Side Hustles… How about Bride Hustles?

With loads of wedding inspiration available online today, you may be feeling a bit of what I like to call “Pinterest Pressure.” This is what I've named the feeling of needing your wedding day to be picture perfect, so you become willing to throw whatever amount of money at it that's required to make your big day Instagrammably awesome. You may even feel the need to spend more than you can actually afford, causing you to put wedding costs on credit cards or even to consider taking out a wedding loan. (Editor's plea: PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS.)

But what's the alternative? If you find yourself with champagne taste on a beer budget, you have a few options to consider:

1. Make sacrifices. Cut costs. Slash the guest list. Go for the lower priced venue (or dress, caterer, or whatever) in order to bring yourself into a cost range you actually *can* afford.

2. Save more money. Have a longer engagement. Take your time to build up your savings to pay for the splurges you want and to make your wedding day all that you want it to be.

So which sounds like a better option to you? If you're down to delay your big day a bit or find ways to make more money to spend on your celebrations, then this post is for you! I want to share with you several different ways to earn more money for your wedding by taking on a side hustle… or in this case, I'll call it a BRIDE HUSTLE. That's right… I'm making this a thing!

Of course, there are tons of ways to save money on your wedding, but what if you're not willing to sacrifice? What if you do want ALL THE THINGS but it's not necessarily financially feasible at the moment? If you find yourself planning a wedding and wishing you had more budget to spend, just pick up a job on the side and earn more money to put towards your wedding plans.

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Join a Direct Sales Company

One of the most common “Bride Hustles” that gals pick up to help pay for their big day are direct sales jobs. There are so many MLM or direct sales companies out there that you could join to earn extra money for your wedding. From selling jewelry to essential oils to vitamins to makeup to skincare or even clothing, there are so many different business models and opportunities to consider. In case you're not familiar with these types of businesses, I'll share an assortment of them below for you to read about and check out!


Chloe + Isabel – stylish and affordable jewelry and accessories for women. With Chloe + Isabel, you don't have to build a team or train other people in order to make more money, unlike many of the other direct sales businesses. Earn up to $100/Hour as a Chloe + Isabel Merchandiser!

Stella & Dot – fashion-forward jewelry and accessories designed by top designers. With Stella & Dot, you can earn more money by building a team and coaching them to success. Plus, the jewelry is super cute. Learn more about becoming a Stella & Dot stylist.

Essential Oils

DoTerra – Committed to sharing therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world to change the way families manage their health via Wellness Advocates who sell their products. 

Young Living – Founded in 1994, they share the profound benefits of essential oils with their customers. Young Living advocates and supports overall well-being for everyone, everywhere with their therapeutic-grade essential oils.


Younique – Created in 2008, known for their fiber lashes. I'm sure you've been invited to online parties on Facebook for this company. They also carry a full line of cosmetic products as well as a skincare line.

Beautycounter – A natural beauty company offering safe and effective skin care and cosmetics for women. They are committed to creating safer and healthier solutions, free of harmful ingredients.


Rodan + Fields – Named after the dermatologists that founded the company, they offer a large skincare line focusing on anti-acne and anti-aging products.

Ever – A newer skincare company offering a more natural line, free of harmful chemicals. Developed by the same team that launched Stella & Dot.

Health + Fitness

AdvoCare – AdvoCare offers vitamins, supplements, meal replacement shakes and more to get your body in its optimal health. I've been using AdvoCare products for over 3 years and I absolutely love them. You can learn more about AdvoCare on my distributor page, and find out how to become a distributor yourself!

BeachBody – BeachBody is another popular fitness and health program that you can join as a fitness coach. Sell vitamins, shakes and workout programs and coach others to fitness success as a BeachBody coach. Learn more about becoming a BeachBody coach.


ONEHOPE Wine – When you become a Cause Entrepreneur viaONEHOPE, you’re the CEO of your own business! With a focus on giving back, you can also earn extra income for personal goals, and learn more about the wine industry while selling wine!

WineShop at Home – Sell one-of-a-kind, exclusive wines via WineShop. At Home Independent Wine Consultants earn an income by marketing artisan wines through in-home Wine Tastings and they have FUN doing so.

Toys + Intimates

Pure Romance – Perhaps you're more into helping couples connect with their partner and encouraging healthy play + intimacy. If you are looking for a saucy sales job, perhaps Pure Romance is for you!

Looking for options other than direct sales businesses? Check out these other BSB posts about earning extra money for your wedding:

I hope these turn out to be a great resource for you. Have you considered joining a direct sales company to earn extra money for your big day?

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