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Earn Extra Money for Your Wedding Online!

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Is the wedding of your dreams outside of your financial means? Learn how to earn extra money online to help pay for your wedding!

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If you’re planning a wedding on limited funds, you know that every penny counts. That’s why I love sharing ways that you can earn extra money to pay for your wedding.

Life is already busy, and when you add wedding planning into the mix, you can find yourself short on time in general — so one way I love to make extra money is to do so online!

Make money online? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well… it’s definitely not an urban legend. You can make a few extra bucks online fairly easily, and every dollar helps when you’re planning a wedding on a budget.

You don’t have to start a blog to earn money online

Despite what you may assume, you don’t need to start your own blog or website in order to earn money online. You can get paid to take surveys, participate in market research, you can even get paid to SHOP online!

The best part about these offers is that you can do them from anywhere as long as you have internet access and a computer. Take your lunch break to make some extra pennies to pile away for your big day!

Check out these offers from our affiliates below where you can earn extra money online for your wedding fund!

Earn Money Online with Surveys

⭐️ Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an online market research community of over 20M members who choose to share their opinions and behaviors in exchange for rewards. Survey Junkie members generate over $1M in rewards monthly! Completing just three surveys a day can earn you as much as $40 a month. Get your share of the pie and sign up today.

⭐️ National Consumer Panel:

If you sign up for this program with National Consumer Panel, you’ll receive an at-home scanner where you can scan all the products you purchase at the grocery store, drugstore, etc;  then you’ll be entered into a variety of sweepstakes opportunities, and you can also receive other rewards for participation like AmEx gift cards or even gift cards for iTunes (wedding playlist — check!) Be sure to check out this link to get more info and/or sign up!

⭐️ Pointclub:

Taking surveys is an excellent way to make a little extra money in your free time! Sign up for Point Club and you will earn a $5.00 signup bonus just for registering, and you can quickly reach the payout threshold of $25 by taking online surveys on all sorts of topics like entertainment, dining habits, etc.

⭐️ Springboard America:

Springboard America is one of the leading online market research communities in the US, giving you the opportunity to participate in surveys and discussions that will influence the brands, products, and services we all use every day!

⭐️ Opinion Outpost:

Opinion Outpost is another survey company that offers cash rewards, giveaways and more. Opinion Outpost bridges the gap between your opinions and the companies who need them. You can earn cash and rewards for the time you spend taking online surveys with points you can redeem for cash or gift vouchers to popular brands. Not only is it easy to sign up, but it’s also free. Earn cash, rewards, and entries into a $10,000 quarterly prize draw. Visit this link to get more info and sign up!

⭐️ Pinecone:

Pinecone is a market research panel that incentivizes its respondents with different rewards for their participation in focus groups & online surveys. Their program consists of interesting online surveys that are e-mailed to members on a variety of different topics. Pinecone Research typically rewards its panelists for every survey completed! This program is invitation-only, but you can get signed up by using my referral link.

⭐️ MySoapBox:

MySoapBox wants your feedback on the things you use, buy, and do every day. Whether you like it, love it, or hate it, MySoapBox wants to hear it. Did we mention they reward you for your time? Sign Up, Join In, Cash Out!

⭐️ VIP Voice:

You can earn points by taking surveys with VIP Voice. Use those points to redeem them for rewards such as gift cards, electronics, etc, or use them as an entry for sweepstakes for vacations or cash prizes!

⭐️ SurveyClub:

Earn rewards by taking surveys! Sign up for SurveyClub to check out their available surveys. Find surveys that are relevant to you and earn rewards by giving your feedback.

For even more on surveys, pop on over to Radical FIRE to get the most up-to-date survey options.

Take Up an Online Side Hustle to Make Extra Money

If you haven’t heard of the term side hustle, allow me to explain. A side hustle is basically a part-time gig that you can do in your spare time or on the side of your full-time job.


A great side-hustle to consider is teaching English online. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know any foreign language or have formal teaching experience. Just a good internet connection with a webcam + microphone, but you can earn up to $22 per hour teaching English online to (super cute!) kids in China.

Make Extra Money as Cash Back for Shopping Online

⭐️ Rakuten (Ebates):

Rakuten (formerly Ebates) is a Cash Back Shopping site. We’ve talked about Ebates a TON here on the blog, but it bears repeating.  Using Rakuten is always free, and you can get cash back on purchases you make online from your favorite retailers. REAL cash, y’all. Four times a year or more, they mail you a check or transfer the money to your PayPal account if you’d prefer. If you’re not already using Ebates to shop online, I highly recommend you start!

⭐️ ShopatHome.com:

ShopAtHome.com is another online coupon powerhouse. Through its partnership with thousands of online retailers, catalogs, and magazines, ShopAtHome.com fulfills its mission of offering the latest products, up-to-the-minute deals and Cash Back for consumers who shop online. Earn money while you shop with their cash back program.

Enter to Win Free Stuff to Save on Your Wedding

⭐️ Giveaway Center:

Giveaway Center is an online listing site for giveaways from all over the web! Bloggers and websites all over the country list their giveaways on this site and there are new giveaways added every day! I can’t tell you how many things I won from online giveaways while planning my wedding — it never hurts to try! (Hint: create a special email address just for giveaways so you don’t get spam added to your regular email.) I list our BSB giveaways on Giveaway Center to reach more interested parties — go find yourself some other giveaways to enter!

Earn Money Playing Games Online

Did you know you could get paid for playing games online? Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not! By playing games, you can earn gift cards or cash, and there’s quite a few to try out. Check out this list of apps that pay out real money for playing games.

Are you working to earn extra money online for your wedding?

Would you consider giving online surveys a try? If all else fails, try employing as many of our budget-saving wedding tips as possible to reduce your wedding cost! If you’re looking for more ways to earn extra money on the side, check out Make Money Your Way.

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