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You've Heard About Side Hustles... What About Bride Hustles?

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Does your vision for your big day exceed your financial means? Consider these side hustles to bring in extra cash to fund your dream wedding!

You’ve Heard About Side Hustles… What About Bride Hustles?
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With loads of wedding inspiration available online today, you may be feeling a bit of what I like to call “Pinterest Pressure.” This is what I’ve named the feeling of needing your wedding day to be picture-perfect. So perfect, in fact, that you start to lose your mind. You become willing to spend crazy amounts of money to make your big day Instagrammably awesome.

You may even feel the need to spend more than you can actually afford. IE putting wedding costs on credit cards you can’t exactly pay off or even considering taking out a wedding loan. (Editor’s plea: PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS.)

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What to do if your wedding dreams are bigger than your budget

Have champagne taste but you’re on a beer budget? If so, you really only have a couple of options to consider:

1. Make sacrifices. Cut costs. Slash the guest list. Go for the lower priced venue (or dress, caterer, or whatever) in order to bring yourself into a cost range you actually *can* afford.

2. Save more money. Have a longer engagement. Take your time to build up your savings to pay for the splurges you want and to make your wedding day all that you want it to be.

So which sounds like a better option to you? Are you down to delay your big day a bit or find ways to make more money to spend on your celebrations? If so, then this post is for you! Below you’ll find several different ways to earn more money for your wedding. Each of these ideas includes taking on a side hustle… or in this case, we’ll call it a BRIDE HUSTLE. That’s right… we are totally making this a thing!

Of course, there are tons of ways to save money on your wedding that we’ve shared on our site. But what if you’re not willing to sacrifice? What if you do want all the things but it’s not necessarily financially feasible at the moment? If you find yourself planning a wedding and wishing you had more room in your budget to spend, pick up a job on the side. Look at your side hustle as the vehicle to help you earn more money to put towards your wedding plans!

What type of side hustle is right for you?

First, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have extra time to commit to earning extra money?
  • Is there anything I own that I can sell to make extra money?
  • Do I own anything I can rent to make extra money?
  • What talents or skills do I have that I could monetize?
side hustles bride hustles to make extra money for a wedding

Whether you need to earn an extra $500 per month to put towards your big day or you want to turn your side hustle into a longterm business, there are plenty of options to consider. Below you’ll find a list of 13 Side Hustles you could try to earn extra money for your wedding day.

1. Sell Your Unused or Unwanted Stuff Online

Take a look around your home and make like Marie Kondo and do a cleanout. See what of your unused or unwanted items might be worth something and find the best platform to sell it. From Facebook Marketplace to eBay to Decluttr to Poshmark to Mercari… there are so many great platforms to list your stuff for sale and make a quick buck!

2. Rent Out a Spare Room

Have an extra bedroom in your place or have somewhere you can stay on weekends? Consider renting out your spare room or even your entire place on Airbnb. Depending on the location of your place, you could potentially make an extra thousand dollars by renting your place out for a few nights each month!

3. Rent Out Your Car

If you own a car but don’t need it as much on weekends or for long stretches of time, consider offering it as an option to rent via Turo. By sharing your car whenever you’re not using it, you could earn an average of $706 per month on Turo, the world’s largest car-sharing marketplace! You can even get a protection plan, with liability insurance coverage up to $1 million. This could be a great side hustle for anyone who is looking for a fairly passive way to earn some extra cash and doesn’t use their car that much.

side hustle ideas for brides - do some freelance floral arranging

4. Trade Your Extra Time for Money

Take your skills and talents and turn them into cash by selling your time in a service job. From bartending on nights and weekends to sharpening your photography skills by offering portrait shots for local business owners or influencers. If you want to learn more about the events industry, you could even get some experience assisting a wedding planner, florist, or caterer. Consider listing yourself on sites like Thumbtack to find potential clients!

Looking for a flexible job you could work from home? Check out listings for jobs on FlexJobs!

