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Changing Your Name When You Get Married

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Are you changing your name after the wedding? If so, check out this post to learn some important tips for making the switch more simple.

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We know you all probably think that wedding planning is this crazy busy time and that everything will slow down and get easier after the big day. Well, we’re here to tell you that although it might not be busy to the same degree, you’ll still find yourself juggling quite a few things after you tie the knot– including changing your name, if you so choose!

There’s actually quite an epic list of post-wedding tasks that you’ll have to set aside time to tackle. After the big day, your largest to-do list item will be getting your name changed (if you’re planning to do that.) There are *so* many steps that you’ll have to take to get your name legally changed, not to mention the never-ending list of places that’ll have to be notified of your new name!

✔️ Married Name Change Checklist

Since we’re celebrating all of life’s firsts in this series, let’s celebrate your name change, first-timer! (We’re just going to go ahead and guess that this is your first time changing your name.) Below, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know and what to do to change your last name after you say “I do.”

How to change your name after you get married:

Any big task can be broken down into steps, and changing your surname is no different. Follow these steps to legally change your name.

1. Get your marriage license.

Before you can legally change your name, you’ll need your original marriage license (or a certified copy). Most states will mail you the final copy after it’s been processed, typically about a month post-wedding.

2. Change your Social Security card.

Take your marriage license to the Social Security office to get your new Social Security card. You can download the required form, the SS-5, along with instructions, from the Social Security Administration’s website: ssa.gov/online/ss-5.html.

3. Change your license at the DMV.

Once you’ve got your Social Security card, you can then take it to the DMV to get your driver’s license updated. You’ll need your marriage certificate and new Social Security card to update your driver’s license. If you’ve moved to a new address, don’t forget to bring proof of address as well. You can then also update your Passport.

4. Change your bank accounts, update all bills, insurance policies, etc.

You’ll need to notify quite a few people, businesses, and places about your new name. Here are just a few to keep in mind: your bank, your job, your mortgage company, any property titles, car titles or leases, all credit cards, investment accounts, insurance policies, utility companies, your doctors, your gym membership, your alumni association, and voter registration. Whew!

Wrapping Up

See, we told you there were many things you had to do! The good news is that you can get help streamlining the process by using a service like HitchSwitch. They provide everything you need to simplify changing your name. PS – take 10% your name change kit with code BSB10 at checkout!

hitchswitch - married name change service

At the end of all the running around, making phone calls, and updating, you’ll be officially official with your new married name. So take a moment to celebrate and enjoy that accomplishment and start practicing your new signature. *wink!* Congrats on this big milestone!

Need more name-changing help? Download this printable checklist:

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