Engagement Ring Shopping? How To Choose the Perfect Ring

Choosing the perfect wedding ring for your partner is not just about making sure it matches their fashion style. There are other factors to consider while sticking to your budget.

Get Help!

It helps to get advice from a friend or loved one on your partner’s side. They can help you figure out what style of ring will most match your partner’s jewelry and fashion tastes. This not only concerns the type of diamond, but also the metal used in the ring band, such as rose gold or platinum.

How important your partner views engagement rings is also important and will influence your budget. Some women prefer a simple, subtle design instead of something flashy. It’s important to get a better idea of what your partner likes from those closest to her so you can settle on a budget-friendly ring they’ll love.

Make it Pretty But Practical

Don’t get so excited about the ring without considering how practical it is. If her lifestyle means that she uses her hands a lot, a flashy ring that has sharp corners or contains a raised diamond are not safe choices. Consider her lifestyle and hobbies so that you prevent the ring from getting damaged or being uncomfortable to wear.

Be Sure to Get the Size Right

When surprising your partner with a gorgeous engagement ring, you don’t want to dampen the celebration by the ring being an incorrect size. This doesn’t mean you should go shopping for the engagement ring with your partner or that you should be obvious about taking their ring measurement – it’s much more romantic to figure out the size on your own.

Look through your partner’s jewelry box for a ring they wear on their fourth finger. If they don’t wear rings on this finger, then find another ring, such as one worn on her middle finger which will be a little larger but a valuable guide for your jeweler. Looking through her jewelry collection will also help you choose the right metal – if your partner owns many silver pieces, it would be unwise to choose something else, such as gold, that will clash with her jewelry.

Find the Optimum Proportions

While many couples have a vague idea of their ideal diamond carat weight for an engagement ring, it’s helpful to see the visual proportions of various diamond sizes on a real-life hand!

To help clarify what diamonds look like in different shapes and sizes, check out these helpful images that show multiple carat weights on one hand from Brilliant Earth.  Anyone shopping for diamonds can really benefit from seeing this clear carat guide!

Know Your Diamonds

You need to know the 4Cs of diamonds to make the most beautiful and valuable purchase. The 4Cs are carat, color, clarity, and cut. Clarity refers to how free the diamond is of flaws, and you want to view it under fluorescent as well as natural lighting to be sure it is as flawless as possible. Color is important when choosing a diamond: it should be as clear as possible without much of a yellow tint as this increases the diamond’s value. Cut shouldn’t be confused with shape as it refers to the way the diamond sparkles – look for an “Excellent” or “Ideal” diamond cut grade for the ultimate brilliance.

Follow the above tips to remove the stress of engagement ring shopping and settle on the best diamond ring for your partner! Check out this infographic below for more tips on picking the perfect engagement ring!

Picking the Perfect Engagement Ring

Idiots Guide to Picking the Perfect Engagement Ring

Editor’s note: Due to the pandemic, some of the general wedding planning advice we share may not be applicable or possible due to restrictions on events. Please adhere to all current regulations and stay safe and healthy! Get more pandemic wedding resources here

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