5. Start a Handmade Business

Are you crafty? Consider starting a handmade business and selling your wares on Etsy! From making jewelry to knitting to woodworking… there are so many different artisans on the marketplace who run profitable businesses on Etsy. You could even personalize simple items from Dollar Tree or Dollar General by creating vinyl decals with your Cricut machine and start a personalized gift business. The options are truly limitless and you can easily fit a crafty gig like this in around your regular work hours.

bride hustles start a graphic design business

6. Launch a Digital Goods Business

You technically don’t even have to sell physical items to make decent money. In fact, you could start selling downloadable templates, worksheets, art prints, and so much more! You could even take photos or create designs and sell them on sites like CreativeMarket for other people to buy and use for their own projects. Additionally, you could also create designs to sell to other brides to help them customize their wedding! From Cricut templates to downloadable wedding invitations, the possibilities are truly endless for this as a side hustle.

side hustles for brides - become a virtual assistant

7. Become a Virtual Assistant

One of the best things about being a virtual assistant is that it’s a job you can easily do from home. Unsure about where to find gigs? Try searching groups on Facebook for opportunities, or list your services on Fiverr or Upwork!

side hustles bride hustles to make extra money for a wedding 8

8. Be a Social Media Manager

Nowadays, basically, every business has a social media presence. Find a business you’re interested in and offer to manage their social media channels. You could earn extra cash to stash away for your big day by creating posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for a business you love! Thanks to lots of scheduling tools available today, you can easily pre-schedule a month’s worth of content in one weekend. Take on a few clients, and you could totally earn an extra thousand or two per month as a social media manager.

9. Flip Flea Market Finds

Love scouring yard sales and thrift shops for unique treasures? Consider finding inexpensive items and then fixing them up to sell. From refinishing furniture to repurposing vintage finds into something new, you can sell just about anything via the internet these days. List your finds and wares on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or similar.

10. Do Stuff Other People Don’t Want to Do

Yes, you can start a side hustle doing anything from physical labor like yard work or assembling IKEA furniture to professional organizing or cleaning someone’s house. List yourself as a service provider on platforms like Handy or Taskrabbit to find customers and start taking pesky to-dos off other people’s plates!

side hustles for brides while planning a wedding

11. Start a Blog

Yes, you can make money online by starting a blog and getting traffic to it. You could earn affiliate commissions for referring product sales or you could potentially get paid by brands to post sponsored content. Who knows? You could turn your blog into a full-time business like I did! What started as a passion project turned into a side hustle, which then turned into my full-time career doing what I love. Learn more about my journey in this episode of the Side Hustle School Podcast.

12. Start an Amazon FBA Business

One way you could start making money on the side is by starting an Amazon FBA Business. Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a great way to start selling products to a wider audience. There are even some great Amazon courses out there to help you get started in selecting products and launching your business. Building an Amazon FBA business can quickly turn into a profitable long-term business if you are strategic and committed to it.

Want to learn more about starting your own side hustle?

Launch Your Side Hustle Course

Want to learn all about launching your own side hustle to make extra money? Check out this course from our friends at I Like to Dabble:

Other Ways to Earn Extra Money for Your Wedding

I hope these turn out to be a great resource for you. Have you considered taking up a side hustle to earn extra money for your big day?

Where to Get More Side Hustle Ideas

If you’re looking for an outside-the-box way to make extra cash outside of selling feet pics, check out these unique side hustle stories below.

Get more ideas for side hustles in this post from Money Life Wax. If you’re looking for even more resources for Side Hustlers, check out sites like Side Hustle Nation by Nick Loper or Side Hustle School from Chris Guillebeau.

In addition, our friends at Bella Wanana talks about how you can hustle your way to an extra $1000 a week. Think about how much extra dress or flowers you could buy with that!

How To FIRE also has some really great ideas on how to earn extra cash. They have listed over 40 options, so you’ll be sure to find something right for you.

If you want to hear more about my personal side hustle story, check out this episode of the Side Hustle Podcast.

Important Tax Info About Side Hustles

When you earn extra money on the side, you still have to pay taxes on it! If you’re worried about how to keep up with your earnings, expenses, and deductions, you need a system or tool like Keeper Tax!

Keeper Tax is a 1099 expense tracker, bookkeeping, and tax filing service that helps freelancers, contractors, and self-employed workers automatically find tax write-offs among their purchases.

If you’re looking for an app that helps you save money and track your business deductions, Keeper Tax is your answer. Here’s how it works. Keeper Tax scans your credit card/bank statements and organizes them as potential tax-deductible expenses. You don’t have to know anything about what qualifies as a business expense, the app handles everything for you. Simply confirm or deny which purchases were for business and voila, you’ll save money on your tax bill.

The average savings for freelancers who use Keeper Tax is worth $800-$2,400. Try it today for free and join thousands of other happy 1099 workers!

Are you considering any side hustles to help earn extra money to fund your wedding day? Join us in the community to talk about all things side hustles!

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