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How to Create Your Own Wedding Vows: A DIY Guide

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If you are thinking about creating your own wedding vows, don’t miss this advice from professional vow writer, Kristen of Love Notery!

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When I say, “DIY Wedding,” what comes to mind? Likely money-saving craft projects, but I’d like to flip the switch. DIYing your wedding is all about putting your personal touch on your wedding day. Think about it, everything you do “DIY-style” is a reflection of you!

One of the most meaningful DIY projects you can take on for your wedding day is the exchange of personalized marriage vows with your fiancé. Wedding vows are the foundation of your life together as husband and wife. It’s like your little script for how you’ll do marriage together.

Long ago, there wasn’t an opportunity to “DIY” your wedding vows. But today, custom-written vows are a special way to personalize your wedding ceremony and share all the reasons you’re marrying your special someone.

But this can seem like an overwhelming task. Writer’s block, anyone? Keep reading for top tips from me, a professional vow writer.

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How to Create Your Own Wedding Vows

With just a few tricks you can master your wedding vows in no time. I’ve pulled together some of my favorite writing tips to help you write meaningful, heartfelt wedding vows.

Writing Tip #1: Stash a notebook

For the next week, put a tiny notebook in your purse or use any notepad app on your phone and jot down everything and anything that your fiancé does or says that puts a big smile on your face. This exercise will help you recognize all the tangible and intangible things about your fiancé which you can use to write your vows. For example, do you love when he gives you a goodnight kiss or a big hug after a long day at work? Do this exercise for an entire week and you’ll have a great outline for your vows when the time comes to sit down and write.

Writing Tip #2: Start with “I promise”

Sometimes, err, a lot of times, people get stuck on how to start writing. They can’t move past that perfect opening paragraph, but I’ve got a simple exercise to get you moving forward. Don’t even think about how you’re going to start your vows. Forget that for now. Start in the middle with your “I promise” statements.

Now is the time when those notes you’ve been taking come in handy. Open up your notepad and read all the ways that your fiancé makes you feel loved and special. How will you return those feelings? In other words, how will you love, cherish and honor him? Start your sentence with “I promise.” For example: “I promise to always support you in pursuing your lifelong goals and dreams of XYZ.” Let your thoughts flow freely. You can edit it later.

Writing Tip #3: Just do it. 

Even if you aren’t able to exchange custom wedding vows at the altar, consider writing them anyway. You can always exchange them at another point during your wedding day. It’ll be a private moment between the two of you that you’ll always remember.

Now that you’ve got the tips for how to create your own wedding vows, do you think you’ll give it a shot?

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