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Custom Wine Bottle Labels for Your Wedding Wine

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Custom wine bottle labels are a super cute detail, but did you know they can save you thousands of dollars on your wedding wine? Learn more about this savvy wedding budget hack!

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When planning a wedding on a tight budget, you might have to sacrifice some things to stay on track. One thing many couples struggle with is keeping the costs down while still serving alcohol at their wedding reception. We’ve shared a few tips about how to reduce your wedding bar costs, from opting for only beer and wine to closing the bar early.

To keep expenses down, many couples opt to serve only wine and beer at the reception. Even without hard liquor, your guests will still be able to let loose, dance and have a jolly good time! Another great tip is to find a venue that will allow you to supply your own alcohol. This will give you more control over your cost per bottle, as well as your overall spend!

If you’re able to BYOB for your wedding reception, you can then choose wine that works for your budget. You can go for something quality but affordable like Martha Stewart Wines– they have dozens of bottles under $15 each, and you can totally order in bulk!

If your budget is extra tight, you can always opt for the extra cheap stuff– Trader Joe’s 2 Buck Chuck, anyone?

If you end up having to buy the bottom of the barrel wine in order to serve your guests booze, there is a sneaky way to keep your savviness a secret. Don’t want your guests to think you’re total cheapos? Just replace the labels on your low-priced wines with custom monogrammed ones!

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custom wine bottle labels on trader joes wine two buck chuck

Create Your Own Custom Wine Bottle Labels

Want to make your own custom labels and print them yourself at home? Check out OnlineLabels.com! They have printable labels in every size and shape you could imagine, including custom wine label stickers! They have printable pre-cut label sheets for everything you can imagine. Online Labels has a free design tool called Maestro that you use to design and order your own labels. No design software is required! They have super speedy service and the labels turn out great! See for yourself!

You can also design your own labels and upload them into their platform if you so choose. We created some custom wine labels in InDesign and uploaded the design into Maestro to print. So easy! Best of all– they have WATERPROOF labels so the ink won’t bleed if you need to chill your wine.

Yes, waterproof labels you can print yourself at home with an inkjet printer. We don’t fully understand how it works, but it’s basically magic.

custom wine bottle labels from online labels

Here are the printed labels. We chose a size that could fit 6 per sheet so we could get more labels per page. (#budgetsavvy) I was worried they would be too small but I thought they looked perfect on the bottles!

custom wine labels
personalized wine labels

Design your own custom wine labels with Canva!

When it comes to DIY wedding designing, we couldn’t be bigger fans of Canva! Their tools help you create your own designs for everything from wedding invitations to wine labels! Create something completely custom or choose from one of their many beautiful wine label templates.

It’s easy to use, has a wide variety of templates to choose from that can match any wedding style; themes for gifts of any occasion; and interior or color schemes for organizing your things at home coupled with inspirational articles that will give you ideas to create that perfect label for you.

customize your own wine bottle labels with canva

How much can you save by creating custom wine bottle labels?

If you consider that some venues quote upwards of $30-40 per bottle of wine, we’d have to say that this little DIY project will save you thousands of dollars. Just see below, when you compare paying a venue’s pricing vs. buying cheap wine from Trader Joe’s or similar.


100 bottles @ $40/ea = $4,000
100 bottles @ $4/ea = $400


All this to say, we highly recommend finding a venue where you can bring in your own alcohol. Combined with this sneaky trick you can create another special detail to personalize your day as well as saving yourself tons of money!

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