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Becoming engaged was awesome, but strange. Especially in a college environment, there were many shrieks of joy and excitement, and people I encountered walking from class to class wanted to talk to me view the new piece of jewelry on my left hand. The attention was fun, but I am introverted so I enjoyed when people went back to mostly treating me like a normal person again.

Brady proposed to me after an afternoon of miniature dates during the sunset out by the lake outside of town, and I learned to condense the story fairly quickly after I realized how many people would want to hear the story. You can always tell a newly engaged woman from one who has been engaged for awhile by the way she tells how he proposed. The story usually condenses over time, but either way the woman is very excited to marry the man she loves!


It has become a tradition to commemorate this important time in life by taking engagement pictures. This is a fun way to do your first “family picture” of sorts and gives you images to enjoy and use for save the dates, a photo guestbook, and whatever else you may choose!

Good photography can be very expensive, and wedding photography even more so. Brady and I wanted to take some pictures together, but we didn’t want the engagement pictures to cost an arm and a leg so we looked at ways to save. If you already have a venue, ask the owner if there’s anyone they would suggest, ask around if you have already married or engaged friends if they would recommend someone affordable. Some photographers will give a discount if you use them for both the wedding/reception/bridals and engagements as well! Or, if you live in a college town, find some students who will do quality work for student prices.

Brady and I ended up taking our pictures with two different people. One was an art major at our university, and we paid her $100 for an hour of pictures. We also had a friend who does photography as a hobby and we spent an hour with her for free because she was sweet enough to want to do that for us! We loved the results! Both ladies did an incredible job and we saved lots of money by avoiding hiring a professional photographer for these sessions!


 Are you doing engagement photos? How did you choose or find your photographer?

Editor’s note: Due to the pandemic, some of the general wedding planning advice we share may not be applicable or possible due to restrictions on events. Please adhere to all current regulations and stay safe and healthy! Get more pandemic wedding resources here

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