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As I've mentioned multiple times, Eric & I have both been in several wedding parties.  Eric has about four flasks that he's received as gifts (some complete with engraved initials, some not), an engraved koozie, an engraved money clip, and some other items– all very thoughtful and elegant gifts for a man.  In the three years that we've been together, I've never seen him drink a drop from a flask, he did use the koozie at the wedding where he received it as a gift, and he keeps cash in his wallet (never clipped).  Instead of choosing to regift all of these treasures as we've joked about (the monograms make it a little challenging), we decided to channel our creative sides to choose some fun and fitting groomsmen gifts.  Okay, okay, we stole a Facebook friend from college's brilliant idea… Personalized Louisville Slugger bats!
They're perfect!  The Louisville Slugger factory will put basically anything that you want on a bat, so we're choosing to have “Eric & Emily, May 12, 2012” added.  The guys may want to play a little ball themselves, choose to keep it propped up in a corner as back-up in the event of a home invasion, or let their kids play with it.  Either way, with Eric's love for baseball (he also played in college) and an overabundance of the usual groomsmen gifts in circulation, we're excited to get these bad boys ordered!  At $50 each, we've decided to keep this expense separate from the rest of our wedding budget, but I agree that it's a nice personalized touch and “thank you” to our groomsmen, each of which are traveling all the way to Tennessee from Iowa just for our Big Day!

What do you think? What are you getting your groomsmen as a gift?

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About Emily

Emily is a Nashville bride planning a rustic "barn" wedding on a $12k budget. She's a creative DIY'er and bargain hunter who enjoys music, golf, and her goldendoodle, Conway. Emily & her fiance Eric look forward to tying the knot in May, and throwing one big party full of wedded bliss afterwards.

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  • Okay. That? IS SO COOL! I want to be a groomsman at your wedding now!

  • Budget Savvy Bride

    I agree– those are SO cute and original! I am sure the fellas will love them!!

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