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So I was talking to E's sister recently and she mentioned an idea that I thought was really great and definitely a good way to save some cash- a brunch wedding/reception! Can't you just imagine it? A lovely day in May, a tent outside with delicious food- a custom omelet bar, waffle bar, pastries etc! It wouldn't be too expensive- eggs are cheap, y'all! Have a gander at my brunch wedding inspiration.
brunch wedding inspiration

We could save money on the liquor bill by only serving Mimosas and Bloody Mary's, (instead of a full range of liquors.) And because the party would take place during the day, many venues offer discounted prices for daytime rental. Spring is perfect season for pretty wildflowers like daffodils (one of my faves) and daisies and such- and these flowers are reasonably priced.

Also I love natural light for photos so I'm a big fan of a daytime wedding. I've been slowly falling in love with this idea over the past few weeks… I'm excited about the possibilities. But I wonder what the downfalls are of this idea- people might not be as likely to drink and have a good time, will people dance early in the day? I wonder about it a little.

Anyone have any opinions on a brunch wedding? Also, how late is too late for brunch? And, woe is me, I wouldn't get to do a pretty sparkler exit. But let me know what you guys think! In the meantime, I made an inspiration board of how this idea has appeared in my head. Hope you like! 🙂

.brunch wedding inspiration

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  • Guilty Secret

    That is a really cute idea.

    The only thing is, you’d have to have a plan of action for the rest of the day.

  • I love this idea and love reading your blog. 🙂

  • Great Idea. Your guest will have a great time with this idea.

  • nicole

    i went to a wedding last august with the same idea. they went a little further by offering mini bagels and croissants (with various shmears), and coffee, tea and juices all before the actual ceremony. this was great for people who’d been @the rehearsal and been up late celebrating. the ommelette bar was a huge sucsess, they also served lots of fruit, and some really yummy home fries and some smoked salmon, among other things. the early dancing was a bit akward though. they did do an after party for the people in our age group(20-like,35)later in the evening, so i would maybe recomend saving the dancing for later.

  • I think that it is a great idea! I recently had a conversation with someone who did this for his wedding. I had never thought about it, but as we talked, I was loving the idea! I think you could do so much with it!

  • Shamika

    I am getting married in August 2009 and plan to have a brunch reception. It looks like we have the same concerns; Will people dance? Etc. I still think it is a good idea and a good way to still have a wedding at a nice venue and at a affordable price.

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