Wedding Budget Tip #19: Consider a Brunch Wedding

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Wedding Budget Tip #19: Consider a Brunch Wedding!

Wedding Budget Tip #19:

Consider having a brunch wedding!


When it comes to your wedding budget, the reception typically takes up a sizable portion of your total spend. And the majority of the reception expenses will likely come from your food and beverage, so thinking outside the box when it comes to cuisine is a great way to save money.

One of my favorite ideas? Brunch weddings. If you're anything like me, you think that brunch is the best meal ever. And the best part is that most of the food is super affordable, too. Think eggs, breakfast casseroles, hash browns, pancakes, etc — delicious AND budget friendly. Mimosas and bloody marys can serve as your signature cocktails — I mean… sounds like heaven to me! Our friends at The Broke-Ass Bride have some foodie tips for planning a brunch wedding that are definitely worth checking out!

Having a Brunch Wedding Can Save You Money

And beyond just the cost of the food, having a daytime wedding is likely to save you money as well! Since most weddings take place during the evenings, you can score a discount on the rental of your wedding venue by having a morning ceremony, like this Budget Friendly Brunch Wedding we featured. You also won't likely have a big raging dance party, so you can go simple on the wedding entertainment and set up a DIY dj station.

Did I mention that a daytime wedding also affords you the luxury of plenty of daylight for your wedding photos. I've said it time and time again — natural light is the absolute best for your wedding pictures, so with a brunch wedding you'll have plenty of it, weather permitting!

Sound like a good idea to you? Want to see some brunch wedding inspiration? Lydia shared some great brunch wedding ideas during her planning process. If I could go back and do it all over, I would definitely consider a brunch wedding!

So tell us: would you consider having a brunch wedding?

Leave a comment below and let us know!

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