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The Best Craft Tools for Your DIY Wedding Projects

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All the essential craft tools you’ll need to create the perfect DIY wedding! Don’t miss this list of must-have craft tools to help you craft your wedding.

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I often get asked about what my favorite DIY supplies are for creating all sorts of projects for your budget-savvy wedding, so I decided now would be a fabulous time to share them with you! I must be honest, I am a self-professed craft hoarder, so I have more than the average DIY bride, but I’ve also learned along the way which craft supplies are really worth it and which aren’t. The items I’m sharing today are the essential craft tools that you’ll definitely want to keep on hand to help you craft the perfect DIY wedding!

Now, before we dive into the list, I wanted to share a little note about the wonderful world of crafting. Crafting for your wedding, or any event really, is not just about saving money (although that can be a delightful bonus!). It’s also about adding your own personal touch to your special day. By infusing your projects with your unique style and taste, you’re creating an environment that truly reflects who you are as a couple. It’s about leaving your fingerprint on the day, making it undeniably, unforgettably yours. So, tie on that apron, warm up the hot glue gun, and let’s dive into the art of crafting!

Essential Craft Tools for DIY Brides

These essential DIY supplies will get you through so many craft projects large and small. You won’t want to find yourself without these must-haves, and trust me, they will take you far. More likely than not, you’ll end up using these items on one project or many, so they are good to keep on hand for all sorts of crafting, not just for weddings! Without further ado, check out these DIY wedding crafting must-haves!


1. Ruler

Whether you’re measuring or cutting, it’s important to have a good ruler in your craft arsenal. A personal favorite of mine is a metal ruler with a cork backing because it helps your ruler grip onto the surface to ensure it doesn’t slip when cutting.

craft knife

2. Craft Knife

These handy craft knives are essential for paper crafting. I’ve used them to cut strips of paper for projects and more. I love using a ruler and Craft Knife to cut because they allow you to be incredibly precise. Bonus if you buy one with a rubber grip for comfortable cutting!


3. Scissors

I can’t say enough how important a good pair of scissors is. A brand I really love to use is Fiskars. You’ll know them by their signature orange handle, and they are the absolute best for all sorts of materials.

cutting mat

4. Cutting Mat

A self-healing cutting mat is always a good investment because you can use it to protect your tables and other surfaces while crafting. I always recommend using a cutting mat when you’re using an Xacto knife to make sure you don’t damage your table, floor, etc. This is another item I would definitely recommend trying to pick up at Michael’s with a good coupon, as they can be a bit on the pricey side, but are SO worth it!

hot glue gun

5. Hot Glue Gun + Glue Sticks

You never know when you’ll need a hot glue gun — it seriously solves so many problems! Hot glue can be used for everything from decor to signage to stationery. And this cordless option that can stand upright will make your life easier and prevent errant rips. Trust me, having this on hand will solve a variety of DIY dilemmas.


6. Adhesives

When it comes to crafting, there are so many great adhesives that it’s great to have on hand. Some of my favorites are Glue Dots, Tape Runners, Glue Sticks, Rubber Cement, E6000, etc. Whether you’re paper crafting or creating some DIY decor, having the proper adhesive is half the battle.

chalk ink markers

7. Chalk Ink Markers

Ever since I discovered Chalk Ink Markers, I seriously can’t get enough of them! These versatile markers come in a variety of colors and formulas depending on your needs. They are perfect for creating DIY wedding signage or other fun decorative accents for your big day. I seriously love them and can’t recommend them enough!


8. Glitter

I don’t know what it is about glitter, but y’all — I love it. You can add a little sparkle to just about anything! And of course, glitter comes in a rainbow of hues for the perfect match for your wedding color scheme!


9. A Good Printer

As long as you have a good color printer, you can create so many creative and affordable projects for your wedding! From printing your own wedding invitations to programs, menus, signage, and more– a good printer opens up a world of DIY possibilities for your wedding projects!

scoring board

10. Scoring Board + Bone Folder

A good thing to have on hand for paper crafting is a scoring board and bone folder. I love this one because it comes with a tiny bone folder and also includes instructions for how to fold envelopes, cards, and more! This tool is super handy if you plan to do lots of paper crafts, and thanks to having it on hand, you’ll never find yourself without a card at the last minute again because this will allow you to whip one up in minutes!


11. Cricut Cutting Machine

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the holy grail of DIY tools: The Cricut Explore Air! Learn more about using Cricut cutting machines for wedding projects, as well as which Cricut machine is best for your needs.

glowforge aura - diy tools for wedding crafts

12. Glowforge Aura

The Glowforge Aura Craft Laser Cutter is a dream come true for any bride wanting to infuse her wedding with personal, creative touches. It’s definitely a splurge, but you could probably use it to start a Bride Hustle and recoup some of that upfront cost! With its precise laser cutting ability, it allows you to create distinctive, tailor-made details – from intricate table place cards to personalized wedding favors.

Craft On, Brides!

In the joyous journey of wedding planning, there’s no limit to the magic you can create with the right set of tools. Crafting for your special day is not only cost-efficient, but it also adds a personal touch that makes each detail genuinely yours. From basic essentials like adhesives and glitter to advanced devices like the Cricut Cutting Machine or the Glowforge Aura Craft Laser Cutter, the possibilities are endless.

Remember, each creation is a reflection of your unique love story, making your big day not just a celebration, but a memorable event that will forever be etched in your hearts and those of your guests. So, embrace the DIY spirit, let your creativity soar, and make your wedding uniquely yours!

Would you add any of these craft items to your wishlist? Join us in the community to talk DIY projects for weddings and so much more!

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