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So the big day has come and gone… but the to-do’s don’t stop there. Don’t miss this list of post-wedding tasks and to-do’s following your big day!

Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean all your work is done! There are quite a few items that will show up on your to-do list after the big day, including name changing, sending thank you notes, and more. Below is a great checklist to help make some of the boring after-wedding tasks simpler! It’s especially handy because many of the items on the list are things you may not have even thought about!

This infographic will come in handy when trying to remember all you need to do post-wedding. Once the honeymoon and celebrations are over, it’s time to face reality and complete all those daunting newlywed tasks. Whether it’s changing your last name, going to the DMV or writing a million thank you cards, knowing where to start makes the entire process less of a chore! Check out this list of post-wedding tasks to tackle and save this graphic for future reference.

To-Do’s + Tasks to Tackle Post-Wedding

You definitely won’t want to forget to get your dress cleaned and preserved… take it from someone whose dress is still hanging, dirty, in her mother’s closet seven years later. #embarrassing.

The taxes and finances section was particularly of interest to me. It mentioned quite a few things I’d forgotten about. There are some definite perks to getting married, tax-wise, so wise up on your status and the benefits it provides you.

Don’t forget to thank all the lovely people who made your wedding day special — send those thank-you notes in a timely fashion to avoid embarrassing etiquette mistakes. You need to show your gratitude for any help or gifts you received for your wedding day, so take care of those as soon as possible.

Of course, we hope that this newlywed checklist helps you manage all those pesky post-wedding tasks. When they make it this easy, there’s nothing to dread, other than standing in line at the DMV, amiright? I hope you have found this newlywed checklist helpful. For more tax tips, visit IRS.com!

What to Do After Your Wedding