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The Best Places to Build a Cheap Wedding Website

best wedding websites

We break down the top wedding website providers and share the features of each!

Technology within the wedding industry has sure come a long way over the last decade. Take wedding websites: while some couples still choose to pack their invitation envelope chock-full of accommodation, directions, and registry information, more and more are using a personalized website to relay all those small (and large) details.

But how do you know which one is the best option for you? Do you stick with plain and simple or go all-out with every detail possible? What about paid versus free? Is a free or cheap wedding website any less special than one you pay big bucks for?

Every couple has different wants and needs for their website, so that's why we have compiled a list of 11 popular options. They offer a variety of features and options, which we've done our best to list below in hopes you find the perfect wedding website for you.

We also give you the download on options that we do not recommend, for one reason or another. Check it out!

Cheap Wedding Website Options

⭐️ Joy; Free

with joy


  • Syncs with your registry
  • Upload videos and an unlimited amount of photos
  • Unique individual passwords for each guest, allowing RSVPs for private events
  • Fabulous customer service
  • Uber and Lyft integration
  • A HUGE number of features
  • For more details on Joy, view our post Joy: Simplify Your Wedding Planning


⭐️ Appy Couple; $49-$149 One-Time Fee


  • No internet connection needed once guests download app
  • Custom RSVP widgets allow you to get more detailed responses
  • Choose which events are visible to each guest, family or group
  • Option to allow guests to add photos via the app


  • More expensive than other options
  • Doesn't sync with registry

⭐️ The Knot; Free


  • Create a personalized spending plan
  • One of the only sites that syncs with your registry
  • Use The Knot Wedding Planning app to receive notifications and plan your big day on the go
  • Track your Thank Yous


  • Limits your photos to 5 albums of around 30 pics each
  • There is no way to embed or upload a video

⭐️ Zola; Free


  • Complex guest list option, allowing you to be very specific with your lists
  • Create private events and RSVP's, allowing you to invite only specific people to more private events, like the rehearsal dinner
  • Responsive customer service
  • Create a registry with items from multiple stores


  • Limited to 100 photos total
  • No video options

⭐️ Wix; Free – $39 a Month


  • Up to 30 minutes of video content, plus unlimited embedding from sites like YouTube
  • Using a personalized hashtag, gather all photos and relevant posts in one social stream
  • Build using “drag and drop”
  • Extremely secure site


  • While they have wedding themes, Wix feels more like a blog or business website builder than one for weddings
  • No matching stationery

⭐️ Minted; Free
or $98 One-Time Fee for Premium features


  • RSVP to more than one event
  • Easily track guests, lists, and RSVP's
  • Easy to create
  • Matching invitations and stationery


  • Photo gallery only available with Premium plan and then gallery is limited to around 40 pics
  • Doesn't sync with registry
  • Basic is not password protected

⭐️ Basic Invite; Free


  • Option to collect guests' addresses
  • Each website has a full matching wedding suite, including Save the Dates, Invitations, Place Cards, etc.
  • No limit to photos uploaded


  • No custom domain option
  • Videos can not be added to your site

⭐️ Squarespace; $12-$40 a Month


  • Use the Zola Block to display a selection of items from your Zola wedding registry in Squarespace
  • Connect your RSVP form to storage options—an email address, Google Sheet, or Mailchimp list
  • Highly secure website


  • The monthly fee could get expensive, especially if you have a long engagement
  • Limited amount of wedding themes
  • No matching stationery

⭐️ Cordially; $79-$84 a Year


  • Option to invite collaborators to edit sections and add guests
  • Translate any parts of the application that are exposed to the guest to your preferred language
  • Share images, video, polls, slideshows, music, live video, forms, gifs, infographics and more on your wedding website


  • Only 6 themes available
  • Expensive for the benefits received
  • Does not sync with any registries

⭐️ Riley & Grey; $35 month/$240 year


  • 65 classy and chic themes
  • Beautiful matching stationery available for some themes
  • Ability to change your site to a different language


  • Ridiculously expensive, especially considering the other website options available for free or cheap
  • Does not sync with registry
  • Limit on photos varies by template

⭐️ Blogger; Free


  • Good option for tech-savvy couples
  • Allows more customization than most of the other cheap wedding website options
  • You can find wedding themes online that can be added via HTML


  • Incredibly tedious and confusing if you aren't at least somewhat familiar with HTML; easy to get lost in the setup process
  • No themes specifically for weddings
  • No guest list management

Options to Avoid

We put a great deal of time and effort into researching all the different cheap wedding website options available to engaged couples. This includes contacting each company, perusing their help and blog sections, and searching the web for other's opinions.

You may be wondering why we didn't list certain companies that are considered quite popular for folks planning their wedding. Below you will find options we recommend avoiding completely and why….

  • Heek: The link to Heek's help section is a dead link. Not very “helpful,” ey?
  • ZankYou: With a ton of amazing features, we were excited to share ZankYou with you. Unfortunately, after two tries, we did not get a response to our emails. We just can't recommend a site to our wonderful readers that is unreachable.
  • LuvBirds and Wedding Wire: We ran into the same issue with these two options as with ZankYou. No replies to our messages! What if you need assistance, especially last-minute, and you can't get a hold of anyone? Yikes!
  • Wedding Window: Not only did we not receive a response from Wedding Window, but they have not posted on Facebook for over 2-1/2 years. Hello? Anyone home?
  • eWedding: With the wedding website eWedding, the contact page was a dead link. We couldn't even send a message, much less receive one back. Same goes for Wedding Woo, plus they haven't posted on social media for a year. Doh!

We want to hear from you! Which website builder did you choose for your big day? Feel free to post a link so others can gain ideas and inspiration!

The Best Wedding Website Providers
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