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Reader Fran writes:

“I'm a new reader of your blog, and I quickly became a huge fan, so I've been reading through the archives. I have to say that I loved the recap of your wedding! It was so generous of you to share so many beautiful photos! I have a question about your timeline the day of your wedding. You mentioned that you did a “first look” and had a bunch of photos taken before the ceremony. How long did these photos take? And how long did it take you to get ready before the photos? Did you feel rushed at all during the getting ready/pre-ceremony photos?”

When planning out our wedding day timeline, it was very helpful to have our day-of-coordinator to make the actual timeline for us. Obviously I thought photos were super important, but I didn't want taking pictures to cut into the fun time of the reception. We wanted to have a special time with just E & I and be able to get alot of good photos of the two of us, as well as get all of the wedding party pics and family pics done before the ceremony so we could all just relax and enjoy the reception!

This is what our day-of timeline looked like:

10:00 AM  Bride Hair appointment (off-site)

12:00 PM  Bridesmaids arrive on location at venue for lunch

1:00 PM Makeup artist arrives for bride”s makeup

2:00 PM   Photos start. Bride and bridesmaids “Getting Ready”

2:30 PM   Bride Photos

3:00 PM  Groom Photos

3:15 PM   Bride & Groom First Glance, Photos

4:15 PM   Bridal Party Photos

4:45 PM  Family Photos

5:30 PM  Photos Finished

6:00 PM  Ceremony Starts

So we basically had an hour to have photos of just us to ensure we got enough stuff- the property we were married on was large and had many different areas to take photos so we needed some of that time to move from one side to the other. If you don't have an hour, 30 minutes is probably plenty- Your photogs are pros and know what they're doing. 🙂 But I definitely think that all photogs would love to have a whole hour with their bride and groom if possible. 🙂

As far as feeling rushed- I really didn't. It was all very smooth and calm and there wasn't any real rushing around during the photos. We really enjoyed ourselves and I think we were able to because we set a timeline with plenty of cushion time built in to ease our worries. 🙂 My best advice is to allow at the very LEAST 30 minutes for photos of you and your groom to get some great stuff, and to definitely have a timeline planned ahead of time. Your DOC and photographers should be used to timelines so they can help with that!

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  • Great Advice!!!

  • I agree with Tami, this is great advice! I haven’t booked a photographer yet and being on a budget this helps me narrow down how many hours I’ll realistically need for photos! Thank you & Happy Holidays!

  • Jessica

    Wow! I’m impressed that your hair stayed so beautiful all day! Did you do anything special to “freshen up” right before the ceremony and reception?

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