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Romantic Rose Gold DIY Wedding Centerpieces

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If you’re looking for beautiful wedding centerpieces on a budget, this tutorial is for you! See how simple Nickell of Simply Handmade Studios makes creating a beautiful Rose Gold DIY Wedding centerpiece out of items you likely have in your recycling bin!

Nickell Morgan
Rose Gold DIY Wedding Centerpieces
Photo Credit: Studio A Images

Who would ever think bottles could look SO good as a centerpiece?! I die for this tablescape. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Do you know the best part? It’s EASY and INEXPENSIVE to make!! Your wallet will be thanking you for saving thousands (yes, thousands)*!

Click below to watch the YouTube video, or if you prefer you can keep on reading.

Rose Gold DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Difficulty: Easy

Cost: $$

Materials You Will Need for This Project:

Below is a list of materials that I used to make this centerpiece. Of course, you can cater the materials, colors, etc. to match the color and theme of your wedding/party.

  • Bottles: All shapes and sizes (grab some from BBQs, thrift stores, sales at craft stores, etc.) Go through your recycling and grab anything with a cute shape! Be sure to have approximately 12 per table.
  • Spray Paint: Primer, Copper, and Gold (if you’re using this same color scheme as me)
  • Leafing: I used copper and gold leaf for these bottles, but leafing comes in silver, too!
  • Adhesive: If you leaf, you’ll need to grab some leafing adhesive and sealer, too! I used ModPodge
  • Glitter: Extra Fine Gold. If you can find a copper tone, I’d suggest you use that as well. The more texture and variety, the better!
  • Flowers and Water: I got mine from FlowerMoxie, but you can get your flowers from your local florist or another online flower wholesaler. Whatever is the most cost-effective for you! If you’re determined to go with faux flowers they will also look beautiful here but don’t go with the cheap stuff (or it will look cheap overall). Mix and match between really nice flowers (from your local craft store coupled with a coupon) and less expensive flowers from the Dollar Store.
  • Stem Glasses: I grabbed a few to put on the table from the dollar tree. You don’t need to be fancy with these.
  • Flower Petals: I used faux but you can opt to use real flower petals.

Tools/Extras You Will Need for This Project:

  • Box Cutter or an Xacto Knife
  • WD40
  • Paint Brush or Foam Brush


To start, I took about a dozen bottles (give or take per table). I collected a bunch from BBQs, parties, etc. You can even ask your loved ones to save their wine bottles or food jars for you for a savvy hack! Once you have your vessels, just rip the paper off or peel off any labels.

Rose Gold DIY Wedding Centerpieces

You might notice some paper residue, so just take some WD40 and spray it on the problem area. Let it soak for a few seconds, then scrape off the paper with a utility knife. After most of the paper is scraped off, spray some more WD40 and wipe away the excess with a paper towel to remove the sticky residue.

Rose Gold DIY Wedding Centerpieces

When all the residue was removed, wash the bottles and set them to dry overnight.

The next day, primed your bottles with Rustoleum White Spray Paint. Once it has some time to dry, paint some of the bottles with Rustoleum Metallic Gold and some with Rustoleum Copper Spray Paint.

spraypainting bottles for wedding decor
spraypainting bottles for wedding decor

Take some of the gold bottles and painted on some ModPodge. Then take some glitter and add it all around. Set aside to dry, then add another layer of ModPodge to prevent glitter fallout.

adding glitter to glass bottles for wedding decor

For an added dose of shine, add some metallic leaf to some of your bottles. Some of my copper bottles had this weird veining going on so I decided to add some leafing adhesive and press in some copper leaf.

adding gold leaf to glass bottles for wedding decor

I love how it gives the bottle a shiny texture. You can still see any writing or imperfections on the bottle but I don’t mind this.

copper leaf glass bottles wedding decor
Rose Gold DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Take those Dollar Tree wine glasses and add a flower with some water. This is so simple yet so elegant!

Rose Gold DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Add some custom wedding menus, gold chargers, and some faux flower petals and the look is complete!

Rose Gold DIY Wedding Centerpieces
Rose Gold DIY Wedding Centerpieces

See? This centerpiece is so gorgeous yet so simple to make!

Upcycled DIY Wedding Centerpieces

I hope you enjoyed this DIY wedding centerpiece tutorial! It really is amazing to see how simple it is to transform trash to treasure for a wedding. Stay tuned for more DIY wedding projects!

*I based the dollar amount compared to my wedding centerpieces. I went with a florist when I got married and spent $2000 on my centerpieces. I also got a HUGE discount thanks to my amazing wedding planner.

For this shoot featuring 3 tables, I only spent approximately $200-$250 on flowers. I got bottles for free and I already had the leafing/spray paint etc. on hand (my craft closet is pretty stocked) so long story short… yes, you can save thousands!

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