are bringing several circles of friends together from both partners.  And finally, you can always pare down the drink menu by making a signature cocktail or simply serving champagne!

Common Questions About Bridal Showers

Do bridal showers need to have a theme?

Bridal showers don’t have to have a theme. A theme is a great way to focus the decor, food and venue. Themes can be decorative in nature or they can be focused on the type of bridal shower. For instance, you can throw a couples shower and both partners can be invited along with their couple friends. You can also host a shower specifically around stocking their bar or a linen shower. These type of showers help guests know exactly what gift to bring from the registry. 

How long should a bridal shower be?

Typically bridal showers last anywhere from two to four hours. Depending on the time of day and around what food will be served. If you are hosting a brunch or light finger food then hosting a two hour shower in between meals is the perfect amount of time. However, if you plan on serving a full dinner then you may want to extend the time frame. 

What should the budget be for a bridal shower?

Just like a wedding the budget revolves around the amount of people you tend to invite. More people means more money especially if food and drinks are involved. When budgeting for a shower start at the beginning and make sure you include the cost of invitations & postage. Decide if you want to pay for a venue or if you will host it at someone’s home. Food and decor will be your biggest line item.  You also want to make sure you include a gift for the bride! Typically the hostess split the cost of a larger registry item and gift that to the bride along with throwing the shower. 

Who throws the bridal shower?

People that love the bride and groom are the ones that throws a shower. The maid or matron of honor should enlist the help of the other bridesmaids to host a shower. The mother of the bride or groom usually do not throw a shower per etiquette but they can assist with other family members like aunts or cousins.  Co-workers and close friends who aren’t in the wedding may also throw a shower if they feel so led. There are really no rules if you want to shower your friends and celebrate this exciting time in a couples life then so be it!

We hope this roundup of wedding shower themes has inspired you for future bridal showers! There are many cute bridal shower themes to choose from to make the party unique and fun. Bridal showers do not need a theme and can just be an excuse to all be together! But for future brides who desire a themed party, we have thirty ideas to choose from. 

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