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Romantic DIY Wedding Ceremony Backdrop

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Romantic DIY Wedding Ceremony Backdrop
Nickell Morgan

Nickell from Simply Handmade Studios is back with another project for us, this one for a Romantic DIY Wedding Ceremony Backdrop. View her other fun and thrifty DIY tutorials here.

For a recent styled shoot, I wanted to make a “ceremony” area as well as a “reception” area, so I decided to build my own arch. The challenge for me was:

1) it had to be easy to assemble on-site
2) it had to fit in my small NY apartment in a way that wasn’t too obvious.

With those two challenges, I decided the best way to go was using copper!!

Click below to watch the YouTube video, or if you prefer you can keep on reading.

Romantic DIY Wedding Ceremony Backdrop

Difficulty: Easy

Cost: $$-$$$

Materials for Indoor Arch:

4 – 8 foot 1/2″ Copper Pipe
Pipe Cutter
2 – 1/2″ T-fittings
4 – 1/2″ 90-Degree Street Elbow Fittings
2 – 1/2″ 90-Degree Fittings
4 – 1/2″ End Caps
Metal Glue
Lights (Optional)
Sheer Curtains (Optional)

Materials for Outdoor Arch:

4 – 8 foot 1″ Copper Pipe
Pipe Cutter
2 – 1″ T-fittings
4 – 1″ 90-Degree Street Elbow Fittings
2 – 1″ 90-Degree Fittings
4 – 1″ End Caps
Lawn Stakes (to secure arch firmly to the ground)
Metal Glue
Lights (Optional)
Sheer Curtains (Optional)


First, grab your copper and cut two 7-foot pieces, one 6-foot piece, and four 12-inch pieces.

We’re going to begin with the legs first. Go ahead and grab your 12 inch pieces and glue them on either end of the T fitting. You’ll want to make sure the glue is good for metal (like the one in the materials list).

I didn’t want the floors getting scratched, so I took the four 90-degree street elbow fittings and glued the cap on the end. You should have four 90 degree street elbow + cap combos.

I then took the capped 90-degree fittings and glued them onto the ends of the 12 inch pieces. Boom!! Your legs are done!

I glued the two regular 90-degree fittings on either end to the 6-foot piece (see arrow/image above). I did NOT GLUE the adjacent piece since I wanted to easily deconstruct and store this arch.

Attach the 7-foot pieces to both legs so you have two giant legs.

I placed the curtain onto the 6-foot piece. I then took the other side of the 7-foot pipe and attached it (with no glue) to the 6-foot piece.

Adjust the legs of your DIY wedding ceremony backdrop and add your lights, if you so desire.

I chose to decorate the backdrop with these himmeli’s – you know those things hanging on the arch? Originally, I actually wanted to decorate it in a completely different way. But unfortunately, the florist didn’t have what I wanted and gave me potted ivy. I just broke them from the pot and decorated the himmeli and added a moss letter W for the couple’s last name.

Some DIY Wedding Ceremony Backdrop Pointers:

1) If you get 1/2 inch copper for your DIY wedding ceremony backdrop, it’s definitely the cheaper option BUT it will be flimsy. Forget about putting this up outside with the thinner pipe – your arch will blow away and your spouse will be upset that you went the cheap route! LOL. For better or worse, right?

2) If you NEED this outside, make it out of the 1″ pipe, and be sure to use the recommended lawn stakes!

3) Use this for other events!! Don’t just make it for a wedding and forget about it in your attic. You made this arch – show it off!

Playing off of #3, I took my own advice and I let the backdrop make its debut at a few baby showers! As I like to say, creativity is only limited by your imagination. Always have fun with it!

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Nickell Morgan

Nickell (Kell) is the founder of Simply Handmade Studios, where she creates easy to follow video tutorials and blog posts on unique DIY projects, and home decor, and weddings that cater to the everyday gal (or guy)! She has a passion for creativity and helping others harness their inner artist and teaching in a way that makes art and DIY less intimidating. She hopes to inspire others to get creative and tap into their inner artist, because she truly believes that everyone has the capability of creating something beautiful!